God Of War Ragnarok BEST Relics [My Recommendations]

Here's my list of all the best relics in God Of War Ragnarok and their locations

God Of War Ragnarok Relics primarily consists of different powerful sword hilts that grant Kratos an edge in combat using various powerups and abilities. These also consist of a couple of Talismans, which are generally unlocked through story progression. The game offers 14 different relics, but I will mention if they’re any good to you.

Best Relics Comparison

RankRelic NameEffectBest ForCooldown (Seconds)How To Acquire
1Motsognir's CallCreate a shockwave that deals high stun to surrounding enemiesThe Best Relic For Stunning Enemies187.0Can be found at Aesir Prison Wreckage
in Niflheim
2Hilt Of HofudDistort space and time by creating a Realm ShiftThe Best Relic For Slowing Time243.0Defeat Heimdall
3Hilt Of ForsbrandrPush enemies back with force and grant an aura of protectionThe Best Relic For Defensive Gameplay112.0Kill 48 Oden Ravens, Open all chests
under Raven Tree, and Defeat the Raven Keeper
4Hilt Of HrottiApplies a mark to nearby enemies.
Attacking a marked enemy reduces Runic Cooldowns of the equipped weapon.
Killing a marked enemy grants a Blessing of Runic.
The Best Relic For Runic Attack Buffs168.0Kill 3 Oath Guards in The Plains located
in Vanaheim
5Talisman Of MeignGrants a bonus to melee damage for a short durationThe Best Early-Game Relic For Melee Dmg112.0Can be found at The Applecore in
6Hilt Of DainsleifSlam the ground to create an explosion of Seior Poison, leaving behind a hazardThe Best Relic To Poison Enemies187.0You will need 6,000 Hack Silver and
Svefnthorn which can be acquired by defeating
7Hilt Of SkofnungThe sword unleashes its power from the souls withinThe Best Relic For Passive Dmg304.0Defeat Hrolf in the Kings grave area of
8Huldra Project # 9Turn Mimir's discomfort into a Bilfrost Blast against nearby enemiesThe Best Relic For Bifrost Builds224.0Can be crafted for 10,000 Hack Silver
9Hilt Of RidillUnleash a wave of shock to electrify enemiesThe Best Relic For Electrifying Foes168.0Defeat Oulaf Nautson and get the Crackle
Of Bilskirnir to craft this relic
10Hilt Of TyrfingCharge the sword to sacrifice health and deal damage based on the amount
of health lost
The Lowest Cooldown Among Relics70.0Defeat the Blatonn Miniboss and get the
Nar's cup to craft this relic
11Glaive Of DodherThrow a Bifrost chakram that swerves into enemiesThe Best Relic For Ranged Dmg112.0Dropped by the Fisk Boss Fight
12Hilt Of GramGrants a burst of rage and applies stun to nearby enemiesThe Best Relic For Rage Gain112.0By completing a puzzle in Alfheim
13Hilt Of AngrvadallSlash forward 3 waves of light that deal increased damage The Best Relic Against Sonic-Afflicted Enemies168.0Defeat the Gravel Belly Boss and get
Skirnir's Gambanteinn in order to craft
this relic
14Mythical HeirloomAwakens something dormant, deep down inside the bearerThe Best Relic For Secret Content19.0Can be found in the southern side of
the Lake Of Nine in Midgard

1. Motsognir’s Call

The Best Relic For Stunning Enemies.
GOW Ragnarok best relics
Motsognir’s call (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Motsognir’s Call deals efficient stun damage to enemies around you, making surrounded situations easy to escape.

I’m starting off with my personal favorite relics and what I consider the best to use in God Of War Ragnarok’s adrenaline-pumping combat is the Motsognir’s Call. It allows you to create a small shockwave in close proximity to deal High Stun Damage to foes around you.

  • Deals high stun dmg to enemies around you.
  • Efficient in crowd-control.
  • Relatively long cooldown.
  • Obtained essentially in end-game.

2. Hilt Of Hofud

The Best Relic For Slowing Time.
GOW Ragnarok best relics
Hilt of hofud (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Hofud allows you to slow the time, making combat easy. It pairs well with Emblem of the Nine Realm which increases Kratos dmg in different Realms.

If you spent a significant amount of time playing God of War 2018 a few years ago, you might be familiar with the Talisman of the Realms, one of the best and most powerful items in the game. It returns in God of War Ragnarok, albeit with some differences.

  • Pairs well with the Emblem of the Nine Realms.
  • Can effectively control the battlefield.
  • Needs defeating a boss to obtain.
  • Very high cooldown of 243 sec.

3. Hilt Of Forsbrandr

The Best Relic For Defensive Gameplay.
GOW Ragnarok hilt of forsbrandr
Hilt of frosbrandr (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Forsbrandr makes you invincible by pushing back enemies and giving Kratos a defensive shield to avoid further attacks.

The Hilt of Forsbrandr allows you to push back enemies and after doing so, you will also be granted an aura of protection or buff called Unstoppable Aura which will provide Kratos with a defensive shield, covering him from attacks for a few seconds. I consider it a good relic to overcome surrounded situations.

  • Pushes enemies back and provides a defensive shield.
  • Best for taking off heat while surrounded.
  • Low duration at base upgrade.
  • Obtained after killing all Odin’s Raven.

4. Hilt Of Hrotti

The Best Relic For Runic Attack Buffs.
GOW Ragnarok hilt of hrotti
Hilt of Hrotti (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Hrotti marks an enemy and when attacking that enemy, provides reduced cooldown and dmg boost upon killing the enemy.

The Hilt of Hrotti is a unique relic as it essentially provides 2 abilities that work in conjunction with one another. Upon usage of the relic, nearby affected enemies will be marked; attacking them with whatever equipped weapon you have will reduce the cooldown of their Runic Ability attacks. Furthermore, killing a marked enemy will grant Kratos the Blessing Of Runic buff, which will increase the damage of Runic Attacks.

  • Decreases the cooldown of abilities when attacking the marked foe.
  • Can also provide dmg boost when killing marked targets.
  • Only provides the buff when attacking marked enemy.
  • The mark on the enemy is removed after sometime.

5. Talisman Of Meign

The Best Early-Game Relic For Melee Dmg.
GOW Ragnarok talisman of Meign
Talisman of meign (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Talisman of Meign might be the first relic you come across and provides a decent buff to melee dmg dealt to enemies.

The Talisman Of Meign is perhaps one of the only actual ‘Talismans’ in God Of War Ragnarok and it is literally one of the first relics you will find in the game, providing the best powerups for your early game progression. The skill or ability of the relic is pretty self-explanatory as shown in the image, as it will provide a damage boost to your Melee Attacks for a short duration.

We highly recommend upgrading it at any chance you can get, as not only will it increase its potency, but you will also be able to take advantage of the melee damage buff in almost every single combat encounter.

  • Increases the dmg of melee attacks.
  • Obtained fairly early in the game.
  • Relatively low duration, needs upgrade.
  • High cooldown and expensive upgrades for an early-game item.

6. Hilt Of Dainsleif

The Best Relic To Poison Enemies.
GOW Ragnarok best relics
Hilt of Dainsleif (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Dainsleif is efficient in applying poison status on enemies which stays on the ground for further DoT dmg to enemies.

The Hilt of Dainsleif is fairly powerful in that it leaves a pool of Acid in its wake in front of you, which will not apply a status effect to the enemy but deal damage over time to them. It is obviously a great tool to apply a poisonous status effect on your foes and mini-bosses, but most importantly if you ever feel like facing up against a large number of enemies in a cramped space, then I recommend using this to turn the tide in your favor.

  • The pool of poison deals DoT dmg and applies poison status.
  • Efficient in escaping enemy groups.
  • Only one hazard is created at a time, needs upgrade.
  • Slightly high cooldown.

7. Hilt Of Skofnung

The Best Relic For Passive Dmg.
GOW Ragnarok best relics
Hilt of Skofnung (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Skofnung summons multiple swords that damages enemies and can even protect you by surrounding you with those swords.

The relic is known as the broken hilt of King Hrolf Kraki, and it is said to be the sharpest sword in the realm as it houses the souls of the King’s 12 bodyguards. The Hilt of Skofnung is unique as once activated, it will unleash soul swords from within, which can damage enemies around your vicinity.

  • Releases multiple swords that attacks enemies nearby.
  • Creates a circle of swords around you, protecting from attacks.
  • Very high cooldown of 304s.
  • Obtained after killing a difficult boss.

8. Huldra Project #9

The Best Relic For Bifrost Builds.
GOW Ragnarok huldra project #9
Huldra Project #9 (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Huldra Project #9 is a unique relic that uses Mimir to lauch high damaging beam, has long range, long duration and can even stagger enemies.

If listening to Mimir’s fascinating lore stories about the Norse Gods wasn’t enough, wait till you see him in action as Kratos pulls him to the front like a laser lamp, decimating his foes with a Bifrost Blast from Mimir’s eyes. I always find this relic pretty interesting. According to the in-game description, it says that both Brok and Sindri have weaponized the smartest man alive, with the added fact that they had to use a harness to achieve that kind of feat.

  • Deals high dmg to enemies with a bifrost blast.
  • Has fairly long duration and can stagger enemies.
  • High cooldown of 224 sec.
  • Leaves you vulnerable against non-stunned enemies.

9. Hilt Of Ridill

The Best Relic For Electrifying Foes.
The hilt of ridill
The hilt of ridill (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Ridill lets you stagger multiple enemies and reduces their strength, leaving them vulnerable for more dmg.

The in-game description of the relic, as shown in the image above, states that it formerly belonged to a Dwarf named Reginn, but since then, it now carries the power of its original owner.

The ability of the relic is pretty straightforward as it allows Kratos to pound the ground with an electric shock attack which can trivialize enemies in an instant. While it may help just a bit with a few boss fights, using it on crowded enemies is immensely satisfying, and upgrading it will increase the Area-Of-Effect of the electric shock.

  • Can stagger multiple enemies infront of Kratos.
  • Electrifies enemies, reducing their toughness.
  • Low AoE without upgrades.
  • Relatively less effective against bosses.

10. Hilt of Tyrfing

The Lowest Cooldown Among Relics.
the hilt of tyrfing
The hilt of tyrfing (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Tyrfing consumes HP and damages enemies around you, best for late-game builds. It also possesses shortest cooldown.

The ancient sword known as Tyrfing is said to have a prolonged and bloody history; thus, Kratos is only able to wield a shell of its former self, the hilt. The relic allows you to charge up the sword by sacrificing a portion of Kratos’ health in order to unleash a powerful attack that can devastate enemies crowding upon you. I consider it, one of the best relics in God Of War Ragnarok, but only if you’re trying to pull a high-risk, high-reward moment.

  • Deals dmg in a wide AoE.
  • Has the lowest cooldown in Relics.
  • Requires large health pool to properly dmg.
  • Obtained through crafting and defeating a boss.

11. Glaive Of Dodher

The Best Relic For Ranged Dmg.
GOW Ragnarok hilt of dodher
The hilt of dodher (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Glaive of Dodher enables Kratos to effectively deal with faraway enemies and also can dodge enemy attacks.

Kratos can utilize the Glaive of Dodher relic to hurl Bifrost Chakrams at his adversaries. These chakrams are ringed throwing blades resembling ancient weapons. While they offer ranged capabilities, there are superior options available, resulting in their lower ranking. Nevertheless, upgrading this relic allows Kratos to increase the number of Chakrams he can throw at enemies.

The in-game description of the relic indicates that it is prominently used by the Einherjar and is associated with the aura of death. It is said to cut through any surface, enabling Kratos to damage formidable foes with it.

  • Throws the chakram very far, effective against ranged foes.
  • Kratos steps back after throwing, dodging attacks in the process.
  • Is very single targeted.
  • Throws only one chakram at base level.

12. Hilt Of Gram

The Best Relic For Rage Gain.
Hilt of gram
The Hilt of Gram (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt Of Gram allows you to release a shockwave, stunning enemies in your vicinity and granting you a Rage boost.

I must say, the Hilt Of Gram functions more or less like a consumable tool rather than a weapon capable of mass destruction as it can allow Kratos to gain a burst of Rage as well as Stun nearby enemies. It is said that the Relic was also referred to as the “Dragon’s Bane” as it now continues to take down foes before its glory days are done.

It is a relic that can aid you in difficult circumstances, especially when you are about to die and are a sliver away from activating Spartan Rage. So during those circumstances, this relic can be an absolute life-saver, but then again, there are better options to choose from depending on the situation at hand.

  • Grants you a rage boost.
  • Can also stun nearby enemies.
  • The rage gain on base level is very low.
  • Obtained at the end-game area.

13. Hilt Of Angrvadall

The Best Relic Against Sonic-Afflicted Enemies.
The hilt of angrvadall
The hilt of angrvadall (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Hilt of Angrvadall has great range and deals exceptional dmg to sonic affected enemies, best to use with Atreus.

If you’re familiar with other action games such as Devil May Cry 5, you may recognize the ability of the following relic in instant having similarity to the game’s character attacks. The Hilt of Angravdall allows Kratos to unleash three charged light slashes, which will deal more damage to enemies who are inflicted by the Sonic status ailment.

Upgrading the relic will reduce the overall cooldown, allowing for more usage of it during combat; unlocking it in God Of War Ragnarok is pretty simple enough.

  • Launches beams of light that have great range.
  • Deals more dmg to enemies affected by Sonic.
  • Deals considerably less dmg to normal enemies.
  • Relatively higher cooldown.

14. Mystical Heirloom

The Best Relic For Secret Content.
GOW Ragnarok best relics
The mystical heirloom (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Mystical Hierloom unlocks a secret boss for you to challenge, perfect for completionists.

Lastly I have the Mystical Heirloom. It is one of the only relics in the game that provide no ability usage and only serve as a gateway to unlockable content. It has no powers whatsoever and cannot be upgraded. The only use of the relic is that you can unlock the frozen trolls across the realms as the boss fights. You can unlock the relic pretty easily by following the steps below.

  • Allows you to challenge a secret boss.
  • Necessary for those who wish to experience everything.
  • Does absolutely nothing other than unlocking a boss.

My Take On The Best Relics

god of war ragnarok
My GOWR Hours Psn: Liontamer55460

While Relics don’t make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things during combat, as someone who has obtained the Platinum Trophy as shown above with 70+ hours, my favorite relics to use have to be the Motsognir’s Call due to the extra stun damage. But if I had to pick a second one, the Hilt of Skofnung is also great because the sword summon damage is helpful when trying to dump loads of damage in a boss fight.

Although the game has several new and returning features, you will absolutely love exploring every nook and cranny of what the game has to offer as they hunt down the Best Armor Sets for Kratos as well as take down all of the mini-bosses found in the challenging Draugr Holes across the Nine Realms. You might even love the new additions added here, such as the option of finally being able to Transmog in God Of War Ragnarok.

  • Disclaimer Note: The ranking of all these relics is based on my personal experience and time with the game, if you have any that you think are the best in your opinion, then please feel free to let me know in the comments box.

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