God Of War Ragnarok: All NG+ Changes [Explained]

Our God Of War Ragnarok NG+ guide will showcase new armor, weapons, QOL changes, expansions, appearances, and everything that the update has!

God Of War Ragnarok has dropped perhaps one of its biggest updates since release, from newer armor pieces, level cap increases, harder difficulties, new sparring arenas, QOL changes, bug fixes, and more. Players might want to know these changes since the God Of War Ragnarok NG+ game mode has been anticipated for months!

Important: To experience NG+ to the fullest, players need to access new armor, QOL changes, new enchantments, arena expansions, and new burdens in the recent update 4.00!

Key Takeaways

The GOW Ragnarok NG+ was introduced in update 4.00 and is accessible after completing the main story in the original mode.

Notable changes include:

  1. Four new armor sets: Black Bear, Spartan, Ares, and Zeus.
  2. Addition of a new shield.
  3. Armor upgrade levels now include values of 9, 9.9, and 10.
  4. Introduction of new burdens for added game challenge.
  5. Three new badge enhancements: Badge of Disruption, Badge of Absorption, and Badge of Restoration.
  6. Inclusion of 16 new engraving enchantments.
  7. Niflheim Arena upgrades with special enemies and Kratos-Atreus combat.
  8. New progression paths like Skill Mod Plus, Platinum tiers, and obtaining Yggdrasil Dew from Nornir chests.
  9. Ability to skip cutscenes.
  10. Enemies in Give Me No Mercy Difficulty mode can power up and gain Runic Armor.
  11. Addition of a Black and White Render mode.
  12. Adjusted Hacksilver amounts, chest contents, and resource transactions.
  13. Various smaller changes and bug fixes in combat and UI.

Skipping Cutscenes 

Skipping Cutscenes
Skipping Cutscenes (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first things that players will be able to notice whenever they enter into the God Of War Ragnarok NG+ mode is that anytime they experience the game from start to finish again, they will be met with a newer look to their cutscenes. 

  • As you enter a cutscene, you can see a “Skip Cinematic” option towards the bottom right corner, which was never there when the game was first released. 
  • This makes it incredibly easier on the players, especially for players who might not want to sit through the entire cutscenes again since the game starts from the beginning. Therefore, this is a huge QOL upgrade. 

Enemy Powerups 

Enemy Powerups
Enemy Powerups (Image Credits Exputer)

Another change that players might not or might have noticed is that in the two difficulties “Give Me No Mercy” and “Give Me God Of War,” undoubtedly one of the most menacing difficulties, a new change has been brought. 

  • Enemies you have attacked can now power up and essentially increase their power level in Give Me No Mercy, making them all the more menacing to take down.
Stronger Enemies
Stronger Enemies (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Besides, considering the greatest difficulties, every boss and mini-boss in the game now gets a Runic Armor in battle. This causes the opponents to become immune to being staggered from any Runic Attacks for a short while. 
Staggering Enemies
Staggering Enemies (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The mechanic gets triggered anytime players end up spamming their attacks repeatedly, which now prevents players from just staggering bosses in one place and winning easily.

Black Bear Armor 

Black Bear Complete Set
Black Bear Complete Set (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, another major NG+ change in GOWR that players will notice is that whenever they start the game again in the new game mode, they are equipped with an armor set, which happens to be the Black Bear Armor Set

  • Originally, Kratos can be seen wearing the cloak in the box art and in-game for a short duration before it is taken away from him, but this time, the cloak can be kept. 
  • The Cloak Of The Bear Armor enhances the player’s overall immunity duration anytime they are evading. Other than that, it also ends up causing any last-second evades to cast out a volley of the Bifrost shards. 
Cloak Of The Black BearStats
Defense 62
Cooldown 21
Power Level7
Wraps Of The Black Bear
Wraps Of The Black Bear (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Wraps of the Black Bear has Shadow Strike II, which allows for Kratos’ first melee attack that is carried out immediately after he evades an enemy attack to cause enhanced damage. 
Wraps Of The Black BearStats
Power Level 7
Belt Of The Black Bear
Belt Of The Black Bear (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As for the Belt Of The Black Bear can also have Shadowstrike II, which can repeat the same effects as the one listed above. 
Belt Of The Black Bear Stats
Defense 65
Power Level 7

Spartan Armor 

Spartan Armor
Spartan Armor (Image Credits Exputer)

A cooler option players can get is the Spartan Armor, which includes the Sorrow Of Sparta chest armor. 

  • The sorrow of Sparta grants players a look whereby Kratos is bare-chested, and it goes as far as to remove the bracers that Kratos would normally wear, highlighting a few of his scars acquired before. 
Scars Of Sparta
Scars Of Sparta (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The armor doesn’t grant any stat boosts or enhancements and is merely there for players looking for a challenge. 
  • Players can get the grip of Sparta, which is a weapon attachment. 
Sorrow Of Sparta
Sorrow Of Sparta (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Since the armor can’t be upgraded further, players can’t transmog it. 
  • Attachments like the Grip, Pommel, Hind, and Rond of Sparta can be obtained. 

Ares Armor Set

Ares Armor Set
Ares Armor Set (Image Credits Exputer)

The Ares Armor Set has also been added and can be purchased using Hacksilver whenever you go to the Blacksmith. 

Cuirass Of Ares
Cuirass Of Ares (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Cuirass of Ares grants the Rage Of Ares, through which players can get a lucky chance whenever they carry out one of their Rage hits, through which they might get a Healthstone drop. Healthstones will also now grant rage.
  • Players must craft it by spending 75,500 Hacksilver, which requires 24 Skap Slag
Cuirass Of AresStats
Level 8 Defense: 70
Luck: 20
Strength: 40
Cooldown: 20
Crafting 75,500 Hacksilver
24 Skap Slag
Upgrading 136,500 Hacksilver
24 Skap Slag
Level 8+Strength: 48
Luck: 25
Defense: 75
Cooldown: 35
Further Upgrading 220,000 Hacksilver
Skap Slag: 24
Level 9Defense: 80
Strength: 55
Luck: 30
Cooldown: 40
Gauntlets Of Ares
Gauntlets Of Ares (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Gauntlet Of Ares is another part of the God Of War Ragnarok NG+ Gamemode armor set. 
Gauntlet Of Area Stats
Level 8 Defense: 52
Strength: 30
Luck: 15
Cooldown: 22
Crafting56,600 Hacksilver
20 Skap Slag
Upgrading 102,500 Hacksilver
20 Skap Slag
Level 8+Defense: 56
Strength: 36
Luck: 19
Cooldown: 26
Upgrading Further 170000 Hacksilver
20 Skap Slag
Level 9Defense: 60
Strength: 41
Luck: 23
Cooldown 30
War Belt Of Ares
War Belt Of Ares (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Last but not least, the War Belt Of Ares has the following stats. 
War Belt Of AresStats
Level 8Strength: 30
Luck: 15
Defense: 52
Cooldown: 22
Crafting56,600 Hacksilver
20 Skap Slag
Upgrading 102,500 Hacksilver
20 Skap Slag
Level 8+ Strength: 36
Luck: 19
Defense: 56
Cooldown: 26
Upgrading Further 170,000 Hacksilver
20 Skap Slag
Level 9Strength: 41
Defense: 60
Cooldown: 30
Luck: 23

Zeus Armor 

Another armor set that players can get now in God Of War Ragnarok NG+ is the Zeus Armor

  • One of its best skills is Glass Ballista, through which players can increase their standard attack’s damage and the amount of damage that Kratos receives. 
  • Players can get the set by defeating Gna and completing a few Remnants of Asgard while on the NG+ save slot. 
Cuirass Of Ares
Cuirass Of Ares (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Cuirass of Zeus can be acquired after defeating the Sigrun in Midgard
Gauntlets Of Zeus
Gauntlets Of Zeus (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Gauntlets can be acquired after murdering the Gondul in Muspelheim. 
War Belt Of Zeus
War Belt Of Zeus (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Lastly, the War Belt of Zeus can be obtained after annihilating Hildr in Niflheim. 

New Shield 

Other than this, amongst the Update 4.00 Changes, another change is brought to the player’s attention once they reach Sindri’s House, and they can unlock the Blacksmith.

  • A new shield called the Spartan Aspis has been added.
  • It is a different form of the Guardian Shield (as said in the text) with a smaller parry window, but its counterattacks are much stronger. 
  • Players can purchase it by spending 7500 Hacksilver.

Armor Appearance 

Apart from this, 13 new armor appearances have been placed in the game, a few of which are as follows. 

  • Elivagar Armor Appearance is a visual appearance that symbolizes the eleven rivers of creation. It can be crafted by spending 20000 Hacksilver. 
Elivagar Armor
Elivagar Armor (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Folkvangr Armor Appearance symbolizes the serene meadows of the afterlife and can be crafted for 20000 Hacksilver. 
Andvari (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Andvari’s Majestic Armor Appearance has been modeled after Andvari’s signature attire. 
  • As for the Lustrous Armor Appearance, it has been inspired by the stars that are in the sky. 
Lustrous Armor
Lustrous Armor (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Loyalty Armor Appearance has been inspired by the Ghost of Sparta’s favorite color. 
Loyalty Armor
Loyalty Armor (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Jarnsmida’s Noble Armor appearance has been modeled after the Dwarven working-class uniforms. 
Twilight Stone
Twilight Stone (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Twilight Stone Armor Appearance was inspired by one of the reflective stones that are found in Alfheim. 
  • The Nott Armor Appearance is a visual armor that represents a cooler night. 
Nott Armor
Nott Armor (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The golden boar has inspired the Gullinbursti’s Armor Appearance
Drake Wrapped
Drake Wrapped (Image Credits Exputer)
  • With the Drake Wrapped Armor Appearance, it was inspired by the drakes that roamed the lands. 
  • The Wild Howl was inspired by the beasts that were in the Wildwoods. 
Dagr Armor
Dagr Armor (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Dagr Armor embodies a warmer day. 
  • The Dreki Braided was sought out after taking inspiration from the Dreki. 
Dreki Braided
Dreki Braided (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The final Berserker Armor can be acquired after murdering the Berserker King after fighting it on NG+ mode. 

Four New Upgrade Levels 

Players who have managed to get their armor to level 9 before switching over to the NG+ slot will be able to see a total of 4 new upgrade levels. 

Four Upgrade Levels
Four Upgrade Levels (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The 9., 9.. and 9… and 10 level upgrades have been added so players with their equipment at 9 can enhance them and max them out. 
  • Players can get the upgrades and see them for level 9 equipment when they make their way to Sindri’s Place
  • Players also gain Gilded Coins for items beyond level 9, gold coins needed for powerful enchantments. 

New Burdens 

Burdens (Image Credits Exputer)

Players can also find new burdens besides the upgrade levels, including in God Of War Ragnarok All NG+ Changes

Burdens Effects Hacksilver Cost
Burden Of Evasion Anytime a player dodge rolls, it causes players to take the Frost Status Effect 10000
Burden Of Rage Decrease the overall rate through which players gain Rage. 10000
Burden Of Weaponry Decreases the overall stagger and damage output of attacks that are launched by Triangle. 10000
Burden Of GuardKratos will intake damage as well as losing rage if he is block broken with the Yellow Ring attacks from opponents. 10000
Burden Of RestorationReduces the overall healing that is obtained from Healthstones, Gear and Rage. 10000
Burden Of MomentumThe overall Weapon damage is reduced unless the Maelstrom, Immolation or Permafrost skills have been charged fully. 10000
Burden Of Elements Decreases up the overall resistance of all Status Effects. 10000
Burden Of StunDecreases the Stun Damage10000
Burden Of RunicDecreases the Runic Attack damage. 10000


Now, there are a total of 3 Badge Enchantments listed as follows. 

Enchantments Perks Gilded Coin Costs
Badge Of DisruptionElemental Storm grants a low luck chance to create an elemental storm anytime interrupting blue ring attacks. 3
Badge Of RestorationRestoring Shield allows for gaining Defense upon intaking damage and his next shield strike may restore HP. 3
Badge Of AbsorptionDefender's Momentum allows for the Permafrost, Maelstrong and Immolation skill gauges to get enhanced anytime you parry or block attacks. 3

Apart from this, below listed is the set of engraving enchantments that players can get

Enchantments Minimum Stats Required Perks Gilded Coin Costs
Vidar's Engraving 350 Strength Relentless Might allows for combo finishers to have a high luck chance to enhance Kratos' strength and his stagger resistance. 5
Mani's Engraving 370 Runic Elemental Antagoniser enhances the damage that is caused by the Extinguish Flames as well as the Vaporise Frost Skills 5
Enlightenment Engraving -Armament Focus allows Frost Awaken and Flame Whiplash hits to get a moderate luck chance to grant a blessing of Runic. 5
Fortified Husk Engraving 510 Defense Defender's Riposte allows all blocks and parries to gain a moderate Luck chance to empower the next attack launched by Kratos to launch an explosion. 5
Nidavellir's Finest Engraving 110 Vitality Stunning Restoration allows for Stun Grabbing any opponent to grant a Health Burst. 5
Guiding Light Engraving 290 Luck Weapon Blessing allows to get a moderate luck chance on any attack to enhance the Strength, Luck and Runic of any one of Kratos' weapons. 5
Radiance Engraving 240 Runic Evasive Focus grants a moderate luck chance to grant a blessing of Runic on a last second evade being caused. 5
Fallen Stars Engraving 110 Cooldown Arcanist's Defense decreases the damage taken when casing out a runic attack. 5
Fate Breaker Engraving 210 Vitality Raging Aftermath allows for a short buff to be obtained to Strength, Stagger Resistance, Runic or Defense after returning from Rage. 5
Surtr's Engraving 480 Strength Pre-emptive Strike causes Kratos' attacks that are launched towards opponents to cast out extra damage. 7
Berserker Engraving 170 cooldownSoulless Rebuke allows for cause of a Soul Explosion upon intaking damage or parrying. 5
Hunter's Engraving -Empowered Range allows for a buff to be granted upon holding down L2. 5
Dragon Engraving 600 Strength Dragon's Fury allows for blocks and parries to buff up strength and Defense. 12
Spiritual Engraving 310 CooldownArcane Strength allows the Runic or Relic attacks to obtain a buff which increases Kratos; Melee and ranged damage output. 12
Steinbjorn Engraving 650 Defense Bloodthirsty Retaliation allows for Kratos' attacks to regain a bit of health after a lot of damage is taken. 5
Lunda's Engraving 400 LuckVanir Poison allows for Bare-handed attacks, blocking or parrying to deal extra damage upon having high luck chance. 12

Niflheim Arena Upgrade 

Arena Expansion
Arena Expansion (Image Credits Exputer)

Apart from the previous upgrades, players will also see an expansion to the Niflheim Arena

  • Players can now choose between playing as Atreus or Kratos, allowing players to test out Atreus even further. 
  • The arena allows players to use newer companions such as Atreus (with Kratos), Brok,  Freya, Ingrid, Sindri, Angrboda, Thrúd, and Thor. 
  • Players can also choose between Special enemies too. 

Upgraded Progression Paths 

Progression Paths
Progression Paths (Image Credits Exputer)

Alongside this, progression paths have been added: 

  • New Skill Mod Plus allows for using XP to upgrade your skill mod tokens already present. 
  • Besides, bonus stat gains allow any Nornir chests in the open world to grant Yggdrasil Dew
  • Platinum tier has been added, allowing players to carry over their overall progress from their Kill Labors and their Ratatasks and get a platinum tier.

Smaller Changes 

Smaller Changes
Smaller Changes (Image Credits Exputer)

A few other smaller changes that have been made are as follows: 

  • Kratos and the opponents in the game have gained an enhanced level cap. 
  • Both the Berserker Souls and the Valkyrie Queen Gna have gained adjustments. 
  • Hateful and Ormstunga enemies have gotten changes, too. 
  • Black and White Render Mode has been added, which can be accessed once players finish the game. 
  • Players can buy as well as sell resources now. 
  • UI changes are made where the current difficulty is showcased on your HUD. 
  • Characters like Mimir, Raeb, Lunda, and Hildisvini gain newer expressions. 
  • Combat and UI bug fixes have been fixed.
  • Different chests now also grant increased Hacksilver amounts. 

How To Unlock NG+?

How To Access NG+
How To Access NG+ (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, to gain access to the NG+ mode, players need to first go through the entire storyline of God of War Ragnarok from start to finish. 

  • Whenever players log in to the game, on their main title screen, they should be able to look at their different main menu options. 
NG+ Choosing
NG+ Choosing (Image Credits Exputer) 
  • If the game has been completed before, players will get the prompt to start a new game with their equipment, Hacksilver, and any items originally purchased from their previous save data. 

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