How To Get More Health In God of War Ragnarok Valhalla

Learn everything about how to get more Health in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla for Kratos and survive on higher difficulty levels.

Valhalla is a roguelite mode in God of War Ragnarok, which means you need two things to survive waves of enemies: Health and weapon mastery. While you get good with three weapons of Kratos over time, you can increase Kratos’s health to increase his chances of survival. This guide aims to provide a quick burst of knowledge about how to get more health in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla.  

Key Takeaways
  • Valhalla mode is brutal and requires Health and excellent weapon control to survive waves of enemies.
  • Increasing Kratos’s health is crucial for survival in Valhalla, especially on higher difficulty levels.
  • Health stats can be boosted at The Tablet of Reflection using Mastery Seals currency.
  • Mastery Seals are a permanent currency, unlike Fleeting Echoes, which reset only when you die and restart the run.
  • Divine Triumphs resources are also needed to upgrade health stats.
  • Earning Mastery Seals can be done by the following methods:
    1. Defeating Valhalla’s Chosen
    2. Opening chests
    3. Breaking glowing pots
    4. Completing specialized objectives in the Goals section.

How To Increase Health Stats

Get Mastery Seal Currency to increase Health stats permanently [Image by eXputer]
The Health stats of Kratos can be increased from The Tablet of Reflection, a stone tablet containing a red omega symbol at the top of it.

Important: You will need Mastery Seals currency to invest and increase Kratos’s health stats permanently. This is a permanent currency type in Valhalla game mode, unlike the Fleeting Echoes that resets every time you die during any attempt and start the run again.

In addition to the Mastery Seals, you will also need Divine Triumphs resources to upgrade Kratos’s health stats. This usually happens once you level up the health stat after a couple of tiers. Completing various Labours and Mastery seals will get you Divine Triumphs. 

How To Get Mastery Seals

There are several ways to earn Mastery Seals during your runs in Valhalla. Defeating boss or special enemies called Valhalla’s Chosen, opening chests, and breaking glowing pots are some of the ways to get Mastery Seals in God of War Ragnarok

Additionally, if you explore the Goals section, you will find Labours and Mastery segments that are specialized objectives. Completing these will also earn you Mastery Seals, and you can track the progression of each one by visiting the Goals section in the game. 

My Take On Increasing Health 

Survival in every roguelite game hinges on how longer you can take hits before your health depletes, and I am glad this is true for Valhalla in God of War Ragnarok. While there are multiple methods to regain the lost health, it is always important to increase the health bar size just so you can take more hits before the game punishes you for miscalculation, taking a hit, and dying when you’re at the end of your attempt.

Increasing the health bar basically makes the game a little less unforgiving and offers you more chances to strike back!

That is pretty much everything I had to discuss about how to get more Health in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla. Before you go, I recommend reading GOW Ragnarok: All Valhalla Symbols & Effects and how to start Valhalla game mode to get a quick head start in the game. 

If you never had a chance before to play the story, then reading God Of War Ragnarok: Best Skills, Best Build, best Runic Attacks, and Best Armor Sets guides will make it worth your time!


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