God Of War Ragnarok Sanctuary Grove [Definitive Guide]

Learn how players are able to unlock and make their way over to Sanctuary Grove and what pre-requisites are required.

God of War Ragnarok and its nine realms offer an enticing storyline with multiple chapters to get through, after which players can access a few locations on the map that were otherwise not available. Players might need help figuring out God of War Ragnarok How To Get To Sanctuary Grove since it does have quite a few prerequisites! 

Key Highlights

  • The Sanctuary Grove is an end-game place that players are able to unlock and access towards the end of the game. 
  • Players need to complete all main missions before they can even think of unlocking the mystic gateway leading to the grove. 
  • An interaction with Ratatoskr will take place that will have players hitting a charm to progress further. 
  • realm seed will be required in order to unlock the mystic gateway in the Sanctuary Grove. 
  • Sanctuary Grove is present in the Midgard area, which is one of the nine-realms that the God of War Ragnarok has to offer!

Unlocking Sanctuary Grove 

Sanctuary Grove is located within the realm of Midgard, one of the nine realms accessible during the main storyline. To find it, go to Sindri’s house and locate the mystic gateway. From there, you can hover over the nine realms and select Midgard as your destination.

Once you exit the animation, the mystic gateway will deactivate, allowing you to freely explore Sanctuary Grove and its mysteries.

Talking To Bitter Squirrel  

Talking To Bitter Squirrel
Talking To Bitter Squirrel (Image Credits Exputer)

To reach Sanctuary Grove, follow these steps:

  1. After the mystic gateway deactivates, turn your camera around to face Sindri’s house, which should be a few feet in front of you.
  2. Head toward Sindri’s house, and after moving a short distance forward, pan your camera to the left.
  3. You’ll notice a side pathway with a wooden path on the ground and purple and blue patches of grass around the trees and the pathway. Follow this pathway.
  4. Continue down the path until you reach a giant tree.
  5. As you traverse this path, you’ll hear a bitter squirrel speaking to you. It will mention a bet and challenge you to hit a chime with your axe.

With these directions, you’ll find your way to Sanctuary Grove and encounter the bitter squirrel.

Chime On The Tree 

Chime On Tree
Chime On Tree (Image Credits Exputer)

To interact with the tree and charm in Sanctuary Grove:

  1. Approach the tree with several items on it.
  2. Use your axe in aim mode.
  3. Aim at the charm with a blue quest marker.
  4. Adjust your aim until it aligns with the charm’s diamond-shaped area.
  5. Throw your axe at the charm, creating a ringing sound.
  6. After hitting the charm, your axe will fall to the ground.
  7. A squirrel will appear from the tree.

This sequence allows you to complete the squirrel’s challenge in Sanctuary Grove.

Interacting With Ratatoskr 

Interacting With Ratatoskr
Interacting With Ratatoskr (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Approach Ratatoskr in Sanctuary Grove.
  2. Kratos and Ratatoskr exchange greetings.
  3. Ratatoskr mentions that the explosion in Asgard scattered realm seeds and offers them to Kratos as a thank-you for saving him.
  4. Kratos accepts the realm seeds.
  5. This interaction is essential for players interested in God of War Ragnarok and reaching Sanctuary Grove.

Pouch Of Yggdrasil Seeds

Pouch Of Seeds
Pouch Of Seeds (Image Credits Exputer)

Here are the steps to acquire the Pouch of Yggdrasil Seeds:

  1. After the conversation with Ratatoskr, pan your camera to the left and approach the blue mist near the mat’s edge.
  2. Get close to the black item on the mat.
  3. If there’s an active quest, you can interact with Ratatoskr first by pressing ‘O’ on your controller.
  4. Turn back and move towards the center of the mat.
  5. Interact with the black-blue pouch on the mat, and Kratos will pick it up.
  6. The pouch, known as the Pouch of Yggdrasil Seeds, will contain realm seeds, identified as a “key item.”
  7. These realm seeds are used to unlock mystic gateways across the nine realms, facilitating exploration and discovery of new areas.

This acquisition of the Pouch of Yggdrasil Seeds is significant for your journey in the game.

Heading Back To The Mystic Gateway 

Heading Back To Gateway
Heading Back To Gateway (Image Credits Exputer)

To access Sanctuary Grove using the mystic gateway:

  1. Obtain the Realm Seed.
  2. Turn your camera to the right, and head back to where the mystic gateway was located initially.
  3. Ignore Sindri’s house in the distance and follow the wooden pathway on the ground that was previously mentioned.
  4. Sprint down the pathway until you reach the mystic gateway.
  5. Interact with the gateway by pressing the O button on your controller.
  6. Kratos will assemble the scattered stones, forming the mystic gateway.
  7. You’ll see the nine realms you’ve visited during the main storyline, including Midgard.
  8. Hover over the Midgard area and press X to open the map and explore further.
  9. In the Midgard map, look for the Sanctuary Grove location marked by a red circle.
  10. Within the circle, you’ll see a green turtle symbol and an undiscovered mystic gateway icon toward the left edge.
  11. Hold down X to discover the gateway, turning it blue.
  12. Confirm your selection, and the mystic gateway will establish a pathway to Sanctuary Grove, allowing you to access the area.

Sanctuary Grove Area

Sanctuary Grove Area
Sanctuary Grove Area (Image Credits Exputer)

To reach Sanctuary Grove:

  1. Enter the mystic gateway after assembling it.
  2. Proceed a few steps inside the gateway to reveal a white misty door.
  3. Pass through the misty door, and you’ll arrive in Sanctuary Grove, surrounded by snow.
  4. Follow the main stone pathway, which is not covered in snow but may be slippery.
  5. As you walk, Freya will ask if you’re returning to Chaurli, and Kratos will respond with a simple “yes.”
  6. Continue along the pathway, which will have a few tilting stones. Freya will express concern about Chaurli, and Kratos will reassure her with a “No.”
  7. Look to the left, and you’ll see a giant tree trunk blocking the snowy path. Freya will hop over it, and you can follow suit by having Kratos jump over the trunk.
  8. Keep following Freya along the snowy path, which features orange patches of grass and a tall, giant turtle sculpture if you look up.
  9. Eventually, you may hear Freya softly say, “Chaurli…” She’ll stand in front of the giant turtle sculpture and apologize to it for neglecting it.

This will guide you through the journey to Sanctuary Grove in God of War Ragnarok.


Sanctuary Grove On Map
Sanctuary Grove On Map (Image Credits Exputer)

In Sanctuary Grove, you can collect a flower called Mirkweed. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Enter Sanctuary Grove through the mystic gateway and follow the snowy pathway downhill with Freya.
  2. Jump over the first dislodged branch blocking your path.
  3. Continue down the snowy pathway until you reach a point where Freya stands in front of a giant turtle sculpture and interacts with it.
  4. Beyond this point, you’ll see a shining item buried in the snow at the end of the path.
  5. Approach the item and press the triangle button on your controller to interact with it.
  6. Freya will pick up the item, which is the Mirkweed flower.
  7. This flower is part of the favor “Nine Realms in Bloom,” which involves finding flowers in all the realms.

Collecting the Mirkweed flower in Sanctuary Grove is one step closer to completing the Nine Realms in Bloom favor.


Last but not least, let’s briefly skim through the prerequisite objectives that players need to do in previous chapters in order to get to Sanctuary Grove. 

Chapter One 

In chapter one, the following objectives will be found. 

Obj. NoObjectives 
1Head Home 
2Track Atreus 
3Defeat Bjorn
4Return home with Atreus 
5Defeat Thor 
6Return home with Atreus 
7Follow Atreus into forest
8Defeat THe Huntress 
9Follow Atreus Into the forest again
10Return home
11Follow Sindri

Chapter Two 

In chapter two, these objectives can be found. 

Obj. NoObjective 
1Journey to Nidavellir 
2Explore the area
3Boat to Durlin’s office 
4Exit Durlin’s office to the port 
5Reach the mind beyond the mountain
6Reach the front of the train that is broken 
7Defeat Dreki 
8Reach the front of the train that is broken 
9Fix the broken train 
10Ride the train towards the mines 
11Search the mines in search for Tyr 
12Pursue Tyr
13Exit the mines with Tyr 
14Escape through the mystic gateway 

Chapter Three 

As for chapter three, these objectives will be required to be beaten. 

Obj. NoObjective 
1Enter the mystic gateway 
2Speak to Jormungandr 
3Head back towards the mystic gateway 
4Speak to Freya

Chapter Four 

Now when it comes to chapter four, these objectives can be found. 

Obj. No Objective 
1Reach Groa’s shrine which is at the top of the temple 
2Descend the Light Well 
3Defeat Alva 
4Descend the light well 
5Make your way to the mystic gateway 

Chapter Five 

Moving onto chapter five, it will lead players further into knowing God of War Ragnarok How To Get To Sanctuary Grove with these objectives. 

Obj. No Objectives 
1Explore the Ironwood area with Angrboda 
2Meet Angrboda at the shrine area 
3Help Angrboda with the “giant stuff”
4Follow Angrboda throughout the canyon area
5Head back to Jalla 
6Investigate the hidden pathway 
7Clear the Wretches from the sinkhole 
8Climb back up towards the surface
9Head home through the marshes 
10Free the wolf from Gryla’s grip 
11Free the wolf 
12Defeat Gryla 
13Go back to Angrboda’s home 
14Explore the treehouse. 

Chapter Six 

As for chapter 6, the following are the objectives that need to be done. 

Obj. No Objectives 
1Meet Brok at the gateway 
2Locate the source for the curse put on Freya 
3Speak to Freyr 
4Continue to seek the curse source 
5Defeat the forest ancient 
6Continue to find more info on the curse
7Cross the valley in order to reach the watchtower 
8Find a way to cross the bridge that is broken 
9Press onward for the curse
10Defeat Fiske 
11Press onwards 
12Defeat the Nidhogg 
13Return to Freyr’s camp 
14Retrieve Mimir 
15Depart Freyr’s camp. 

Chapter Seven 

To clear chapter 7, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Find shelter 
2Investigate Freya’s abandoned house 
3Light a fire to help Chaurli 
4Follow the raven that belongs to Odin 
5Climb the wall 
6Follow Heimdall and go in order to meet Odin 

Chapter Eight 

To complete chapter 8, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives  
1Search for the Mask Fragment 
2Investigate the shrine of Surtr 
3Resume the search for the mask fragment 
4Go back to the quarters that belong to Atreus 

Chapter Nine 

As for chapter 9, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Travel to midgard 
2Find that wolves that are at the kennel 
3Open the gate 
4Follow the wolves toward the Norns 
5Continue tracking the Norns 
6Return to the wolves 
7Find the Norns that are the well of Urd 
8Defeat the Frost Phantom 
9Find the Norns again 
10Leave the Norns 

Chapter Ten 

To complete chapter 10, the following are the objectives that need to be done.


Obj. No Objectives 
1Find a path toward the surface 
2Head to the forge with the help of Brok 
3Destroy the nightmare haunt 
4Ride the lift up 
5Repair the switch 
6Forge the weapon 
7Find a path downwards from the mountain.

Chapter Eleven 

To clear chapter 11, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Find the last mask fragment 
2Find a way back to Asgard 
3Find Odin and explain everything 
4Return back to Atreus’ quarters. 

Chapter Twelve 

To clear chapter 12, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Approach Ratatoskr 
2Find Garm in Helheim area 
3Pursue Garm further 
4Defeat Garm 
5Leave Helheim 
7Keep going after Garm 
8Return back tot the mystic gateway 

Chapter Thirteen 

Moving on, for chapter 13, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Find Skoll and hati 
2Recover the moon that is stolen 
3Go after the Einherjar Thief 
4Return back to Skoll and Hati 
5Return back to Freyr’s camp 
6Beat the two Dreki 
7Go back to the camp 
8Rescue Freyr from the Einherjar 
9Beat Gulltoppr 
10Beat Heimdall 
11Regroup with Freyr’s allies 
12Escape back from the prison 

Chapter Fourteen 

As for chapter 14, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Seek out Huginn in Midgard 
2Speak to the All-father 
3Find Thor 
4Go back to find the last mask fragment 
5Defeat the Frost Ancient 
6Finally, find the mask fragment 

Chapter Fifteen 

Now onto the next one, for chapter 15, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Hunt with Atreus 
2Find Sindri 
3Return home and prepare for the war 

Chapter Sixteen 

Moving on, to chapter 16, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Reach the Surtr’s Forge 
2Defeat the flame phantom 
3Go towards the surtr’s forge 
4Approach the ashen man 
5Get rid of the Soul Eaters 
6Approach the ashen man again 
7Follow Surtr 
8Defeat the Hrist and Mist 
9Approach the spark of the world 

Chapter Seventeen 

Lastly, as for chapter 17, the following are the objectives that need to be done.

Obj. No Objectives 
1Get a bit of rest 
2Sound Gjallarhorn 
3Fight to reach the war machines 
4Protect the refugees 
5Find Odin 
6Defeat Thor 
7Get rid of Odin 
8Find Father 
9Follow Angrboda 


And there we have it, these are all the steps that players need to do in order to get to Sanctuary Grove, and with that, we will wrap up our  God of War Ragnarok How To Get To Sanctuary Grove guide! For players completely new to the game, our God of War Ragnarok Walkthrough Wiki might be of excellent help since it includes links to all guides that players need to progress!

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