God Of War Ragnarok: Best Skills [Weapons & Characters]

Learn about the best Leviathan Axe, Chaos Blades, Draupnir Spear, Atreus & Freya skills in God of War Ragnarok.

Skill trees and skills are much more expansive in God of War Ragnarok than they were in the previous game. You get to use Leviathan Axe, Chaos Blades & Draupnir weapon skills for Kratos & control Atreus as the main and side character. Not only that but Freya also has separate skills that need to be unlocked.

There are a total of 81 weapon skills, 28 Atreus skills, and 23 Freya skills in GOW Ragnarok and I have listed the best skills below.

Here is all you need to know about the best skills: 

Weapon/CharacterSkill NameEffectBest For
Leviathan AxeGlacial RakeCrowd control with ice shards and Frost damageThe Best Axe Melee Skill For Frost Buildup
Leviathan's FuryPowerful heavy attack with Frost damageThe Best Axe Skill For Sprint Attack
Glacial PermafrostBase damage and Frost status effect on every hitThe Best Axe Skill Freezing Multiple Foes
Returning StormAdvanced version of Leviathan's FuryThe Best Ranged Axe Skill For Closing Distance
Whirlwind SweepCool combo to attack enemies at close rangeThe Best Axe For Consective Attacks
Chaos BladesFurious ImmolationEnhanced melee and ranged attacks with fire damageThe Best Blades Skill For Consecutive Attacking
Flame Whiplash IStrong slash with high burnThe Best Blades Skill For Burning Enemies
Vaporize FrostAdditional fire damage to frozen enemies.The Best Blades Skill On Frozen Enemies
Chaotic Rampage IIIStronger melee attack with Chaos BladesThe Best Blades Melee Skill For ST Dmg
Draupnir SpearPhalanx BreakerBreaks enemy guard and launches weaker enemiesThe Best Spear Skill For Juggling Foes
Spear SwiftnessSpeeds up spear-throwing and detonationThe Best Skill For Spear Throws
Violent MaelstromEnhanced melee and ranged attacks for a short durationThe Best Spear Skill For Stunning Foes
Draupnir's WailAmplifies damage by detonating spearsThe Best Skill For Spear Explosions
Elemental Siphon IISteals enemy elemental attacks and provides resistanceThe Best Spear Skill For Resistance Buff
AtreusEvasive MarksmanEvades and strikes back with ranged attackThe Best Atreus Skill For Dodging
Bludgeoning StrikesPowerful melee strikes with the bowThe Best Atreus Skill For Stunning Enemies
Soaring Eagle EyeSlows down time for precise aimingThe Best Atreus Skill For Slowing Down Time
Focus ShotCharged shot with higher base damage and knockbackThe Best Atreus Skill For Charged Shots
Dextrous ShotDeals higher base damage with consecutive headshotsThe Best Atreus Skill For Headshots
FreyaSeeds of RuinThrows a giant rock at foes with AoE and stun effectThe Best Freya Skill For HP Drain
Valkyrie SpiritTransforms into Valkyrie form and attacks nearby opponentsThe Best Freya Skill For Melee Dmg
Valkyrie MindTransforms into Valkyrie form and rains arrows on enemiesThe Best Freya Skill For Multiple Shots
Goddess FocusEnhances ranged attacks for variety and aggressivenessThe Best Freya Skill For Ranged Combat
Valkyrie BladeRushes towards enemies for a powerful attackThe Best Freya Skill For Team Attack
Disclaimer: While there is no contest between skills, I have listed the best ones that, according to me, are easy to remember, execute & offer much more value in combat than others. Also, you will unlock all skills of the three main characters as you progress through the game.

Best Leviathan Axe Skills

Leviathan Axe is by far the best weapon Kratos has wielded in the saga. There are a lot of skills that return from God of War 2018 and a few new changes are welcomed as well. You will eventually unlock all skills from three different skill trees, but that does not mean you will be using all skills in combat. 

There will be many skills that’d be your favorite or go-to ones that you will remember, like the back of your hand. The best Leviathan skills in God of War Ragnarok that I have listed below are the ones I love the most and have more utility & usability than others. 

1. Glacial Rake

The Best Axe Melee Skill For Frost Buildup.
Glacial Rake [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Glacial Rake provides high frost buildup and can be acquired fairly early in the game, making freezing enemies easier.

The Glacial Rake has to be one of the best Kratos skills in the early game for crowd control, especially if the enemies are in front of you. Unleashing the skill allows Kratos to strike the Leviathan Axe in the ground and rip out the ice shards that travel ahead. 

All enemies that are stuck in this ice wave will get repeatedly hit with the Frost damage. The reason I think Glacial Rake is the best early-game skill is that you will get to use it for the most part of your gameplay until you unlock later skill levels.

  • Unlocked pretty early and stays useful throughout.
  • Deals high dmg and frost buildup with quick slashes.
  • Have substantially low HP dmg.
  • Short range and only works infront of you.

2. Leviathan’s Fury

The Best Axe Skill For Sprint Attack.
Leviathan’s Fury [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Leviathan’s Fury allows you to rush towards your enemy and smash them with your Axe causing high dmg and Frost.

Leviathan’s Fury was the best ability from God of War 2018 for me, and it’s rejuvenating to see it return in GOW Ragnarok as well. What it does is when Kratos sprints and you press the Heavy Attack button, Kratos jumps into the air and smashes the axe down on the ground with a massive hit. All small-sized enemies are thrown out of their stance, and the enemies with shields will have their guards broken. Not only the skill deals good physical damage, but it also applies frost damage as well.

I personally use Leviathan’s Fury as an instrument to deal massive starting damage to an enemy wave or a group that is standing close to each other. 

  • Can make short work of smaller enemies.
  • Can be used to effectively close distances.
  • Requires sprinting to be able to execute.
  • Leaves you susceptible to dmg while in attack animation.

3. Glacial Permafrost

The Best Axe Skill For Freezing Groups.
Glacial permafrost [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Glacial Permafrost greatly enhances all your attacks and adds beams of frost with your attacks making freezing multiple enemies a breeze.

Glacial Permafrost enhances base damage and applies Frost status on every hit. Small-sized enemies are nearly guaranteed to freeze with a single hit under Glacial Permafrost.The axe meter charges with each hit and depletes when Kratos is hit. It imbues the Leviathan Axe with permafrost, causing melee attacks to send out frost waves and freeze enemies on impact.

Glacial Permafrost excels in boss battles and wave clear, offering crowd control as each hit freezes enemies, allowing you to easily dispatch them.

  • Increases the dmg and Frost application of all your attacks.
  • Also adds waves to your attacks, increasing your range.
  • Needs Axe level 3 to unlock.
  • Dmg can be lost if you get interrupted.

4. Returning Storm

The Best Axe Skill For Closing Distance.
Returning Storm [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Returning Storm can stagger most of enemies, has a wide AoE and can deal massive frost damage.

If you’re a fan of spamming Leviathan’s Fury, you’ll love Returning Storm. To use this skill, Kratos must be bare-handed. Punch enemies, then press L1 and a heavy attack button. Kratos leaps into the air, calls the Leviathan Axe, and slams it into the ground, dealing base and high frost damage. You can use Returning Storm while standing still or when approaching enemies. This skill is effective, especially against weaker enemies.

  • Effective in closing distance between you and enemies.
  • High frost application and stuns multiple enemies.
  • Leaves you vulnerable to dmg against non-stunned foes.
  • Difficult to unlock, needs Axe level 4.

5. Whirlwind Sweep

The Best Axe Skill For Consecutive Attacks.
Whirlwind Sweep [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Whirlwind Sweep can make short work of smaller foes and deals substantial dmg and frost to enemies by attacking them continuously.

Unlocking the Whirlwind Sweep ability at level 3 for the Leviathan Axe adds a stylish twist to your combos. To trigger this skill, pause for a brief moment after a light attack and then press the light attack button three more times as Kratos transitions to a new stance. This causes Kratos to spin the Leviathan Axe around him, damaging nearby enemies.Whirlwind Sweep isn’t just visually impressive; it’s also an effective crowd-control skill.

  • Can stagger foes by continuously hitting them.
  • Keeps smaller enemies into air, leaving them open for dmg.
  • Needs to be timed properly to execute.
  • Is single targeted as sweeps the Axe only infront of you.

Best Chaos Blade Skills

In God of War Ragnarok, the Chaos Blades skills have become more aggressive and offer exceptional crowd control, the burn status effect, and significant stun damage. Many players, including myself, prefer using the Chaos Blades in combat situations for these advantages. While the Leviathan Axe remains excellent, the Chaos Blades have taken the lead this time.

To conquer challenging combat scenarios, it’s crucial to unlock and utilize all the best Chaos Blade skills available. These skills can help you dominate encounters that might otherwise seem too difficult to handle.

1. Flame Whiplash I

The Best Blades Skill For Burning Enemies.
Flame Whiplash I [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Flame Whiplash can deal high amount of damage to enemies in front of you and can also effectively burn them.

Flame Whiplash I gives the weapon the fire damage it needs in the early game. Blades of Chaos is generally an excellent weapon for crowd control ranging from small-sized foes to big ones. However, during the early game, you will find relying heavily on Flame Whipslash I skill as it imbues Blades of Chaos with fire at a faster rate. 

Once the weapon is fully charged, the next successive light or heavy attack that you unleash on enemies will apply Burn. Fire is especially useful in Midgard, where almost every single enemy is weak against it.

  • Can be used anytime after an attack.
  • Causes burning effect on opponents.
  • Needs to be charged before use.
  • Proper timing needed to execute.

2. Vaporise Frost

The Best Blades Skill On Frozen Enemies.
Vaporise Frost [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Vaporize Frost makes a great pair with Leviathan Axe, as it deals high damage to frozen enemies.

Unlock Vaporize Frost, a level 1 skill, early to boost damage against frosted enemies in Midgard. This skill remains valuable throughout the game as frosted foes appear frequently, even beyond Midgard, during main and side quests. Vaporize Frost is a top Blades of Chaos skill in God of War Ragnarok, suitable for all game stages.

  • Pretty inexpensive and easy to unlock.
  • Pairs well with Leviathan axe for increased dmg.
  • Blades’ hits break the frozen enemies very quickly.
  • Freezing the enemies before use is important for proper dmg.

3. Chaotic Rampage III

The Best Blades Melee Skill For ST Dmg.
Chaotic Rampage III [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: With its exceptionally high ST dmg, Chaotic Rampage is perfect in dealing with larger foes or bosses. It also delivers a strong finisher at the end of combos.

For focused single-target damage, unlock the Chaotic Rampage series of skills. These skills enable Kratos to hold the blades in his hands and unleash a flurry of close-range attacks on a single target.Unlocking Chaotic Rampage III requires Chaotic Rampage I and II. The latter grants Kratos additional light attacks.

  • Deals high amount of damage to a single enemy.
  • Animation can be cancelled with dodge.
  • Can not be used on multiple enemies.
  • Requires to upgrade the Blades to unlock.

4. Furious Immolation

The Best Blades Skill For Consecutive Attacking.
Furious Immolation [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: This Skill, once activated can clear anything in its path and apply effective burn to them. It also increases the Rage buildup in this state.

Unlock Furious Immolation for Chaos Blades to ignite enemies with fiery damage on each hit. This skill engulfs Chaos Blades in furious flames, instantly setting foes ablaze with high damage.To trigger Furious Immolation, build the meter by attacking enemies without taking hits. Once the meter is full, press L1 + Triangle to unleash the skill. It’s effective for crowd control and particularly potent against frosted enemies, synergizing with Vaporize Frost.

Access Furious Immolation at Chaos Blades tier 3 with at least 1500 XP available for purchase.

  • Greatly increases the burn application of all the attacks.
  • Builds additional Rage when this state is active.
  • Requires to activate max Immolation first.
  • Can be interupted with enemy attacks causing loss of dmg.

5. Plume of Chaos

The Best Blades Skill For AoE Burn Dmg.
Plume of Chaos [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Plume of Chaos adds a powerful finisher to your combo, dealing heavy damage in a radius and blasting away enemies pretty effectively.

The Plume of Chaos skill, returning from God of War 2018, remains my favored method for assaulting enemeis. This combo-ending attack ignites everything when Kratos slams the Blades of Chaos onto the ground, disrupting enemies and inflicting heavy physical and burn damage.

To activate this skill, execute five light attacks and then press the heavy attack button. Kratos will briefly leap into the air and forcefully drive both Chaos Blades into the ground, You can combine this skill with Furious Immolation.

Unlock the Plume of Chaos skill in God of War Ragnarok by reaching Chaos Blades tier 4 and having at least 4000 XP available for purchase.

  • Can clear multiple enemies with its large AoE.
  • Has high Burn dmg and can stun many foes.
  • Needs to deliver a whole combo to execute.
  • Requires considerable story progression to unlock.

Best Draupnir Skills

Draupnir Spear may be the new weapon in GOW Ragnarok, but in Kratos’ words to Brok, “it is the first weapon that a Spartan learns to master,” gives away how useful it becomes in the game. Besides unlocking accessibility to certain areas, some of the best Draupnir Skills in God of War Ragnarok are just too good to be true in taking down bosses or single targets and controlling the crowd as well. 

1. Draupnir’s Wail

The Best Skill For Spear Explosions.
Draupnir’s Wail [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Draupnir’s Wail increases the dmg of the spears that are detonated, making ranged combat with the spear more effective.

I recommend you to acquire the Draupnir’s Wail skill, which amplifies damage upon detonation.Activate it by holding the ability button, causing Kratos to slam the spear down with great force, delivering increased damage upon detonation.

Draupnir’s Wail proves useful for weakening groups of enemies, particularly those at reasonable distances that you can target effectively with your spears.

  • Greatly increases the dmg of the detonated spears.
  • Can be acquired right after obtaining the spear.
  • The other way of activating this skill needs to be timed.
  • Not that much effective against large foes.

2. Elemental Siphon II

The Best Spear Skill For Resistance Buff.
Elemental Siphon II [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Elemental Siphon allows you to steal an enemies’ element and use it against him and Elemental Siphon II also makes you resistant against that element.

Unlock Elemental Siphon II after Elemental Siphon I. Hold the heavy attack button to steal enemy elemental attacks and gain resistance briefly, reducing their effectiveness. This effect persists during combos and ranged attacks but is lost after a runic attack or combat ends. Useful against enemies with multiple status effects.

  • Significantly increases your Resistance against Siphoned element.
  • The effect remains active throughout the combat sequence.
  • The effect wears off when using a Runic Attack.
  • Requires Spear upgrades to unlock.

3. Phalanx Breaker

The Best Spear Skill For Juggling Foes.
Phalanx Breaker [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: This Skill lets you break guards and then launch enemies into the air, leaving them vulnerable to dmg.

In the mid to late game, shield-wielding enemies pose a greater challenge. Fortunately, the Phalanx Breaker skill with Draupnir helps Kratos by breaking enemy guards or launching weaker foes into the air. To trigger it, press the heavy attack button while sprinting towards a target. Kratos performs a powerful overhead sweep to break guards and follows up with a rising sweep to launch smaller or weakened enemies into the air.

  • Can launch smaller enemies into the air, initiating aerial combat.
  • Breaks enemies’ guard, allowing you to punish them.
  • Effectiveness diminishes against those enemies who can’t be lifted.
  • Needs to be used while sprinting.

4. Spear Swiftness

The Best Skill For Spear Throws.
Spear Swiftness [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Spear Swiftness allows you to throw your spears in quick succession which can then be detonated to reduce the resistances of impaled enemies.

Unlock the Spear Swiftness skill for Draupnir to accelerate the process of dealing with ranged damage. This skill enables Kratos to throw spears more rapidly as you target enemies. Spear Swiftness enhances the effectiveness of using Draupnir as a ranged weapon, making it an ideal choice for dealing with powerful enemies. With Draupnir Spear and Spear Swiftness, you can efficiently shred bosses while minimizing your vulnerability to enemy attacks.

  • Greatly increases your speed for throwing spears.
  • Multiple spears can reduce the dmg resistance of the enemies.
  • The speed is lost if you are interrupted.
  • Requires level 7 and high XP to unlock.

5. Violent Maelstrom

The Best Spear Skill For Stunning Foes.
Violent Maelstrom [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Violent Maelstorm, just like other similar skills, Increases the dmg and Stun of every Attack of the Draupnir Spear.

Whenever Kratos successfully attacks enemies, he builds up the meter. When the meter is full, press L1 + Triangle button to trigger the Violent Maelstrom skill, and it will enhance all the melee and ranged attacks of Draupnir Spear for a short duration. This skill has excellent utility while fighting against bosses. I have used Violent Maelstrom abilities so many times on Draugr Hole bosses and other mini-bosses on the field.

  • Increases the dmg and Impact of all attacks.
  • Can effectively stun many enemies while in this state.
  • Needs to charge the Maelstorm first.
  • The spear needs to be upgraded to unlock this skill.

Best Atreus Skills

All the best skills for Atreus in God of War Ragnarok that I have listed below can be used when players control him and also when Atreus is a side character while playing as Kratos. Sure, you can’t command Atreus to execute his skills on the fly when you already control Kratos. However, if you already have unlocked these, then expect Atreus to showcase these on his own in combat. 

1. Evasive Marksman

The Best Atreus Skill For Dodging.

Evasive Marksman skill of Atreus not only looks cool while performing, but it also has a massive utility. Interestingly, you get to evade an incoming attack and, at the same time, strike back as Atreus jumps back to a safe spot from a vulnerable one.

  • Why I Chose This: Evasive Marksman, as the name suggests, lets you dodge an incoming attack and lets you strike back with a counterattack, great for crowd control. 

While Kratos is excellent for one versus one and crowd control, Atreus is not great at dealing with a crowd due to limited weapons. That is why I have spammed the Evasive Marksman skill every time more than two enemies rush toward me. It allows an easy strike while evading an incoming attack. 

  • Can be used to dodge an incoming attack and strike back.
  • The arrows can inflict Stun on enemies.
  • Can not save you from attacks if there is no space behind you.
  • Not that effective when playing as Kratos.

2. Bludgeoning Strikes 

The Best Atreus Skill For Stunning Enemies.

Unlock the Bludgeoning Strikes skill for Atreus in God of War Ragnarok to enhance his melee combat capabilities with the bow. Holding down the Light Attack button allows Atreus to deliver a rapid series of blows with his bow, increasing the chances of stunning enemies.

  • Why I Chose This: Bludgeoning Strikes lets you assault an enemy, stunning him and leaving him vulnerable to dmg, useful for many encounters.

This skill is particularly useful for crowd control, as it enables you to eliminate enemies quickly and efficiently.

  • Can effectively stun enemies for more dmg.
  • Helpful in both Atreus and Kratos encounters.
  • Targets a single enemy only.
  • Bosses and elite enemies are not effected.

3. Soaring Eagle Eye

The Best Atreus Skill For Slowing Down Time.

Unlocking the Soaring Eagle Eye skill will allow you to slow down the time. To trigger this skill, you need to launch an enemy in the air, which can easily be done by holding down the heavy attack button and unleashing a heavy attack. Once the enemy is in the air, press the aim button, and Atreus will basically slow down the time for a few seconds. 

  • Why I Chose This: Soaring Eagle Eye offers dual purpose, dealing multiple shots to enemies with Kratos and slowing down time when playing as himself.

This will give you enough time to land a headshot or strike the enemy into weak points easily by aiming the bow and arrow. Besides, the skill really looks cool, and you should not ignore its utility. 

  • Can deal multiple shots to enemies.
  • Slows down time when the enemy is launched into the air.
  • Slightly high XP cost to unlock.
  • Melee is not effective during time slowdown.

4. Focus Shot

The Best Atreus Skill For Charged Shots.

While archery is the go-to assault method of Atreus, what good will it be if you can’t land a devastating charged shot that deals massive damage compared to a normal one? The Focus Shot skill allows Atreus to charge up an arrow by holding the aim plus a light attack button. Once the arrow is fully charged it will deal massive base damage. 

  • Why I Chose This: Focus Shot increases the dmg of your arrows, its status effect dmg and deals bonus dmg on headshots.

Besides doing a good amount of physical damage to a target, the Focus Shot also knockbacks small to mid-sized enemies, giving Atreus enough room to continue shooting down opponents from a range.

  • Increases normal arrows’ dmg and status effect.
  • Helps Kratos by knocking back enemies.
  • Charging time is required when playing as Atreus.
  • Dmg is lost if the arrow misses.

5. Dextrous Shot

The Best Atreus Skill For Headshots.

While there is no brainer that headshots in any game deal much higher damage than striking other body parts, the same applies to Atreus in God of War Ragnarok.

  • Why I Chose This: If you can aim efficiently and can frequently hit headshots, then this ability will increase your dmg substantialy.

Dextrous Shot skill allows Atreus to deal even higher base damage to a target if he lands headshots one after another on a target.The best part of Dextrous Shot is that even if you are not good with landing headshots, using this skill while activating Soaring Eagle Eye will give you plenty of time to land a couple of headshots. 

  • Increases the dmg of headshots significantly.
  • Makes the already strong headshots more deadlier.
  • Headshots can be difficult to hit on moving enemies.
  • Is only triggered after landing multiple precise shots.

Best Freya Skills

Unlike Atreus, who has decent play hours where you control and play, you can’t control Freya in a similar manner. This means all of the best Freya skills in God of War Ragnarok are to remain passive, and it is entirely up to Freya’s AI to execute them in combat. But still, unlocking following Freya’s skills will make her aggressive enough to aid Kratos in fights. 

1. Seeds Of Ruin

The Best Freya Skill For HP Drain.
Seeds of Ruin [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Seeds Of Ruin deals heavy dmg and continuously chips away enemies’ health for a duration.

After unlocking this skill, Freya gets a chance to summon a giant rock from the ground via her vines and then throw it at nearby enemies. 

The giant rock not only deals direct damage but has a little AoE as well. If the rock hits a weaker enemy, it will be one shot. However, if a mid to large-sized enemy is hit by a giant rock, then there is a good chance that they will be stunned for a short duration.

  • Throws large rocks on enemies, dealing high dmg.
  • Drains enemies’ HP, effective against Bosses.
  • Has a high XP cost to unlock.
  • The skill only affects a single enemy.

2. Valkyrie Spirit

The Best Freya Skill For Melee Dmg.
Valkyrie Spirit [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Valkyrie Spirit deals high dmg to enemies and can effectively close distances between them.

Freya is not the master of mystic arts, but she is also a warrior and Valkyrie herself. This skill will allow Freya to randomly convert to her Valkyrie form, spreading out her wings and slashing nearby opponents. Kratos can not command Freya or trigger the Valkyrie Spirit skill, but the AI gets to trigger the skill at random during combat. 

  • Slashes every enemy in a line in front of Freya.
  • Deals high dmg and has a low XP cost.
  • The skill only has a single hit count.
  • Multiple enmies can be difficult to hit with it.

3. Valkyrie Mind

The Best Freya Skill For Multiple Shots.
Valkyrie Mind [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Valkyrie Mind would let you fire a barrage of arrows onto enemies which can effectively stagger foes allowing Kratos to launch more attacks on them.

Similar to the Valkyrie Spirit skill of Freya, I think Valkyrie Mind is another best Freya skills in God of War Ragnarok. It is because she not only enters her Valkyrie form but also gets to rain down a barrage of arrows on enemies. 

You will need at least 1000 Freya XP to unlock the Valkyrie Mind skill.

  • Lands multiple hits on enemies, stunning them in the process.
  • Can be unlocked fairly early in the game.
  • Effectiveness diminishes on larger enemies.
  • Freya doesn’t use her Runic Arrows in this Skill.

4. Goddess Focus

The Best Freya Skill For Ranged Combat.
Goddess Focus [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Goddess Mind allows Freya to use variety of different ranged attacks on enemies and becomes much more aggressive.

Goddess Focus skill basically gives Freya free will to switch sigils and attack foes according to the combat situation. She becomes much more aggressive if you unlock this skill. Mainly, her ranged attacks get enhanced in a way that she mixes them up and throws variety in the combat. 

  • Gives more combos and tactics to ranged attacks of Freya.
  • Increases the dmg and number of Freya’s Ranged Attacks
  • Requires great amount of XP to unlock.

5. Valkyrie Blade

The Best Freya Skill For Team Attack.
Valkyrie Blade [screenshot captured by Us]
  • Why I Chose This: Valkyrie Blade lets Freya launch a counterattack on enemies when Katos sends an enemy airborne and deals substantial dmg to them.

Valkyrie Blade is by far the best Freya’s skill in God of War Ragnarok, as you can trigger it more than often by throwing an enemy into the air backward. When this action is done, you will see a Square button prompt above Freya, and if you press it timely, Freya will rush toward the target and deal a massive damage than the regular attacks. 

  • The attack launched by Freya deals high HP dmg.
  • Can effectively help Kratos to chain combos.
  • Needs careful battlefield analysis to execute.
  • Is acquired at the end of the Valkyrie Skill Tree.

Similar Options

Here are some other Best Skills in God of War Ragnarok that are worth mentioning. However, I didn’t include them in my top list due to individual reasons:

  • Hyperion Grapple (Chaos Blade Skill): It only works on individual enemies, so it might not be as effective in crowd control situations as AoE abilities.
  • Frozen Ascent (Leviathan Axe Skill): A commendable option, but it only affects enemies directly in front of Kratos when used.
  • Extinguish Flames (Leviathan Axe Skill): It doesn’t offer any active moves or combo potential, just increased damage.
  • Breaching Bash (Atreus Skill): Although it delivers a powerful shield bash that stuns most enemies, it has a cooldown period which can be frustrating.
  • Sonic Potency (Atreus Skill): Offers increased crowd control and works well with abilities that trigger on hit, like Runic detonations.

My Personal Opinion On The Best Skills

Glacial Permafrost, Furious Immolation, and Violent Malestrom are the must-buy skills for the three main weapons of Kratos. These skills will help you utilize permafrost, immolation, and maelstrom to empower your weapons further and even add elemental damage. I ended up using Glacial Rake a lot, too, because it’s a really powerful R1 attack for the axe.

God of Wae
My Hours in God of War Ragnarok (PSN ID: ELiTExNoGuns)

Bludgeoning Strikes skill for Atreus should be given importance if you’re like me and depend on companions to deal stun damage during battle. All of Freya’s skills as a companion were useful, but Valkyrie Blade really stood out as it helped me finish off fodder enemies swiftly.

That is all I had to discuss regarding Kratos, Atreus, and Freya’s best skills in God of War Ragnarok. You must note that no skill is useless in the game; however, the skills I have listed in my guide are the ones that I use the most, and it seems like most writers and eXputer also share the same thoughts. 

At the end of the day, you will get to unlock or buy all Leviathan Axe, Chaos Blades, Atreus, and Freya’s skills in God of War Ragnarok. So, you will get your hands on all skills eventually and mix and match them to create a devastating combination. 


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