God Of War Ragnarok: Day 1 Patch Notes

Sony Santa Monica Studios rolled out a patch that fixed around 150 bugs, ensuring the best possible experience on launch day.

Akin to many AAA releases, God of War Ragnarok comes with a beefy Day 1 Patch that fixes a wide variety of technical issues, ranging from bugs that halt the quest progress to making adjustments to some of the game’s dialogue. Sony Santa Monica has strongly advised the fans to download this patch in order to ensure the best possible experience. Below have listed all of the God of War Ragnarok Day 1 patch notes.

Story Highlights

  • Santa Monica studios released patch 2.00, which fixes around 150 known issues present in the game.
  • The issues fixed by the patch include problems in dialogue, Cinematics, Quest & Progression, Gameplay, Combat, UI, Visuals, and Performance.
  • It is highly recommended to download this patch beforehand and recheck the game version in order to ensure the best gameplay experience.


Kratos and Atreus interacting with Brok (image credit: eXputer)
    • Shopkeepers’ dialogue no longer stops.
    • Shopkeepers no longer repeat the same dialogue frequently.
    • Minor dialogue issues causing repetition and interruptions have been fixed.
    • Puzzle dialogue in the quest “Across the Realms” has been corrected.
    • Companions no longer advise Kratos to stun un-stunnable enemies.
    • Mimir’s relic usage instructions have been fixed.
    • Dialogues no longer repeat out of order, ensuring smoother conversations.
    • Dialogue timings have been adjusted for natural-sounding interactions.


  • Cutscene now triggers when entering the office in the quest “The Quest for Tyr.”
  • Story beat in “The Lost Sanctuary” now plays correctly.
  • Story beat during backtracking in “The Lost Sanctuary” has been fixed.
  • Dialogue and subtitles now work properly if the player restarts from the checkpoint during a cinematic.
  • Dialogue now plays during cutscenes in “The World of Fate” quest.
  • Incorrect dialogue issue in “The World of Fate” quest has been resolved.
  • Cinematic issue in “The Summoning” quest has been fixed.
  • Wrong conversation in “The Realms at War” quest has been resolved.
  • Characters spawn correctly when restarting from checkpoint during a cinematic.
  • Stories now continue to play after completing the “The Viking Funeral” quest.
  • Issue with stories playing during “The Weight of Chains” quest while main dialogue was in progress has been fixed.

Quests & Progression

Quests & Progression in God of Ragnarok (image credit: eXputer)
  • NPC reappearing issue in “Cure of the Dead” quest fixed.
  • Interactivity with NPCs in “The World of Fate” quest restored.
  • Activation of quest puzzle in “The World of Fate” quest fixed for NPCs.
  • Atreus now moves to the correct location in “Forging Destiny” quest.
  • Gate availability during backtracking in “Reunion” quest fixed.
  • Spawn rate of enemies no longer doubles, preventing abnormally difficult encounters.
  • Shopkeepers now spawn correctly without the need for checkpoint restart.
  • Player can now leave the room in “Into the Fire” quest.
  • Critical encounter now spawns in “Scent of Survival” quest.
  • Area loads correctly in “The Quest for Tyr” quest, preventing player from falling out of the map.
  • Player no longer gets pushed out of the world in “The Quest for Tyr” quest.
  • Companions no longer vanish in “Nine Realms in Bloom” quest.
  • Invisible NPC issue resolved in “For Vanheim!” quest.
  • Chain now appears as expected in “The Runaway” quest.
  • Wolf sled no longer disappears in “Hunting for Solace” quest after reloading.
  • Gear no longer fails to freeze, allowing progression in “Return to Favor” quest.
  • Camera no longer gets stuck in “Creatures of Prophecy” quest cutscene.
  • Player no longer teleports backward and resets in “Creatures of Prophecy” questline.
  • Characters no longer missing from quest when restarted from checkpoint in “Surviving Fimbulwinter” quest.
  • Player no longer gets stuck in “Unleashing Hel” quest.
  • Sleep now passes the gate in “Surviving Fimbulwinter” quest.
  • Sled no longer teleports behind locked gate in “The World of Fate” quest.
  • Player spawns at the correct location after checkpoint restart in “The Realms at War” quest.


  • Issue with loot getting stuck in inaccessible places has been fixed.
  • Companions no longer get stuck and will follow the player correctly.
  • Companion behavior has been improved.
  • Checkpoints added to encounters that were missing them.
  • Player no longer drops from the map under certain conditions.
  • AI pathing improvements have been made.
  • Players can now interact with and enter elevators correctly.
  • Svartalfheim office can now be entered without issues.
  • Interacting with health stones in “The Lost Sanctuary” quest now works.
  • Companion no longer gets stuck to the sled.
  • Player can dismount the sled while exploring without issues.
  • Sled now follows the player correctly when exploring on foot.
  • Player no longer loses control after interacting with the mask in “Unlocking the Mask” quest.
  • Gate can now be unlocked after completing “The Last Remnants of Asgard” quest.
  • Player no longer falls off the map after picking up items.
  • Restarting from checkpoint while Kratos is crawling through a cave no longer causes the player to fall off the map.
  • Player now maintains camera control when companions enter a crack climb simultaneously in “The Reckoning” quest tutorial.


Fighting The Hateful (image credit: eXputer)
  • Final boss now appears during the finale as intended.
  • Player can properly cancel animations to dodge.
  • Projectiles from player’s weapons are no longer invisible.
  • Enemies no longer get knocked out of the world.
  • Enemies no longer get stuck in the environment.
  • Enemies in “The Burning Skies” quest no longer remain passive.
  • Weapon alignment issue when attacking enemies while exploring has been fixed.
  • Specific heavy runic attacks now stun enemies on “Give me God of War” difficulty.
  • Enemies no longer get stuck when hit by realm shift ability during “The Desert Door” quest.
  • Companion no longer falls out of the world when using resurrection stone.
  • Enemy damage has been fixed to the correct values.
  • Companion no longer triggers Ravager detonation incorrectly.
  • Player no longer gets hit by enemies outside visual damage radius.
  • Bifrost status element damage to player is now correct.
  • Player can no longer call the Leviathan Axe when it’s equipped by Kratos during “The Reckoning” quest boss fight.
  • Stun Grab (R3) now kills the enemy as intended.
  • R3 Stun Grab no longer marks enemies if they are not stunned.
  • Stun Grab no longer reduces enemy’s health to 0 and makes them unkillable.
  • Enemies in adjoining encounter can no longer heal opponents in active encounter.
  • Enemies no longer perform unblockable attacks without red indicator.
  • Height level AoE attacks now hit the player correctly.
  • Kratos is now properly invulnerable when exiting Rage Fury.
  • Enemies can no longer clear all status effects during fight.
  • Counters now count correctly during “Ring Out Challenge.”
  • Enemies now properly spawn during story moments in “Reunion” quest.
  • “The Hateful” no longer becomes immune to damage.
  • Enemies no longer become inactive and invulnerable during “The Broken Prison” quest.
  • Animation alignment issue with boss fight in “Reunion” quest has been fixed.
  • Boss no longer attacks while stunned in “Surviving Fimbulwinter” quest.
  • Player no longer gets knocked out of arena in “The Realms at War” quest.
  • Companion now attacks boss as intended in “The Realms at War” quest when restarted from checkpoint.
  • Player no longer teleported outside of map during Stun Grab move in “The Reckoning” quest boss fight.
  • Companion now attacks “Slag Horn” when commanded to do so.
  • Player can now use Rampaging Ibex runic summon in “Lost Sanctuary” quest encounter.

Equipment and Upgrades

Equipment Menu in God of War Ragnarok (image credit: eXputer)
  • Upgrading another piece of equipped armor no longer causes subsequent shield upgrade to fail.
  • Player can now sell Shattered ruins in the shop after finishing the main story.
  • Player can now upgrade equipment with the necessary materials.
  • Upgrading Rage Fury while it’s equipped no longer halts progress.
  • Equipment now appears under correct category when buying armory from the shop.
  • Player can no longer equip an armor set multiple times, preventing upgrades to other armor sets.
  • Issue where first resurrection stone was free has been fixed.


  • Compass adjustments for better navigation.
  • Tutorial timing adjustments.
  • Font rendering improvements.
  • Fixed issues with UI and subtitles staying on screen.
  • Corrected tutorial instructions for various challenges.
  • Fixed incorrect headers in the Favours menu.
  • Corrected cursor behavior in Accessibility Options.
  • Fixed HP bar issue for Dreki on Give Me God of War difficulty.
  • Fixed map marker disappearance after completing “Unleashing Hel” quest.
  • Fixed companion HUD issue in “The Quest for Tyr” quest.
  • Fixed compass markers overlapping with bosses’ health bars.
  • Fixed markers remaining on screen after completing encounters.
  • Fixed missing lore entries in the journal.

Stability and Performance

  • Game optimization for improved performance.
  • Fixed crashes related to journal browsing, exploration, and equipment menu.
  • Addressed crashes during “Phantom Challenges” and when using “Rampage of the Furies.”
  • Adjustments to prevent crashes in various game sections.
  • Fixed a crash after the final boss hits the player with a specific attack when “Recenter on Attack” is set to “Priority +” in user accessibility options.
  • Fixed a crash when using the “Falcon Drive” runic ability.
  • Resolved crashes related to explosive pot destruction and combat during “The Crucible” challenges.

Visual Impact

Scenic Vistas
The beautiful Dwarven Realm – Svartalfheim (image credit: eXputer)
  • Improved enemy loading times in levels.
  • Fixed ziplines disconnecting from supports.
  • Addressed pop-in issues when traveling through realms.
  • Fixed misplaced world geometry visibility from specific viewpoints.
  • Corrected arrow embedment depth in enemies.
  • Prevented players from docking the boat on rocks instead of the seashore.
  • Aligned the sled harness properly.
  • Fixed armor or weapon clipping through Kratos or Atreus’ models or the environment.
  • Restored missing VFX for certain attacks.
  • Closed the shield when recalling the Leviathan Axe during a shield punch.
  • Made the gate disappear after being destroyed in the “The Quest for Tyr” quest.
  • Fixed issues with the dinner in the Svartalfheim office.
  • Addressed VFX sorting problems during “The Summoning” quest.
  • Improved lip-synching in various sections of the game.


  • Improved audio mixing and made adjustments to audio.
  • Fixed issues with inaudible dialogue and missing sound effects.
  • Ensured environmental sounds play for puzzles.
  • Corrected missing sound effects for lift gates.
  • Adjusted dialogue volumes for better comprehension.
  • Fixed sounds of Odin’s ravens in collected areas.
  • Addressed low-health sound persisting after regeneration.
  • Stopped sounds of gates or doors from looping endlessly.
  • Fixed missing audio for some story beats in the “Into the Fire” quest.
  • Eliminated duplicate sounds when entering Rage mode.
  • Restored missing wolf sounds while riding the sled in the “Surviving Fimblewinter” quest.
  • Adjusted parry and shield impact sound effects for certain enemies.
  • Fixed missing music in specific sections of quests.
  • Corrected struggle sounds playing after death in the “Unlocking the Mask” quest.
  • Improved audio blending in ambient zones.


Accessibility Menu (image credit: eXputer)
  • Fixed characters becoming unresponsive in “The Lost Sanctuary” quest.
  • Enhanced Navigation Assist option for better gameplay.
  • Adjusted contrast markup in various parts of the game.
  • Fixed screen reader not reading on-screen prompts.
  • Corrected issue with setting accessibility feature presets.
  • Fixed threat indicators not flashing in High Contrast mode.
  • Adjusted Audio Cues for correct playback.
  • Fixed repeated button presses issue in the “Unleashing Hel” quest.
  • Resolved issues with High Contrast mode in Niflheim.


  • Fixed Arabic text alignment issues with the menu screen.
  • Fixed missing dialogue in the Russian language.
  • Fixed an issue concerning incorrect armor stats being displayed in Arabic.
  • Fixed incomplete text being shown in graphics modes in the following languages:

PS5 Specific

  • Made several adjustments to Dualsense controller haptics.

PS4 Specific

  • Fixed loading hitches.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the world to load slowly, which resulted in degraded graphics.
  • Fixed crashes caused by loading the save file.


God of War Ragnarok may have launched with severe issues in major sections of the game, but thankfully the Day 1 Patch swings in to save the day, fixing around 150 bugs and ensuring the best possible experience for the players.

Playing the God of War Ragnarok without the day 1 patch is definitely not recommended since you wouldn’t want the final boss to glitch out at a very crucial moment, turning a very climatic moment into an anti-climactic one. If you have just started the game, we highly recommend going through our best settings and combat tips for God of War Ragnarok guides as well.

This concludes our guide on God of War Ragnarok Day 1 Patch details. If you are still facing any kinds of issues or bugs that are constantly affecting your gameplay experience or halting your progress, kindly submit the issues on Santa Monica “Sumbit a bug” page.


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