New God Of War Ragnarok Patch Fixes Many Bugs For New Game+

Patch 04.01 is now live on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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  • God of War Ragnarok’s new patch has fixed numerous bugs in the title’s New Game Plus.
  • Issues concerning trophies, quests, and UI have been rectified as per the patch notes.
  • This update is out right now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Santa Monica Studio has released a new update for God of War Ragnarok to rectify some bugs in the game. This patch mainly fixes issues in the New Game Plus, which came out just a few days ago for the adventure title. Patch notes for this update have also been released and give us an in-depth look at all the changes in the game.

First up, patch 04.01 fixes a bug occurring with the equipment in God of War Ragnarok‘s New Game Plus. You will be able to upgrade the Darkdale Waist Guard or Risen Snow Armor beyond level 9 without a hitch from now on. Moving on to quests, the bug preventing you from obtaining some quest resources after completing them has been rectified.

God of War Ragnarok patch notes
God of War Ragnarok patch notes

Players who deserve these resources will retroactively obtain them in New Game Plus from now on. These items include Lindwyrm Scales, Sovereign Coals, and the Essence of Hel. A rare bug in the system making the game crash has also got an overhaul. God of War Ragnarok will not crash from now on when loading certain save files. Update 04.01 has also fixed several bugs with trophies.

It has rectified the issue preventing the “Ready for Commitment” trophy from unlocking. You can easily obtain the trophy when upgrading your NG+ armor to Level 9 or above. Furthermore, the bug withholding the players from earning the “Dragon Slayer” trophy won’t be a bother anymore. You can get the trophy in New Game Plus from now without needing to craft the Dragon Scale armor during the first playthrough.

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Players can also obtain the “Phalanx” trophy with relative ease now as the update has fixed the bug forcing you to craft every other shield before the Level 9+ shield to earn it. In addition, if you receive armor from the Lost Items Chest in the ship, you’ll need to restart or reload God of War Ragnarok to obtain the trophy. Everyone who fulfilled the prerequisites between the original NG+ patch and this patch will retroactively get the trophies.

Last but not least, this update has fixed a bug in the UI/UX of God of War Ragnarok. A rare occurrence causing the application to crash in the UI is no longer in the adventure title. These were all of the changes in the patch notes of this new God of War Ragnarok update. It is out right now and you can download it on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 to improve your experience.

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