GOW Ragnarok: All Valhalla Symbols & Effects [Explained]

Learn about the Symbols you see on chests and locked doors in GOW Ragnarok Valhalla game mode and understand what each of these mean.

Every rogue-like game or game mode offers power-ups and items that strengthen your character to face challenging enemies. In Valhalla, GOW Ragnarok’s rogue-like mode, chests containing boons and doors leading to treasures come with symbols. Each symbol has a meaning, and it gives unique power-ups based on your selection. This guide aims to give you quick information regarding symbols and their effects in GOW Ragnarok Valhalla. 

Key Takeaways
  • GOW Ragnarok’s Valhalla game mode features symbols in chests and doors, each with unique power-ups.
  • There are 10 symbols in Valhalla, each providing various power-ups and consumables when opened.
  • The symbols influence Kratos’ build and affect the entire run in the game.
  • Your initial glyph choice persists, influencing future chests and defining your build throughout the attempt.
  • It’s crucial to focus on a specific weapon(s) or runic attack glyphs rather than upgrading all three weapons to avoid potential challenges as difficulty increases.
Important: While doing runs in Valhalla’s challenges, you’ll face decisions on temporary Glyphs, choosing which Stats to enhance, Perks to pick, Runic Attacks to wield, and more. Your choices shape each attempt uniquely, so strategize wisely when making selections!

All Symbols And Effects

What do the symbols on the doors and chest mean in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla [Image by eXputer]
There are 10 symbols that give Kratos various powerups and consumables during runs in Valhalla. Here is what each symbol means and what it offers every time you open a chest or a room containing a particular symbol.  

Weapon GlyphWeapon Glyphs grant bonuses to Kratos' weapons or enhance Weapon Skills.
Runic Attack GlyphGlyphs bestow a unique Light or Heavy Runic Attack Ability to one of your weapons, recharging over time.
Perk GlyphThis Glyph impacts your combat prowess and gameplay capability
Stats GlyphGlyphs enhance various Core Stats such as Strength and Defense, as well as other Stats like Vitality and Luck.
Mixed GlyphThis Glyph provides a random reward, potentially containing any of the other Glyph types.
Mastery SealMastery Seals, a lasting currency, enhance Kratos' stats and abilities between runs.
Spirit SealSpirit Seal is another lasting currency that permanently aid Kratos between run at the Tablet of Reflection and influence Valhalla.
Divine TriumphValhalla's most precious permanent resource or currency, employed between runs for Kratos' most powerful upgrades.
Fleeting EchoesTemporary resources known as Fleeting Echoes serve as currency for your current run, offering temporary bonuses at the Tablet of Endeavor.
RefillOpening this chest grants the option to replenish either Health or Rage.

Every time you start Valhalla in God of War Ragnarok and enter a room, Kratos will be presented with a wave of enemies. Killing all or completing all waves gives you a chest containing symbol glyphs. You can decide whichever Glyph chest to open and power up Kratos in your runs. This will, in turn, define how your build will be till the end of the attempt or until Kratos dies.  

The starting glyph choice carries over, and the future chests you come across are influenced by it. That is why it is important to focus on the weapon or runic attack glyphs you’re comfortable with while killing enemies instead of upgrading all three Kratos’ weapons. You could potentially end up making a build that will get you killed when the difficulty rises.  

My Take On Symbols And Glyphs

With a knack for rogue-like games, I, for one, love the direction Santa Monica took towards Kratos’ temporary upgrades in the form of Glyphs. This keeps every run refreshing while giving players ample choice to decide how the mid or end of the attempt will be based on the initial Glyph choices. 

On top of that, symbols such as healing and currencies are equally important as temporary Glyphs, and one must have a good understanding of these to keep Kratos going when the difficulty gets brutal. 

That is everything I had to discuss about GOW Ragnarok Valhalla Symbols and what each of them means in the game. If you never played the game’s story, then I recommend you visit God Of War Ragnarok: Best Skills, Best Builds, Best Axe Upgrades, and Armor Sets guides and fill yourself with vital game knowledge.


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