GOW Ragnarok: Best Axe Upgrades [Skills & Runic Attacks]

Here are my picks for the best attachments and runic attacks for your Leviathan Axe.

God Of War has lived up to all the hype that it has built over the years. The game has finally launched, and you can play around with the Leviathan Axe again. However, the game also brings in new attachments and attacks for your axe. I will discuss the best attachments and attacks, including the upgrades that you should get for your Leviathan Axe in God Of War Ragnarok.

Key Takeaways

To upgrade the Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarok, you’ll need Frozen Flames, which are dropped by defeating various bosses.

The Leviathan Axe has a skill tree with 28 powerful abilities, some of the best includes:

  1. Freezing Throw II
  2. Extinguish Flames
  3. Serpent’s Snare
  4. Pride Of Frost I
  5. Returning Storm
  6. Glacial Rake
  7. Frost Awaken IV

You can also enhance the axe with 12 different attachments, two of the best being Fortified Frost Knob and Stonecutter’s Knob.

The Leviathan Axe has 5 unique light runic attacks, with Njord’s Tempest and Hel’s Touch being among the best. It also offers 5 heavy runic attacks, with Breath of Thamur and Fog of Fimbulwinter as strong choices.

How To Upgrade The Leviathan Axe

god of war ragnarok frozen flame
Frozen Flame

In God of War Ragnarok, you can upgrade your Leviathan Axe to level 9 using Frozen Flame items obtained from boss battles. Visit Sindri or Brok’s shop with the Frozen Flame to upgrade, increasing stats, base damage, and unlocking more skills.

Customize your axe with pommels and grips for buffs and stat boosts. Light and heavy runic attacks enhance your moveset and deal substantial damage. These upgrades are crucial for maximizing your axe’s potential.

The Best Leviathan Axe Gear

As I have already mentioned before, you can attach various grips and use different light and heavy runic attacks for your axe in the game. Here are the best attachments and runic attacks, including the best skills for the Leviathan Axe in the game.


Here’s a quick summary of all the Best Leviathan Axe Skills:

NameTypeCostRequired LevelEffectsBest For
Freezing Throw IIRanged750 XPLevel 1-Cause an ice explosion for a massive damage
-Charge up the Axe by holding R2
The Best Ranged Skill For Freezing Foes
Extinguish FlamesTechnique250 XPLevel 1Deal damage against burning monstersThe Best Skill On Burning Enemies
Serpent’s SnareMelee1000 XPLevel 2-Massive damage to large opponents
-Cause heavy attacks
The Best Skill For Hurling Enemies
Pride Of Frost IMelee2000 XPLevel 4Deals enemies frost damageThe Best Combo Finisher Skill
Returning StormRanged2000 XPLevel 4Cause Slam attack for dealing frost damageThe Best Skill For Closing Distance
Glacial RakeMelee750 XPLevel 1Ability to swith blade of chaos for dealing damageThe Best Melee Skill For Frost Buildup
Frost Awaken IVTechnique5000 XPLevel 6Charge up the Axe in between of attacks and combosThe Best Skill For Weapon Charge

There is a whole skill tree for the Leviathan Axe in the game. You can choose various skills for your technique, as well as melee and ranged combat. These skills will add variety to your movesets in God Of War Ragnarok. There are various skills to choose from, but I will entail the seven best skills for your axe in the game.

It should be noted that some skills will be locked behind your frozen flame upgrades of the Leviathan Axe. All skills become available to purchase once the axe has been upgraded to Level 6. The following are the best skills for the Leviathan Axe.

1. Freezing Throw II

The Best Ranged Skill For Freezing Foes.
weapon in the game
The Freezing Throw II
Type of Skill Cost Required Level 
Ranged 750 XP Level 1
  • Why I Chose This: Freezing Throw is a good early-game skill for your Leviathan Axe, as it can deal high amount of frost damage to multiple enemies at a good range.
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It is a ranged skill for the Leviathan Axe in the game. Basically, it allows you to charge up your Leviathan Axe by holding R2 before you through it at the enemy. This will not only deal additional damage but will also cause an ice explosion that will damage a whole group of enemies if they are close to each other. So, it is one of the best-ranged skills that you can get early in the game.

  • Can effectively freeze enemies at a range.
  • Deals dmg to a group of enemies close together.
  • Needs to be charged up thus leaving you vulnerable.
  • Axe cannot be called back as it unfreezes the enemy.

2. Extinguish Flames

The Best Skill On Burning Enemies.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Extinguish Flames
Type of Skill Cost Required Level 
Technique 250 XP Level 1
  • Why I Chose This: This ability rewards you handsomely for switching weapons, enabling both stylish combos and high dmg.
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It is another skill that you can get early in the game, and I suggest you to purchase it instantly when it becomes available. There are many burning enemies that you fill fight in Svartalfheim, the first realm that you visit in God Of War Ragnarok. So, it is always useful to have that additional damage against burning enemies in the game, which will give you an upper hand during your fights in Svartalfheim additionally.

  • Greatly increases the dmg dealt by axe on burning foes.
  • Makes a great pair with Blades of Chaos.
  • Not effective on burning resistant enemies.
  • Requires burning upgrades of the Blades to function more efficiently.

3. Serpent’s Snare

The Best Skill For Hurling Enemies.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Serpent’s Snare
Type of Skill Cost Required Level 
Melee 1000 XP Level 2
  • Why I Chose This: Serpent’s Snare is a great skill for escaping surrounded situations as it can throw away enemies and also damages in an AoE where the enemies drop.
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Serpent’s Snare allows you to deal massive damage when the heavy attack is charged before hitting the enemy, and also throws away the enemy after the attack.That can be used to throw enemies off from cliffs for instant kills. And if the attack hits a weak enemy, then that enemy will blow up after the attack causing frost damage to other enemies nearby. The Serpent’s Snare also deals massive damage to bigger and tougher enemies.

  • Can throw away enemies helping you in escaping surrounded situations.
  • Damages in an AoE where the enemy lands.
  • Effectiveness diminishes on larger foes and bosses.
  • Less useful in single target situations.

4. Pride Of Frost I

The Best Combo Finisher Skill.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Pride Of Frost I
Type of Skill Cost Required Level 
Melee 2000 XP Level 4
  • Why I Chose This: Pride of Frost grants a strong finisher to your combo that can inflict high frost build-up and dmg. It can also launch smaller enemies.
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Pride of Frost adds a finisher to your R1 combo of the Leviathan Axe. That finisher is actually a heavy attack at the end of the light attack combo that will deal frost damage to enemies. It will also launch the enemies into the air additionally. That will allow you to deal even more damage when the enemies cannot fight back.

  • Grants a combo finisher that deals substantial dmg and frost.
  • Can launch smaller enemies, enabling aerial combat.
  • Requires Axe level 4 to unlock.
  • A complete combo execution is needed to use.

5. Returning Storm

The Best Skill For Closing Distance.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Returning Storm
Type of Skill Cost Required Level 
Ranged 2000 XP Level 4
  • Why I Chose This: This ranged skill can deal massive frost dmg, has a wide AoE and can stagger most enemies.
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Next, I have Returning Storm. It is another ranged skill for your Leviathan Axe that works after you’ve thrown the axe. When you’re barehanded after throwing the axe, Just press L1 + R2 to initiate a heavy attack where Kratos calls the axe back and causes a huge slam attack that deals frost damage additionally to the enemies. The enemies are also knocked backward.

  • Has very high frost application and can stun many enemies.
  • Can be used to effectively close distance between your foes.
  • Can be difficult to unlock as requires level 4.
  • Leaves you vulnerable to dmg against non-stunned enemies.

6. Glacial Rake

The Best Melee Skill For Frost Buildup.
weapon in the game
The Glacial Rake
Type of Skill Cost Required Level 
Melee 750 XP Level 1
  • Why I Chose This: Glacial Rake is one of the first abilities that you can unlock and remains effective for the rest of the game with its high frost buildup.
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You can hold R1 to bring out a wave of ice that travels forwards and causes high frost damage to your enemies. And the frost attack damages for quite a while before it finishes. The Glacial Rake skill is very helpful to proc frost quickly on your enemies. You can then switch up to the Blades Of Chaos to deal even more damage to frosted enemies as well.

  • Delivers a quick slash dealing dmg and Frost buildup.
  • Can be unlocked very early and remains relevant throughout.
  • Has short range and only affects enemies in front of Kratos.
  • Deals comparatively lower HP dmg.

7. Frost Awaken IV

The Best Skill For Weapon Charge.
weapon in the game
The Frost Awaken IV
Type of Skill Cost Required Level 
Technique 5000 XP Level 6
  • Why I Chose This: Frost Awaken IV lets you instantly charge your Axe and then hit the enemy with a strong atttack that causes massive dmg and frost.
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It allows you to quickly charge up your axe in between your combos or attacks. That allows you to proc frost on your enemies whilst you’re also dealing damage. I must say, this is very useful because you don’t have enough time to charge up frost when you’re surrounded, so it is best to get that frost in between your attacks in the game. That is where the Frost Awaken skill comes in clutch.

  • Frost Awaken greatly increases the dmg, frost and stagger of the next attack.
  • This skill lets you automatically charge the Axe and then deliver a blow.
  • Is the last upgrade of the Axe so acquired late-game.
  • Requires to be timed properly after an attack to execute.


Here are some of the best attachments, including grips and knobs, for the Leviathan Axe:

NameBase LevelLocationStrengthCooldownDefensePerksBest For
Fortified Frost KnobLevel 2Svartalfheim4.05.0NoneFrost ResolveThe Best Attachement For Interruption Resistance
Stonecutter’s KnobLevel 4Huldra Brother’s Workshop18.0None8.0Slicing FinishThe Best Attachment For Increased Range

Attachments include knobs or grips that you can attach to the base of your Leviathan Axe. Not only do these attachments come with stat buffs, but they also provide unique and special enchantments to your attacks. Additionally, these attachments can also be upgraded at Brok or Sindri’s shop in the game. Following are the best attachments for the Leviathan Axe.

1. Fortified Frost Knob

The Best Attachement For Interruption Resistance.
gow ragnarok best axe upgrades
The Fortified Frost Knob
Base Level Base stats Perk
Level 2
  • 4 Strength
  • 5 Cooldown 
Frost Resolve
  • Why I Chose This: The Fortified Knob ensures that you don’t get interrupted while Frost Awakening your Axe and also provides a boost to Str and Cooldown.
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The Fortified Frost Knob affects your strength and runic cooldown stats. It additionally increases your defense and stagger resistance when you frost awaken your axe. This is actually really helpful as the axe already deals more base damage in addition to elemental damage when you frost awaken it.That will enable you to take full advantage of that frost awakening, and you’ll take less damage while dealing more. 

How To Get

god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Chest That Contains The Knob
  • The Fortified Frost Knob is located in Svartalfheim.
  • You basically have to progress the main story that, includes the Quest For Tyr.
  • It is inside the room where you fight a mini-boss battle with the Hateful.
  • Just beat the boss and open the chest to get your reward.
  • Greatly increases resistance to interruption while charging.
  • Provides a Str bonus and reduces Runic Attacks cooldown.
  • The passive only remains active while charging the Frost Awaken.
  • Frost Awaken charge time is not too much anyway.

2. Stonecutter’s Knob

The Best Attachment For Increased Range.
weapon in the game
The Stonecutter’s Knob
Base Level Base stats Perk
Level 4
  • 18 Strength
  • 8 defense 
Slicing Finish
  • Why I Chose This: Stonecutter’s Knob has high Str stat which can be further enhanced and adds a wave attack to your last combo hit for additional range.
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The Stonecutter’s Knob is actually useful for adding more damage to your R1 combo of the Leviathan Axe. You can deal more damage with a faster combo of the axe as the stonecutter’s knob adds a concussive wave at the end of the combo. Additionally, the stonecutter’s knob affects both the strength and the defense in your stats. I consider it, an overall great attachment for your Leviathan Axe in God Of War Ragnarok. 

How To Get

  • It can be crafted later in the story.
  • All you have to do is to visit the Huldra Brother’s Workshop after you’re done with The Reckoning, which is the sixth main quest.
  • You should be able to craft it at that point.
  • Adds a unique wave attack to the end of your combo.
  • Possesses high Str stat along with decent defense.
  • The Wave attack does not provide that much dmg.
  • Requires progression of story and needs to be crafted.

Light Runic Attacks

Here’s a quick look at the Best Light Runic Attacks for the Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarok:

NameDamageFrostCooldownBest ForLocation
Njord’s Tempest2/51/565 secondsThe Best Runic Attack For Consective AttacksLegendary chest, found Althjof’s Rig
Hel’s Touch1/53/549 secondsThe Best Light Runic Attack For StunLegendary chest, found in Burrows on Alfheim

Holding out your shield and pressing R1 will activate your light runic attack of the Leviathan Axe if it is equipped. There are five total light runic attacks for the Leviathan Axe in the Game that act as good upgrades, but I will discuss the two best ones for you in God of War Ragnarok. Following are the best light runic attacks for the axe in the game.

1. Njord’s Tempest

The Best Runic Attack For Consecutive Attacks.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Njord’s Tempes Light Runic Attack
Damage  Frost Cooldown 
2/5 1/5 65 seconds
  • Why I Chose This: Njord’s Tempest can be casted after small intervals, delivers good dmg to enemies and spin counts are increased with upgrades.
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Njord’s Tempest is great for sweeping away a wave of enemies in the game. If things get a bit tenser and you get surrounded by enemies, then Njord’s Tempest will help you sweep away those enemies so that you can re-strategize. The attack also deals massive damage additionally.

How To Get

  • Njord’s Tempest can actually be obtained early in the game when you visit Svartalfheim in GOW Ragnarok.
  • It is actually located inside a legendary chest located on the Althjof’s Rig.
  • Solve the puzzle there and use the crane to make your way to the chest.
  • Upgrades increase number of rotations.
  • Comparatively low cooldown, can be casted again and again.
  • Does not stun enemies.
  • Low damage at base level.

2. Hel’s Touch

The Best Light Runic Attack For Stun.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Hel’s Touch
Damage  Stun Cooldown
1/5 3/5 49 seconds 
  • Why I Chose This: Hel’s Touch is a light runic attack that you can always use to deal with multiple foes as it can stun enemies with ease.
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Hel’s Touch is a really useful light runic attack for the Leviathan Axe in the game. You can use it to stun each and every enemy around you momentarily. It even stuns mini-bosses as well. You can then make use of that situation to plan your next move or start damaging the enemies while they are stunned. I must say, this light runic attack gives you more breathing room during the fight.

How To Get

  • It is located in a legendary chest that can be found in the Burrows on Alfheim.
  • You will come across this chest while doing the side quest Song Of The Sands in God Of War Ragnarok. 
  • Has high stun potential, can even stun larger enemies.
  • Can stun more than one enemies at once.
  • Does not impart frost damage to foes.
  • Has comparatively low HP dmg.

Heavy Runic Attacks

Right off the bat, here’s a quick look at some of the Best Runic Attacks for the Leviathan Axe:

NameDamageCooldownFrostBest ForLocation
Breath Of Thamur4/5211 SecondsNoneThe Best Runic Attack For AoE DmgLegendary chest, found at The Raven Tree
Fog Of Fimbulwinter2/5162 Seconds2/5The Best Runic Attack For Freezing EnemiesLegendary chest, found inside Myrkyr Tunnels

Heavy runic attacks can be activated by holding out your shield and pressing R2. These attacks deal more damage than your light runic attacks and can be used to wipe out groups of enemies. There are five total heavy runic attacks, but I will discuss the two best ones in God Of War Ragnarok. Following are the best Heavy Runic Attacks for the axe in the game.

1. Breath Of Thamur

The Best Runic Attack For AoE Dmg.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Breath Of Thamur
Damage  Cooldown 
4/5 211 Seconds
  • Why I Chose This: Breath of Thamur is very helpful in surrounded situations as it can deal high dmg to hordes of enemies around you.
Show Full Text

I consider The Breath Of Thamur to be one of the best AoE attacks that is additionally a heavy runic attack for the Leviathan Axe in the game. This attack will damage each, and every enemy that is in range, and the range is huge additionally. You will be able to take out large groups of enemies with the Breath Of Thamur in God Of War Ragnarok.

How To Get

  • This attack is located in a legendary chest present at The Raven Tree in God Of War Ragnarok.
  • You will have to destroy 28 Eyes of Odin in the game.
  • You won’t be able to open the chest until you’re done destroying 28 of those birds in the game.
  • Efficient for crowd control with its large AoE.
  • Deals high amount of dmg to enemies around you.
  • Does not apply frost status at base level.
  • Needs killing of 28 Ravens across Nine Realms.

2. Fog Of Fimbulwinter

The Best Runic Attack For Freezing Enemies.
god of war ragnarok axe upgrades
The Fog Of Fimbulwinter
Damage  Frost Cooldown 
2/5 4/5 162 Seconds 
  • Why I Chose This: This Runic Attack can effectively freeze alot of enemies and can even stagger them, which is helpful in planning next move.
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Fog Of Fimbulwinter is another great offensive heavy runic attack for the axe. It basically unleashes waves of cold fog toward your enemies. These waves travel far and will also damage enemies at medium range. They will also take the enemies that they damage away from you. You can use this attack if you get surrounded by a large number of enemies at the same time.

How To Get

  • The Fog Of Fimbulwinter is located in a legendary chest present inside the Myrkyr Tunnels in the game.
  • Follow the main quest line, and you should come here automatically.
  • The game actually leads you here so that you won’t miss the chest.
  • Staggers enemies, allowing chain combos.
  • Can freeze small to larger enemies with ease.
  • Base dmg exceptionally low, needs upgrades.
  • Locating the chest to obtain it is a bit tricky.

My Thoughts On The Best Axe Upgrades

I really like how each weapon has a variety of customizations, including attachments, skills, and runic attacks. As for the Leviathan Axe, Serpent’s Snare and Glacial Rake are really strong skills that add a powerful light attack and empower the already present heavy attack. I also ended up using the Stonecutter’s Knob to buff the light attack combo further.

God of Wae
My Hours in God of War Ragnarok (PSN ID: ELiTExNoGuns)

As for the runic attacks, you can really choose these depending on your playstyle. But I am going to recommend that you should not miss out on the Breath of Thamur, which is not only a strong runic attack for the axe but also one of the strongest attacks in the game.

This concludes my guide about the Best Upgrades for your Leviathan Axe in God Of War Ragnarok. I entailed almost everything that you should get for your axe, including the attachments, skills, and light runic attacks. Everything was explained in complete detail. Let me know what you think about God Of War Ragnarok in the comments below!


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