God of War Ragnarok: How To Get Guiding Light Armor Set

Learn what the Guiding Light armor set is capable of, and how you can easily get it!

Story Highlights
  • The Guiding Light Armor set is focused more on luck and defense and is catered to protect players at all costs!
  • The best way to get your hands on the set is by completing the Guiding Light favor!
  • The main benefit of having it will be that you will have one of the best armor sets in your arsenal during combat!
  • The quest to get the set is an optional one and can be skipped if needed.

God of War Ragnarok, paired with its main missions as well as side quests known as favors, offer players valuable rewards, including complete armor sets after searching for a bit, and the same can be said for the guiding light set. In our God of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Armor guide, we will uncover the details about the armor set as well as how to get it! 

Note: Spoilers ahead about main missions including The Word of Fate

Starting The Quest 

God of War Ragnarok Starting The Quest
Starting The Quest (Image Credits Exputer)

Before even deciding to get their hands on the main armor set, players need to keep in mind that they will need to complete the ninth main mission known as The Word of Fate before they can proceed with the side questlines. 

Essentially, after doing the quest, players will be able to unlock the area that is known as the Lake of Nine, which will be present in Midgard. In the lake of nine, there are essentially quite a few ruins of Tyr’s statue that were destroyed beforehand. 

These ruins are scattered all over the lake of nine as well as the shore of nine, and the armor pieces will be present at each of the ruins, therefore, a treacherous journey ahead, so let’s learn how to get God of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Armor!


God of War Ragnarok Waistguard
Waistguard (Image Credits Exputer)

While you can feel free to start from any ruin of your choice, let’s start our way by being at the shores of Nine. once you’re present at the shore of nine, you will have Freya accompanying you in the back, as well as Mimir’s company too. 

Right in front of you, you might be able to see the first area that you need to access. Start making your way across the snow, until you can duck down and crawl into a smaller entrance alongside Freya. 

While entering the entrance, start inching your way forward through the broken pieces, then you will need to steer a bit to the left to make your way out. Once you’re out, you will be present in a giant open area, however, that is not our concern right now. 

God of War Ragnarok Tyr's Right Bracer
Tyr’s Right Bracer (Image Credits Exputer)

Once you’re out, turn right back around, and you will be able to see a blue light that is emerging from one of the broken pieces of the ruins. Walk up to it, and press O on your controller to interact with the righting on the piece. 

Once you do so, a text marker that displays that the Guiding Light favor has been started will appear on your screen. Upon doing so, Kratos will read the writing, that will read “Iron peace, not a golden war”. And Freya will continue to talk to you about the difficulties that Tyr faced during the war and how heavy they were on him. 

From there, a marker will appear that will say “statue runes read 1 of 4” and you will have Waist Guard of Guiding light in your arsenal, which will boost up Kratos’ skills in combat. While getting the waistguard, you might also encounter a few enemies such as hel-walkers that you might need to take out and carry out executions for, so make sure to do that too! Pair it up with your favorite shield and you’re good to go!


God of War Ragnarok Tyr's Left Bracer
Tyr’s Left Bracer (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, opening up the map will showcase all places that players need to visit, and to get the Gauntlets of Guiding Light, players will need to make their way over from the original place where they found the right bracers, and start going over to the northeastern end of the map. 

Once you’ve made your way into the lake of nine successfully, we can start our hunt for the left bracer. You can either decide to go on foot, or you can take the mystic gateway that is pretty close by. 

From here, you will be able to take assistance from the sled that you and Atreus originally had to make traveling across snow easier. From here, make your sled do a swift left turn once you hit a pile of fresh snow, and start making your way across the lake and then deeper into the lake. 

From there, get off of your sled, and there will be another ruin that will be present a few feet across from the sled’s original parking. Following behind you, Freya will exclaim that there is a bit of debris that is present in front of you. 

Heading over to the debris, Freya will then say that it was probably caused because of tyr’s statue, and you will be able to encoutner yet another shining light. Once Kratos reads what’s inscribed in the statue, it will say something like “Defend The Peace”. 

Once you read that, you will have successfully read 2 out of 4 statue runes, and Freya will then exclaim that she remembers the Jotnar crafting these bracers for Tyr’s statue, alongside an increase in XP for Kratos by 250 and Freya by 75. 

God of War Ragnarok Gauntlets of Guiding Light
Gauntlets of Guiding Light (Image Credits Exputer)

Look near a few columns and you’ll also have Gauntlets of Guiding Light with you now. 


God of War Ragnarok Tyr's Helmet
Tyr’s Helmet (Image Credits Exputer)

As for Breastplate, from the area where you found your left bracer, you will need to get on your sled and keep making your way across the lake of nine toward the next quest marker. 

The marker will be marked on your map where you will need to head towards the Raider Stronghold, and it will be located towards the western side of the map. Keeping sledding across the snow until you are successfully able to reach the raider stronghold. 

On your way, you might be able to encoutner basic enemies that you should be able to take out with little to no effort, and then you can get back in your sled and keep making your way forward. 

Keep going on until you reach the stronghold, and slow down your sled until you can reach a fresh patch of snow that is not blocked by the lake. Park your sled, and get off of it, where Freya will also automatically get off the sled with you. 

Right across from you, you might be able to encoutner a large ruin that is gold, which you will need to head towards. Once you do so, players will find out that it is Tyr’s Helmet that had been broken down from his statue. 

Right on the opening of the helmet, there will be yet another blue inscription that is written on it, and once Kratos gets close to it, he will be able to take out Mimir and then decipher the text. Once he does so, the text will say “Win minds, nor wars”. And mimir will say that Tyr clearly understood that the greatest fight was the battle for people’s hearts and minds. 

God of War Ragnarok Breastplate
Breastplate (Image Credits Exputer)

Just across from the ruins, you will be able to get your hands on the breastplate of guiding light

Jotunheim’s Essence 

God of War Ragnarok Tyr's Spear
Tyr’s Spear (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, while we are done with the actual three pieces, you will be also able to get your hands on an essence that will be crucial for your amulet. 

In order to get that, you can need to make over even down further to the raider stronghold, but not in the middle of it. Rather, players will need to head over to the southern end of the Raiden stronghold, and you will need to cross the ledge that is present on the map on the right end of the raider stronghold.

You can either choose to walk there, or you can simply take your sled and start sledding down the southeastern end of the raider stronghold. The final quest marker will be located a bit to the edge of the stronghold, and you will need to tread the path carefully to successfully make your way there. Once you’re done sledding there, park your sled, and get out of it, which will also prompt Freya to get out of it as well. 

Once you do so, you will be able to encoutner what seems like the remains of a spear. Start making your way over there, where you will be able to see the same blue light present there, and just before the spear, there will be an item that you can interact with. 

Once you reach the spear, Freya will say “isn’t this the spear from Tyr’s Statue”. And Kratos will begin digging a bit into the snow, and he will pick up some whispering slabs. Heading near the spear and interacting with the inscription, Kratos will say “Wish for peace, be ready for war”. And Freya will say that Tyr never wished for war yet always had to be ready for it.

God of War Ragnarok Jotunheim's Essence
Jotunheim’s Essence (Image Credits Exputer)

And alongside that, it will also gain you the Jotunheims’ Essence, which is essentially known to be an enchantment from the giants of Jotunheim that can be placed into the amulet of Yggdrasil

Guiding Light Armor Set Stats & Tips

Now that we’ve done retrieving the armor set, let’s take a deep dive into the stats that the set itself provides and what purpose each piece provides for players. The three pieces will be considered to be one of the best armor sets that can provide ample protection, as well as luck and the stats will be pretty balanced. 

Gauntlets of Guiding Light 

God of War Ragnarok Gauntlets Piece
Gauntlets Piece (Image Credits Exputer)

Starting off with the gauntlets, their descriptions state that it is the armor that is found scattered across the lake of nine. It was crafted from treasures that were brought to the realm to honor Tyr and it will increase the player’s overall luck. 

The gauntlets themselves will provide players with 41 strength, as well as 23 luck since the gauntlets are so focused on luck. Apart from that, the gauntlets will also have a perk known as Fortune’s Strike I, which will basically allow players to use their melee attacks, which will allow them to gain a luck chance to land crits, which will outlaunch damaging explosions against enemies in sight. 

Waist Guard of Guiding Light 

God of War Ragnarok Waistguard
Waistguard (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the waist guard, it will be adorned on the player’s waist and its main aim will to basically provide players with an ample amount of defense so that they are ready to take on any kind of enemy that dares face them. 

The waistguard will itself be able to grant a total of 41 defense for players, all the while also being able to provide the same amount of luck as the gauntlets, which will be 23. 

As for the perk, it can be increased to Fortune’s strike II, which will have the same benefit of helping players land a crit which will then further create a damaging explosion. 

Breastplate of Guiding Light 

God of War Ragnarok Breastplate
Breastplate (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, the Breastplate of guiding light will be adorned on the chest, protecting the players from any kind of attacks that might be aimed at them towards the chest. The chest piece will provide a total of 36 strengths, 29 defense as well as 36 luck. 

Apart from that, it will also have a perk that is known as Weapon Blessing, and once it has been activated, it will provide players a moderate luck chance whereby whenever they launch any hit, they will be able to gain an increase in their strength, runic, and luck on one of Krato’s weapons. 

Jotunheim’s Essence 

With the essence in hand, players can get 4 strength, 4 vitality as well as 6 luck, and with the entire enchantment set, they will be able to have Kratos’ overall maximum rage increased based on his total vitality. (This is not a direct part of the set). 


God of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Map
Guiding Light Map (Image Credits Exputer)

Players will need to get through nine main storylines before they can unlock lake of nine, so let’s briefly discuss the objectives for the missions that will lead up to the ninth chatper! 

Surviving Fimbulwinter 

To complete the first mission, players will first need to make their way over here, after which you will need to track down Atreus. After that, you will need to get rid of Bjorn, through which you will then save Atreus and then make your way home with him. 

Thor will then appear, who will appear as a boss fight, after which you can go home with Atreus again, and you can follow Atreus further into the forest, and you will then meet the huntress who you will need to further defeat. Go back home and follow Sindri. 

Quest for Tyr 

  • Journey to Nidavellir 
  • Explore Nidavellir 
  • Boat TO Durlin’s Office 
  • Exit Durlin’s office to the port
  • Reach the mine beyond the mountain
  • Reach the front of the broken train
  • Defeat the Dreki
  • Reach the front of the broken train
  • Fix the broken train
  • Ride the train to the mines
  • Search the mines for Tyr
  • Exit the mines with Tyr
  • Escape through the Mystic Gateway. 

Old Friends 

The third chapter will be on the shorter end and will not take more than an hour to fully get through since there are no boss fights or any sort of the following. 

  • Enter the mystic gateway
  • Speak with Jormungandr
  • Head back to the mystic gateway
  • Speak with Freya. 

Groa’s Secret 

Moving on, the fourth main mission will be known as Groa’s secret, and the objectives will be as follows: 

  • Reach Groa’s shrine atop the temple
  • Descend the light well
  • Defeat Alva
  • Descend the light well
  • Make your way to the mystic gateway

The Lost Sanctuary 

As for the lost sanctuary, the objectives will entail alot of exploration, meetings with Angrboda, etc: 

  • Explore ironwood with Angrboda
  • Meet Angrboda at the shrine
  • Help Angrboda with giant stuff
  • Follow Angrboda through the canyon
  • Head back to Jalla
  • Investigate the hidden passageway
  • Clear the wretches from the sinkhole
  • Climb back up to the surface
  • Head back home through the marches
  • Free the wolf from Gryla’s clutches
  • Set the wolf free
  • Defeat Fryla
  • Return to Angrboda’s home
  • Explore the treehouse. 

The Reckoning 

Moving on, the next questline will be called The Reckoning, which will have these objectives: 

  • Meet brok at the mystic gateway
  • Locate the source of Freya’s curse and destroy it. 
  • Speak with Freyr
  • Continue to seek the source of Freya’s binding curse
  • Defeat the forest ancient
  • Continue to seek the source of freya’s curse. 
  • Cross the valley to reach the watchtower
  • Find a way to cross the broken bridge
  • Defeat Fiske
  • Defeat the Nidhogg
  • Return to Freyr’s camp
  • Retrieve Mimir

The Runaway 

Next up, the runaway, which will require lighting a fire as well as climbing walks:

  • Find shelter
  • Investigate Freya’s abandoned house
  • Light a fire for chaurli
  • Follow Odin’s raven
  • Climb the wall
  • Follow Heimdall and meet Odin.

Into The Fire 

For the 8th questline Into The Fire, the objectives will be like these: 

  • Search for the mask fragment with Thor
  • Investigate Surtr’s shrine
  • Resume the search for the mask fragment
  • Go back to Atreus’ quarters. 

The Word of Fate 

Last but not least, The Word of Fate questline will be the leading into the lake of nine: 

  • Travel to Midgard
  • Find the wolves at the kennel
  • Open the gate
  • Follow the wolves to the Norns
  • Continue tracking the Norns
  • Return to the wolves and continue tracking. 
  • Find the norns at the well of Urd
  • Defeat the frost Phantom
  • Find the Norns at the well of Urd
  • Leave the Norns


And there we have it! A guide on how to obtain the armor set while also completing the favor associated with it, try two birds with one stone! And with that, we will wrap up our God of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Armor guide! 

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