God of War Ragnarok: Location of Prongfruit

Want to know the location of the Prongfruit in God of War Ragnarok? Here’s our easy-to-follow guide to lead you to this ingredient. 

There are four ingredients that you need to acquire to complete the Across the Realms Favor in the God Of War Ragnarok. One of those ingredients is Prongfruit which is located in Svartlfhiem. However, players often miss this ingredient as its exact location is confusing and the steps to complete the quest can be daunting at first glance.

Key Takeaways
  • Across the Realms is one of the Favors in the game that occurs across different realms in the God of War Ragnarok.
  • This sidequest begins once you are in Midgard and requires you to get four ingredients to prepare a meal.
  • These ingredients are Nordic Gourd, Elven Cap, Bantam Melon, and Progfruit which is in Svartalfheim. 
  • To get this Prongfruit, players have to go to the north of the Myrkr Tunnels through a wooden mine train.
  • Players must first complete the Forging Destiny quest that allows them to use the train tracks to reach the Forge where this ingredient is located.
  • After collecting Prongfruit, players must also collect three more ingredients located in three different realms to complete the Favor.
  • Once you have acquired all these ingredients, go to the Eternal Campfire, and get a cooking pot to prepare the meal.
  • Once the meal is prepared, the Favor is completed and now, you’ll get to eat a warm and delicious meal to boost your stats by 5

Before You Start: You cannot get access to this ingredient unless you complete the Forging Destiny quest. After completing this quest line, train tracks become available for free use for players to reach the Forge.

Across the Realm Overview

Across the Realms is one of the many Favors players will explore in God of War Ragnarok. It’s one of the most satisfying Favours in the God Of War Ragnarok developed by Santa Monica Studio.

During his journey, Kratos will come across a cooking book that has a list of ingredients. Kratos needs to get his hands on all of these ingredients to cook a meal and grab his reward.

Prongfruit Location

Here are the steps which you need to follow to get Prongfruit.

  1. Prongfruit is in the Svartalfheim which is one of the nine realms in God of War Ragnarok
  2. More precisely, you will have to find the Prongfruit in the Forge region in the north of the Myrkr Tunnels of the Svartalfheim.
    Here's the exact location of Prongfruit
    Here’s the exact location of Prongfruit (Picture Credit: eXputer)
  3. To reach north of the Myrkr Tunnels, take the wooden mine train to the top of the mountains.
  4. When you reach the top of the rocky mountains, you’ll see the wooden path, follow this path and tilt a little towards the northeast to check different routes.
  5. If you see an opening on the right, go into this opening and leave the wooden path and go forward.
  6. If you see green heart-shaped graffiti,  it’s a sign that you are on the right path.
    Heart Sign
    Heart Sign (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  7. After a few seconds of traveling, you’ll see the glowing Prongfruit right next to the Nornir chest.
  8. Go and get this ingredient.
    Prongfruit (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Completing Across the Favour

As mentioned, there are four ingredients in this sidequest. One of them is Prongfruit and the rest are Nordic Gourd found in Midgard, Elven Cap in Alfheim, and Bantam Melon in Vanaheim. All of these ingredients are spread out in and around 4 out of 9 realms of God of War Ragnarok. This quest will start once you get to Midgard.

  • Although these ingredients are a bit difficult to acquire, we strongly recommend using Mystic Gates efficiently during your journey, you can collect them easily.
  • When you have acquired all these ingredients, return to the Eternal Campfire.
  • After coming back to the Eternal Campfire, get a cooking pot to prepare the meal.
  • Once you have cooked all these ingredients, the meal will be prepared and the Across the Realms Favour will be completed.
  • With this, a reward of 1,000 Kratos XP, 350 Freya XP, and a warm meal of Comfort will be awarded.
  • The Meal of Comfort will enhance Kratos’ stats by 5.
Reward (Picture Credits: eXputer)


If you follow these steps, you will easily get to the God of War Ragnarok Prongfruit location. With that said, Across the Realms is one of the many quests in the game that requires a lot of traveling and searching. However, if you use the Mystic Gates effectively in your journey you can easily shorten your game time and travel in this quest. 

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