God Of War Ragnarok: The Burning Skies Favor [Walkthrough]

Here is complete walkthrough of The Burning Skies Favor in God Of War Ragnarok.

God Of War Ragnarok’s Crater region in Vanaheim is filled with hours of optional content including favors or side quests. One such favor you come across in that area is the Burning Skies side quest in God Of War Ragnarok. It requires you to track down a dragon and eliminate it but it is not that simple as you’ll have to run other small errands before you can fight the dragon itself.

Key Takeaways
  • The Burning Skies is a favor quest that can only be started after completing the Return of the River favor.
  • In order to start this favor, make your way to The Sinkholes of The Crater in Vanaheim.
  • Once there, make your way forward until a Dragon attacks you. Use your Draupnir Spear to destroy the pillar it will perch on.
  • After progressing a bit in this favor, you will arrive in a corridor where a Dragon will breathe fire at you. Use your Draupnir Spear at the wall to block the way.
  • At the end of the favor, you will face off against the Ash Tyrant. We recommend stunning it with your Draupnir Spear’s detonation effect. After that, deal massive damage using your Runic Attacks.
  • If the Ash Tyrant flies away, destroy its perch using the Draupnir Spear.
  • After killing this boss, the favor will be completed and you will obtain the Seal of Runic Storm.

NOTE: The Burning Skies favor cannot be attempted until you’ve returned the water to the crater in Vanaheim. In order to do that, you must complete another favor known as the Return of the River. Make your way to the jungle from the crater and return the water flow from the dam there. You can start the Burning Skies favor before returning the water but you won’t be able to complete it without returning the water.

How To Start The Burning Skies Favor

quest in the game

The Sinkholes Gateway (Image Captured by Us)In order to start the favor, make your way to the sinkholes gateway first. If that gateway is not unlocked for you yet, then you have to explore the right side of the Crater and descend downwards in order to unlock it. However, if you have the gateway unlocked, just travel to it in the game. 

quest in the game

The Path To Follow (Image Captured by eXputer)When you come out of the sinkholes gateway, then look to your right and climb up using the Chaos Blades. Then follow the linear path towards the end until you arrive at a dead end. There a dragon will descend and start attacking you.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

Attacking The Dragon (Image by eXputer)The dragon will descend on top of the pillars in the arena and start breathing fire at you. You have to be quick in this situation and use your Draupnir Spear to destroy the pillars here. Once you’ve destroyed the two pillars, the dragon flies away and the Burning Skies side quest begins in God Of War Ragnarok.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

Opening The Gate (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)Before you leave the area, make sure to open the first gate that is on the right side of the arena. Use the chain and make the gate descend so the water can flow in. You can now use the boat to travel here in order to continue the quest.

How To Solve The Burning Skies Favor

quest in the game

Going Back To The Boat (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)Once you’ve started the favor, it is time to go back to the sinkholes gateway. From here look on the opposite side and you’ll see a boat. Go on the other side using the blades and use the boat to travel along the river. The path should take you to the other side of the arena where you fought the dragon to start the quest.

quest in the game

Docking The Boat (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)Follow the river until you arrive at the dock located on the left side of the arena. You will see another gate blocking your path. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to dock your boat at the port and go pull the chains.

quest in the game

Opening The Second Gate (Image credit: eXputer)Once you’ve pulled down the chain, the second gate should also open. Now you will be able to travel on the other side to the dragon’s lair where you have to fight the boss in order to complete the favor.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

Docking The Boat (Image Captured by Us)Once you follow the river through the second gate, you will arrive at a dead end where there are two points for you to dock. You have to dock near the sand and not near the port as the path near the port will be blocked. Additionally, dock quickly and instantly start following the path in front of you as the dragon will keep attacking you with fire. 

There will be another gate in your path but Kratos will be able to open it. Follow the linear path ahead until you make it out of the cave in the game.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

The Dragon In Your Path (Image Captured by eXputer)In your path through the cave, there will come a point where you’ll meet a dead end and the dragon will continuously breathe fire on that path. However, there is a point on the wall on the right where you can use the Draupnir Spear to destroy the path as you can see in the image above.

The draupnir Spear will destroy the path and you will be able to climb your way out of the cave. Additionally, the dragon will leave once you destroy the wall so look for the right opportunity to destroy the structure. Beware of the Dragon’s fire as it can both damage and cause burn to Kratos. Lastly, the whole cave is filled with enemies that are going to ambush you so always be on the lookout for them.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

Climbing Our Way To The Boss (Image by eXputer)When you come out of the cave, head straight until you see a pillar that you can climb. That pillar will lead you to the boss fight which is the final thing that you have to do in order to complete the Burning Skies favor in God Of War Ragnarok.

There is Nornir Chest that you can additionally unlock before fighting the dragon and it is very easy to solve the puzzle related to the chest. You will have to destroy three small stones with runes using the Draupnir Spear at the same time in order to unlock that chest and the three stones are very easy to spot additionally. 

Fighting The Ash Tyrant

god of war ragnarok burning skies

The Ash Tyrant (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)Once you climb the arena, the boss battle with the Ash Tyrant will begin. It is a tough enemy to fight against additionally and you need to dodge his fire attacks during the battle. Draupnir Spear is your best weapon in this fight as you throw it at the dragon’s head and make it explode to stun the dragon. Whenever you stun the dragon, use any or all Runic Attacks that you can, especially the Leviathan Axe attacks. 

god of war ragnarok burning skies

The Dragon Sitting On The Pillar (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)The Ash Tyrant will fly away and sit on the pillars twice during the fight. This particularly happens when the health bar of the Dragon is at 70% and 30% health respectively. You will have to use the Draupnir Spear to make the dragon fall down, as you did in the first encounter when starting the quest.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

The Fodder Enemies (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)When the dragon flies away, fodder enemies will also get summoned. Make sure to quickly deal with them as it can get quite stressful if the enemies start attacking you at the same when the dragon starts breathing fire at you. Once you’re done eliminating the enemies, you can then proceed to destroy the pillar that the dragon is sitting at the top of.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

The Ash Tyrant Eliminated (Image credit: eXputer)Once you’re done depleting the dragon’s health bar, you can perform the kill animation on it. Killing the dragon will complete the Burning Skies quest in the game. It is time to get the rewards.

god of war ragnarok burning skies

The Burning Skies Quest Complete (Image Captured by Us)


god of war ragnarok burning skies

The Rewards (Image Captured by eXputer)In addition to various rare crafting materials, you will get an Amulet Enchantment for Kratos by completing the Burning Skies Quest. Kratos will also receive XP which you can use to further unlock your Skills or enhance your runic attacks. Rare crafting material includes Dragon Tooth that can be used to craft the Dragon Scaled Armor in the game additionally. 


God of War Ragnarok has become the fastest-selling PlayStation Exclusive as the game has lived up to the hype. It puts an end to Kratos’ adventure in the Nine Realms and the game is a perfect conclusion to his character as well. Ragnarok features a new weapon and new movesets for previous weapons additionally. The combat system is much more refined as compared to its predecessor as well. Everything else including the Storytelling, Voice Acting, and Art Direction is also top-notch here.

This concludes our guide on the Burning Skies Favor in God Of War Ragnarok. We entailed not only the complete walkthrough of the side quest but also the method of unlocking it. The boss that you have to face while completing the quest has also been mentioned. We hope that the guide was helpful in completing the Burning Skies favor in the game. Let us know what you think about the side content of God Of War Ragnarok in the comments below!


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