GOW Ragnarok: 9 Best Freya Skills [Hands-On Guide]

Take a look at what I consider to be the best skills of Freya in God of War Ragnarok from her three skill trees, Valkyrie, Archery, and Vanir Magic.

The goddess of love, beauty, war, fertility, magic, and childbirth, Freya has some of the best skills in God of War Ragnarok. The former wife of Odin and the mother of Baldur possesses 3 skill sets which are Valkyrie, Magic, and Archery.

Freya will join you in battle throughout the story of Ragnarok, and her kit is very similar to Atreus. In my guide below, I have listed the best skills of Freya that you should choose to make your fights with enemies more convenient in God of War Ragnarok.

From a total of 23 options, here are all the Freya Skills that you should get in God of War Ragnarok:

SkillType Cost Effect Best For
Entangled GripVanir Magic Level 2: 750 XP
Level 3: 5000 XP
Freya's vine apply Poison to rooted enemies.The Best Skill To Immobilize Foes
Arrow EmpowermentArcheryLevel 1: 500 XP
Level 2: 1500 XP
Level 3: 5000 XP
Runic Arrow deal significantly increased status damage.The Best Skill For Runic Arrows Buff
Sonic Potency And Hex PotencyArchery500 XPSonic and Hex explosions caused by Freya have an increased area of effect.The Best Skill For Increased AoE
Arrow SurplusArchery5000 XPFreya gains an additional Runic Arrow.The Best Skill For Runic Arrow Spam
Valkyrie SpiritValkyrie 500 XPFreya enters her Valkyrie Form to slash through enemies.The Best Skill For Melee Dmg
Valkyrie HeartValkyrie 2000 XPFreya enters her Valkyrie Form o rise into the air before slamming into the ground to Launch enemies.The Best Skill For Frontal Assault
Goddess AggressionValkyrie 1000 XPFreya becomes much more aggressive on the battlefield, Parrying and charging into enemies more often.The Best Skill For Parrying
Valkyrie BladeValkyrie 5000 XPFreya dashes toward the enemy and strikes them for high damage.The Best Skill For Team Attack
Seeds Of RuinVanir Magic 4000 XPFreya can summon vines to hurl a rock at her target for massive damage.The Best Vanir Skill For HP Drain

1. Entangled Grip 

The Best Skill To Immobilize Foes.
Category Vanir Magic
Cost Entangled Grip I: No Cost

Entangled Grip II: 750 Experience Points

Entangled Grip III: 5000 Experience Points

Skill Description Freya can grow vines from the ground to immobilize enemies.
  • Why I Chose This: Entangled Grip has 3 upgrades and can immobilize opponents by entangling them in vines, also applies poison effect to captured enemies.

The Entangled Grip skill is undoubtedly one of Freya’s best skills that affects enemies’ mobility. Using the Entangled Grip I skill, Freya can spawn vines directly from the ground.

These will hold enemies in place and immobilize them for some time. On the other hand, the Entangled Grip II will summon vines to root and hold down enemies as well, but the duration will increase, and so will the XP cost.

Best Freya Entangled Grip Skills in God of War Ragnarok
Entangled Grip [Image Captured By eXputer]
I consider the Entangled Grip III skill to be a standout choice among Freya’s abilities. It not only immobilizes enemies with vines for an extended duration but also inflicts the Poison status effect.

While it has a high XP cost, it’s a valuable skill to have, allowing you to attack enemies safely. This makes it one of the best companion skills for Freya. You can capitalize on this skill by following up with Kratos’s powerful attacks to defeat enemies, particularly in challenging boss battles where every trick up your sleeve counts.

Skill Cost 

The skill cost will increase with each level of Entangled Grip. The Entangled Grip II will cost you 750 XP, while the Entangled Grip III will cost you 5000 XP.

On the other hand, you can use Entangled Grip I from the very start. However, I do recommend getting the Entangled Grip III as not only will it immobilize your enemies but will also poison them, dealing additional damage to them while Kratos attacks them. 

  • No XP cost at upgarde 1, can be used right at the start.
  • Also applies Poison to immobilized enemy at upgarde 3.
  • Slightly high XP cost of Entangled Grip III.
  • The entanglement duration is low without upgrades.

2. Arrow Empowerment 

The Best Skill For Runic Arrows Buff.
Category Archery
Cost Arrow Empowerment I: 500

Arrow Empowerment II: 1500 Experience Points

Arrow Empowerment III: 5000 Experience Points

Skill Description Runic Arrows do buffed status damage.
  • Why I Chose This: Arrow Empowerment highly increases the status dmg dealt by Freya’s Runic Arrows, making it pretty helpful in dealing with stronger foes.

The Arrow Empowerment skill comes in three variations and is part of the Archery Skill Tree of Freya in God of War Ragnarok. The Arrow Empowerment skill requires XP to be equipped, and with each upgrade, the damage it does will increase.

Best Freya Arrow Empowerment Skills in God of War Ragnarok
Arrow Empowerment [Image Captured By eXputer]
Arrow Empowerment enhances Freya’s ranged attacks with her Runic Arrows. This skill is all about increasing the status damage these arrows inflict.

  • Arrow Empowerment I: Boosts the status damage of Runic Arrows.
  • Arrow Empowerment II: Further increases Runic Arrows’ status damage but at a higher XP cost.
  • Arrow Empowerment III: The most potent version of the skill, maximizing the status damage from Freya’s Runic Arrows. However, it comes at a higher XP cost.

These skills allow Freya to weaken her enemies with powerful ranged attacks strategically. The choice between them depends on how much XP you’re willing to invest.

Skill Cost 

The skill cost of Arrow Empowerment I is 500 XP. On the other hand, the skill cost of Arrow Empowerment II is 1500 XP. The highest skill cost is definitely of the Arrow Empowerment III, which will require you to spend 5000 XP, but it is definitely worth it due to the high-status damage it provides.

While you can use the Arrow Empowerment II in battles to give you enough status damage to get through major boss battles, I recommend going for the Arrow Empowerment III skill to have the highest status damage of your runic arrow to make Freya the best companion in God of War Ragnarok. 

  • Can greatly increase the status dmg of Runic arrows.
  • Supports Kratos during difficult fights with high dmg arrows.
  • Needs relatively high XP investment for proper dmg.
  • Runic Arrows can not be used frequently.

3. Sonic Potency And Hex Potency

The Best Skill For Increased AoE.
Category Archery
Cost 500 Experience Points
Skill Description Freya’s Sonic and Hex explosions get a buff to their area of effect.
  • Why I Chose This: Both these skill enhances the AoE of different types of arrows. This makes sure that the arrow hit the target.

Next, I have the Sonic Potency and the Hex Potency skill of Freya, which is one of her Archery Skills. This skill will affect the arrows and their AoE. These skills will affect different arrow types depending on the one you use for Freya.

Best Freya Hex Potency Skills in God of War Ragnarok
Hex Potency [Image Captured By eXputer]
Sonic Potency and Hex Potency skills enhance Freya’s normal arrows.

  • Sonic Potency increases the area of effect for Freya’s Sonic Arrows.
  • Hex Potency does the same, but for Seal Type Arrows.

These skills empower her long-range attacks, making them more potent without requiring significant XP investment.

  • Skill Cost: The Hex Potency and Sonic Potency skills will cost you 500 XP. 
  • Increases the AoE of different types of arrows.
  • Provides good buff with low XP cost.
  • Though AoE is increased, arrows are still highly single target.
  • Needs to unlock both the skills for maximum output.

4. Arrow Surplus 

The Best Skill For Runic Arrow Spam.
Category Archery
Cost 5000 Experience Points
Skill Description Freya is able to use an additional Runic Arrow.
  • Why I Chose This: Arrow Surplus is a must have skill as it grants you one extra Runic Arrow to effectively deal  with strong enemies.

Next, I have the Arrow Surplus skill, which is also one of the archery skills of Freya. The skill is capable of increasing the Runic Arrow supply of Freya. By using the arrow surplus skill, Freya’s runic arrow will increase by one.

Arrow Surplus
Arrow Surplus [Image Captured By eXputer]
The change might not seem like much, but even a single runic arrow can make a huge difference in complex battles. Furthermore, Freya’s runic arrows are extremely powerful, so if you can buff them up in any way, I recommend you do so.

By using the arrow surplus skill, you can fire Freya’s runic arrows longer in battle without waiting for your quiver to charge again so that you can shoot more runic arrows. The skill will save you a lot of time and help you take down your enemies faster. 

  • Skill Cost: The Arrows Surplus skill will cost you 5000 XP for you to equip it and use it as a skill for Freya.
  • Runic Arrows can deal substantially high dmg and apply status effect.
  • Additionally grants you one more Arrow to deal more dmg.
  • Exceptionally high XP cost of 5000.

5. Valkyrie Spirit 

The Best Skill For Melee Dmg.
Category Valkyrie
Cost 500 Experience Points
Skill Description Freya can transform into a Valkyrie.
  • Why I Chose This: Valkyrie spirit can close distance between enemies and deals high dmg to them in the process.

Valkyrie Spirit is one of the best skills in Freya’s Valkyrie Skill Tree, allowing you to deal melee damage to enemies. There is no doubt that Freya’s ranged attacks can do a lot of damage if executed the right way and with the right equipment, but it is her Valkyrie Form that is truly powerful and is capable of dealing a devastating amount of damage to enemies.

God of War Ragnarok Valkyrie Spirit Best Freya Skills
Valkyrie Spirit [Image Captured By eXputer]
When the Valkyrie spirit skill is activated, Freya will enter her Valkyrie Form while attacking enemies using her powerful sword. The Valkyrie Spirit Skill Is one of the most powerful skills that won’t cost you much XP to equip and can deal massive damage to enemies. 

  • Skill Cost: The Valkyrie spirit Skill costs you only 500 XPto equip, and it is definitely one of the best companion skills in God of War Ragnarok. 
  • Can deal high melee dmg in a straight line.
  • Low XP cost and high damage.
  • The Skill only deals a single hit and ends afterwards.
  • Can be difficult to hit multiple enemies.

6. Valkyrie Heart 

The Best Skill For Frontal Assault.
Category Valkyrie
Cost 2000 Experience Points
Skill Description Freya transforms into a Valkyrie, taking flight before descending with a slam to launch her enemies.
  • Why I Chose This: Valkyrie Heart deals high dmg to enemies in front of Freya and can be used on multiple enemies.

Next, I have the Valkyrie Heart skill, which is also one of Freya’s Valkyrie Skill Trees. The valkyrie heart skill is one of the most powerful skills to equip Freya, and her melee attacks get 10 times more damaging by using the Valkyrie Heart skill.

Best Freya Valkyrie Heart Skills in God of War Ragnarok
Valkyrie Heart [Image Captured By eXputer]
When the skill is equipped, Freya enters her Valkyrie Form, rises into the air, and launches straight into enemies on the ground, which can deal quite a lot of damage to your enemies.

Skill Cost: Fortunately for players, they won’t have to spend any extra XP to get the Valkyrie Heart Skill. 

  • Deals massive melee dmg to enemies.
  • Can launch enemies to a slight height.
  • Only works on enemies in front of Freya.
  • Requires unlocking previous skills on the tree.

7. Goddess Aggression 

The Best Skill For Parrying.
Category Valkyrie
Cost 1000 Experience Points
Skill Description Freya becomes more aggressive, increasing her frequency of parries and charges against enemies.
  • Why I Chose This: Goddess Aggression greatly increases Freya’s aggression and she leaps into enemies for more dmg and can parry in this state.

Another powerful skill of Freya, Goddess Aggression, can be a game changer for players using Freya as their companion. If you are a fan of parrying your enemies, there is no better skill than the Goddess Aggression skill.

God of War Ragnarok Best Freya Skills
Goddess Aggression [Image Captured By eXputer]
While the skill has the highest XP cost out of all Valkyrie Skills of Freya, and if you can spend XP on companion skills, Goddess Aggression should be your priority. When the goddess’s aggression skill is active, Freya becomes more aggressive in her attacks.

The skill will unleash the most aggressive form of Freya on the battlefield, and you will see her parrying her enemies more frequently, increasing the survivability rate. Since you can deactivate your companion’s skills at any time, you can use a good strategy with her skills and use her in tough boss battles where parrying can help you win easily while avoiding attacks. 

  • Skill Cost: The goddess aggression skill will cost you 1000 XP, but it is definitely a must-have skill for Freya. 
  • After activating, Freya’s attacks become more aggressive.
  • Freya can parry effectively, helping in difficult battles.
  • XP cost is the highest of Valkyrie skill tree.
  • Freya doesn’t parry attacks often if the state is not active.

8. Valkyrie Blade 

The Best Skill For Team Attack.
Category Valkyrie
Cost 5000 Experience Points
Skill Description Freya dashes at her enemy, dealing a powerful strike for big damage.
  • Why I Chose This: Valkyrie Blade provides great support to Kratos in battles with a high damaging Team Attack.

Next, I have the Valkyrie Blade skill, which is one of the skills in Freya’s Valkyrie Skill Tree and will allow Freya to deal melee damage to enemies. Using the Valkyrie Blade skill, she can directly attack an enemy with her sword.

Valkyrie Blade
Valkyrie Blade [Image Captured By eXputer]
When you activate the skill, Kratos will attack an enemy and will send the enemy flying back. When this happens, there will be a Square Button that will appear directly above Freya’s head.

If you press the Square button, Freya will dash quickly towards that enemy and strike them, dealing even more damage to make them vulnerable for Kratos to attack further. The Valkyrie Blade Skill is definitely one of the best companion skills that will allow Freya to help Kratos in the battle by striking the enemy with her melee attacks. 

  • Skill Cost: The Valkyrie Blade has no skill cost. Therefore, you can use the skills without spending any XP. 
  • Freya deals high dmg to enemies with her sword.
  • Can effectively help Kratos during combat.
  • Needs proper concentration to use the skill.
  • Unlocking other skills on tree is important to get it.

9. Seeds Of Ruin 

The Best Vanir Skill For HP Drain.
Category Vanir Magic
Cost 4000 Experience Points
Skill Description Freya can summon vines that launch rocks at her enemies.
  • Why I Chose This: Seeds Of Ruin deals substantial dmg to a single enemy and can be used on multiple with proper aiming and also chips away enemies’ HP.

Last but not least, the Seeds Of Ruin, one of Freya’s many magic skills, is also a viable option for you to use in battles. When the Seeds Of Ruin skill is activated, Freya will summon strong vines from the ground.

Seeds of Ruin
Seeds of Ruin [Image Captured By eXputer]
These vines can pull a giant rock above the ground and throw it directly at the targeted enemy. This will greatly damage the target enemy and often eat up at least half of their health. While the skill cost of the Seeds Of Ruin is very high, if you are willing to spend your XP on a Vanir Magic Skill of Freya, Seeds Of Ruin is the best option.

Not only will Seeds of Ruin make your enemy more vulnerable for Kratos to finish them off, but if you are running low on health and want to avoid incoming attacks, the companion’s skill will help you finish the enemy off.

  • Skill Cost: The Seeds of Ruin have a very high skill cost of 4000 XP in order to get the skill for Freya. 
  • Throws high damaging rocks at enemies.
  • Depletes the HP of enemies, making them vulnerable.
  • High XP cost of 4000 XP.
  • The skill is highly single-targeted.

Similar Skills

Here are some additional Freya skills that were not included in my list that you can try.

  • Vines of Exile: This one can work brilliantly against weaker enemies, but it isn’t that effective against stronger enemies or bosses.
  • Sonic Resonance: One of the best skills that allows you to utilize Sonic arrows to their maximum potential.
  • Tendril Slam: Freya summons vines in this skill to grab and slam a launched enemy, dealing a high stun.

My Experience Using Freya Skills

Arrow Surplus and Arrow Empowerment skills deserve the most importance because purchasing these skills will increase the number of arrows and their damage. This really helped me to extend my combos with Freya further. As such, I believe Sonic And Hex Potency Skills can not only make combat easier but also useful for puzzle-solving.

God of Wae
My Hours in God of War Ragnarok (PSN ID: ELiTExNoGuns)

Her Valkyrie skills are also really helpful, especially in gank berserker boss fights. I ended up acquiring Valkyrie Heart, Spirit, and Blade. These, paired with the Goddess Aggression skill, will almost make Freya feel like you’ve summoned an additional player to help you in combat.

With this, I conclude my guide on the best skills of Freya in God of War Ragnarok. While choosing her skills, ensure you also incorporate her stun abilities into the battle.

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