God Of War Ragnarok Jotunheim Collectible

Learn where you are able to collect Jotunheim's collectible and how you can get your hands on it!

God of War Ragnarok has collectibles scattered all across the Nine Realms, and one of them happens to be in the realm of Jotunheim. Our God of War Ragnarok Jotunheim Collectible guide will showcase the collectible and its location. 

First, players should know that there is only one main collectible that players can encounter in Jotunheim: a flower. This flower is related to a side quest known as Nine Realms in Bloom, which requires the players to traverse across all nine realms to collect the flowers to get their hands on a florist trophy (which will be discussed later). 

Key Takeaways

Here are the details on where to find each flower:

  1. Jotunheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Ironbell
    • Location: Angrboda’s home through a pathway.
  2. Svartalfheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Sparkthorn
    • Location: Nidavellir.
  3. Alfheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Dawnbloom
    • Location: Between the cliff sides at the forbidden sands.
  4. Muspelheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Ashpetal
    • Location: The crucible.
  5. Helheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Soulblossom
    • Location: Hel’s Perch.
  6. Vanaheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Starblush
    • Location: Sinkholes area.
  7. Midgard Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Mirkweed
    • Location: Sanctuary Grove.
  8. Niflheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Frostfinger
    • Location: Mist Fields area.
  9. Niflheim Realm:
    • Collectible Flower: Dreamshade
    • Location: Aesir prison wreckage area.

Collecting all nine flowers as part of the Bloom Quest will earn you the Florist Trophy. Good luck in your flower-collecting journey in Ragnarok!

Jotunheim Collectible (Ironbell)

Ironbell (Image Credits Exputer)

To obtain the Ironbell flower in Jotunheim:

  1. Unlock fast travel to Jotunheim by talking to Tatatoskr at Sindri’s place.
  2. Head to the Mystic Gateway at Angrboda’s home.
  3. After Kratos breaks the Mystic Gateway, turn around and follow the long pathway downhill.
  4. Take the left path when it diverges.
  5. Cross the first wooden structure and continue left.
  6. Traverse through the space between two cliffs.
  7. Exit to an area with green grass.
  8. Pick up the yellow lit-up item on the ground, which is the Ironbell flower.
  9. Freya will react, and you will have collected one of the nine flowers needed.

Complete Nine Realms In Bloom Quest 

Moving on, let’s discuss the other flowers that you will be able to get access to. Players must have completed the Forging Destiny main questline to unlock the quest. One more thing that players should know is that they might have to do a complete playthrough of the game to get a few flowers since they will be quest-locked. 

Therefore, it is best to just complete the game first. 


Sparkthorn (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Complete the “Forging Destiny” main questline.
  • Travel to Svartalfheim and then to Nidavellir.
  • Obtain the spear weapon after finishing the “Forging Destiny” quest.
  • Find a fruit cart in Nidavellir and look for a house with a tall cylindrical target in front of it.
  • Aim your spear at the target and stab it into the cylinder to create an imprint.
  • Move to the left and run up the path, then hang off the imprint to reach the other edge.
  • Kratos will call Freya, and you’ll find the Sparkthorn flower nearby, interact with it using the triangle button.


Dawnbloom (Image Credits Exputer)

To find the Dawnbloom flower in Alfheim’s forbidden sands:

  1. Progress through the main storyline to unlock Alfheim.
  2. Head to the forbidden sands area in Alfheim.
  3. In an open snowy area near cliffsides, find wooden structures and a boulder.
  4. Move to the right side of the boulder.
  5. Continue forward, and you’ll spot a yellow shining item on the ground.
  6. Approach the item, triggering Kratos to call Freya, and collect the Dawnbloom flower.


Ashpetal (Image Credits Exputer)

To find the Ashpetal flower in the Muspelheim Crucible area:

  • Obtain 2 Muspelheim seeds, found near Modvitnir’s Rig and Alberich Hollow.
  • Go to the Crucible area in Muspelheim.
  • Locate a mystic gateway in the north-eastern part of the Crucible.
  • Use the gateway and wait for Kratos to collapse it.
  • Move a few feet forward, leap off the main platform, and land on the ground.
  • Look for a circular monument to the right, run past it, and find two stacked crates.
  • Next to the crates, you’ll find the Ashpetal flower. Interact with it.


Soulblossom(Image Credits Exputer)

To find the Soulblossom flower in the Helheim area:

  • Ensure you have access to Helheim through the main storyline.
  • Head to Hel’s Perch in Helheim.
  • Use the mystic gateway leading to Hel’s Perch.
  • After Kratos collapses the gateway, turn around.
  • Descend steps to the ground and move toward the stone wall between cliffsides.
  • Interact with the wall using the O button, and use the Blades of Chaos to climb up.
  • Head forward until you reach a dead end, then turn left.
  • Continue forward, take steps down, and choose the right pathway with a large gap between stone walls.
  • Jump down, aim your spear at a small hole in the wall, and climb up.
  • Diverge left, jump down again, and find the Soulblossom flower. Interact with it.


Starblush (Image Credits Exputer)

To find the Starblush flower in Vanaheim’s Sinkholes area:

  • Reach Vanaheim and access the Sinkholes area after completing the “Return of the River” favor.
  • Dock your boat at the platform with Freya.
  • Ascend the stairs until you see a sharp structure, then make a U-turn.
  • Descend the stairs, pick up a healthstone, and cross red-colored flowers.
  • Veer slightly to the left, and at the end of the pathway, you’ll find the Starblush flower. Interact with it.


Mirkweed (Image Credits Exputer)

For the next flower, players will need to go over to the Midgard area, from where they will need to then head over to the Sanctuary Grove area. 

  • Talk to Ratatoskr at Sindri’s place to unlock fast travel to Mirkweed after completing the main story.
  • Head to Mirkweed and run forward.
  • Jump over a branch and reach a giant tree.
  • Turn right and continue forward past the tree until you see the Mirkweed flower shining on the ground. Interact with it.


Frostfinger(Image Credits Exputer)
  • Access Niflheim and go to the Mist Fields area using fast travel from Sindri’s place after talking to Ratatoskr.
  • After collapsing the gateway, find the yellow Frostfinger flower a few feet in front of the gateway and collect it.


Dreamshade (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Gain access to Niflheim after completing the main story.
  • Go to the Aesir prison wreckage area in Niflheim.
  • Approach the stones near the giant snow-covered tree and head up the second stone.
  • Jump down to a platform, then follow the snowy path.
  • Use your spear to aim at a small hole in the wall and climb up.
  • Follow the path to a closed gate, use the spear to open it, and enter the prison room to find the Dreamshade flower.

And there we have it! The Jotunheim collectible is all yours to take, and with that, we will wrap up our God of War Ragnarok Jotunheim Collectible guide! 

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