GOW Ragnarok Best Draupnir Spear Handles [Top 10]

Learn everything there is to about the best handles for the Draupnir in God Of War Ragnarok

The Draupnir Spear in God Of War Ragnarok has its own skills to unlock as well as the best handles, which are specifically called hinds. These attachments or handles essentially act as modifications for the weapon that can provide powerful abilities to improve its capability during combat. Unlocking the best handles in God Of War Ragnarok comes in various ways, whether by completing main or side quests or even by exploring and unearthing secrets across the Nine realms.

Best Draupnir Spear Handle Summary

Top 10 handles for the Draupnir Spear in God of War Ragnarok:

  1. Hind Of Attuned Elements – From the 10th main quest, Forging Destiny.
  2. Hind Of Volatile Might – Found via a wishing well in Vanaheim.
  3. Mighty Olympic Sauroter – Craftable at Brok or Sindri’s workshop.
  4. Lion’s Roar Sauroter – Found in a legendary chest after The Reunion quest.
  5. Charging Assault Sauroter – Craftable at Brok or Sindri’s workshop.
  6. Hind Of Weightless Recovery – Earned after the 13th main story quest.
  7. Hind Of The Four Winds – Unlocked after defeating a hidden troll boss.
  8. Hind Of Deadly Vitality – Located in the Plains area of Vanaheim.
  9. Warrior’s Echo Sauroter – Craftable after the 14th main story quest, Unlocking the Mask.
  10. Hind Of The Nine Realms – Unlocked after defeating a Berserker Gravestone boss.

Best Draupnir Spear Handles

Best Draupnir Spears And Comparison between them:

No.Spear Handle NameStrengthDefense VitalityRunicCooldown Luck
10Hind Of Attuned Elements0.
9Hind Of Volatile Might0.
8Mighty Olympic Sauroter
7Lion's Roar Sauroter0.
6Charging Assault Sauroter0.
5Hind Of Weightless Recovery0.
4Hind Of The Four Winds22.
3Hind Of Deadly Vitality0.
2Warrior's Echo Sauroter14.
1Hind Of Nine Realms0.

The Draupnir Spear Handles in God Of War Ragnarok vary depending on the situation, whether it’s a crowd of enemies or a boss fight, so keep that in mind as you equip each one before jumping straight into a fearsome battle.

[Note: Some parts of the guide may contain spoilersRead at your own discretion.]

10. Hind Of Attuned Elements

GOWR hind of attuned elements
Hind of Attuned Elements (Image captured by us)
Defense Runic Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
15 17 Level 5 Extinguish And Vaporize: Spear attacks against burning or frosted enemies deal extra bonus damage.

The Hind of Attuned Elements allows you to deal extra damage against foes inflicted by the Frost or Burn status ailment. You can apply these elements using your other signature weapons, the Leviathan Axe and The Blades Of Chaos.

The reason why this handle, in particular, ranks at the lowest on our list is due to the fact that you won’t be particularly using it to DPS enemies while they’re inflicted with the previously mentioned elements. It is mostly because you will want to use the Extinguish Flames and Vaporize Frost abilities, two of the Best Skills for Kratos, specifically for his other two weapons.

How To Unlock

The handle can be found during the 10th Main Quest, which is called Forging Destiny.

9. Hind Of Volatile Might

gow ragnarok Hind of volatile might
Hind of volatile might (image by eXputer)
Defense Vitality Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
15 17 Level 6 Siphoned Strength: Elemental Siphon-imbued spears do increased melee damage, but the siphoned element now fades after a duration.

The hind of Volatile Might will enhance your Elemental Siphon skill of the spear. The skill essentially allows you to hold down the R2 button and pierce the enemy with the spear, granting whichever elemental affinity they carry onto the weapon itself.

The spear handle modifies the skill as you can unleash more powerful attacks when the ability is activated, but to compensate, the siphoned element from the enemy will fade after some time.

How To Unlock

You can obtain the Hind of Volatile Might handle by collecting large Crystalline shards in Vanaheim and throwing them into the Wishing Well. Repeatedly depositing these unpurified crystals into the cleansing pool will eventually reward you with the handle.

8. Mighty Olympic Sauroter

gow ragnarok mighty olympic sauroter
Mighty Olympic Sauroter (Image credit: eXputer)
Defense Cooldown Luck Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
9 17 12 Level 5 Detonator’s Might: Detonating thrown spears have a moderate luck chance to increase strength and stagger resistance.

The following Draupnir Spear Handle allows a moderate Luck chance to increase Kratos’ Strength and stagger resistance when you detonate the thrown Draupnir spears using the triangle button.

The handle was only useful for us during the Ring of Fire Challenge in Muspelheim, where you must constantly stay in the moving radius to avoid lava damage as enemies spawn from the outer edges. It is great when your only option is to play at long-range distances, and the buffs it provides are beneficial, but aside from that, there are definitely much better ones that you can use, especially towards the mid-to-end-game sections.

How To Unlock

The Mighty Olympic Sauroter can be crafted at Brok or Sindri’s crafting workshop once you complete the Forging Destiny main quest.

7. Lion’s Roar Sauroter

god of war ragnarok lions roar sauroter
Lion’s Roar Sauroter (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Defense Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
32 Level 5 Stunning Blast: Greatly increase the stun damage of the gale force skill.

The ability of the handle is pretty self-explanatory and nothing too extraordinary, as it increases the Stun Damage gained via the Gale Force skill of the Draupnit Spear. It is done by aiming the weapon with L2, holding the R2 button, and letting it go as soon as it’s charged.

This skill will unleash a gust of wind, which can be used to push back enemies or keep them hovered in the air for a brief second so that they can be juggled for combos. Aside from that, there are plenty of better options. The Stun Damage increase is pretty good on its own, but nothing too special to make it worth it.

How To Unlock

god of war ragnarok lions roar sauroter
Lion’s Roar sauroter location (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

After obtaining the Draupnir Spear and progressing past the main quest called “The Reunion,” go to the location shown in the image above. Throw the spear at the opening to break open the glacial wall, revealing a Legendary Chest containing the Lion’s Roar Sauroter.

6. Charging Assault Sauroter

god of war ragnarok charging assault sauroter
Charging Assault Sauroter (mage Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Defense Vitality Luck Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
23 7 7 Level 5 Fearless Sprinter: The hoplite lunge and phalanx breaker skills apply more stun and moderate luck chance to grant an unstoppable aura.

The handle, known as the Charging Assault Sauroter, is one of the best aggressive-based attachments for the Draupnir spear in God of War Ragnarok, enhancing the weapon’s Hoplite Lunge and Phalanx Breaker skills. These skills enable you to perform sprint attacks with the spear by pressing either the R1 or R2 buttons.

It increases the stun damage dealt to the enemy and provides a moderate chance of gaining the Unstoppable Aura with each hit or slam using these skills. This buff prevents you from flinching when facing incoming enemy attacks, making it highly effective for one-on-one battles against mini-bosses or situations where aggressive play is required.

How To Unlock

Like the Mighty Olympic Sauroter, you can craft the handle back at Sindri or Brok’s workshop once you complete the Forging Destiny quest in God Of War Ragnarok’s main storyline.

5. Hind Of Weightless Recovery

best draupnir spear handles
Hind of weightless recovery (Image Captured by eXputer)
Defense Luck Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
29 34 Level 9 Maelstrom Refresh: when the maelstrom skill gauge is fully charged, successful spear attacks have a moderate luck chance to grant a blessing of cooldown.

The main ability, Maelstorm Refresh, grants you a moderate luck chance to activate a Blessing of Cooldown when the Spear has the Maelstorm gauge fully charged. Once your spear is fully charged, you can activate this mode by pressing the L1 + Triangle button on your controller during combat.

Now, while it is a high-risk, high-reward task to maintain a solid momentum of Maelstorm attacks, a single hit will remove the Maelstorm gauge build-up instantly. There is no denying that the Blessing of Cooldown will be extremely beneficial if you heavily rely on Runic Attacks from Kratos’ arsenal.

How To Unlock

Another handle you can easily craft is the Hind of Weightless Recovery, so, head to Sindri and Brok’s workshop at the end of the Creatures of Prophecy Main story Quest in GOW Ragnarok.

4. Hind Of The Four Winds

gowr hind of the four winds
Hind of the four winds (Image credit: eXputer)
Strength  Defense Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
22 18 Level 6 Slicing Finish: Adds a concussive wave to the end of the spear combo.

Our list of the top 5 spear handles in God Of War Ragnarok includes the Hind of the Four Winds. It allows you to add a concussive Wave effect at the end of the heavy attacks from the spear via the R2 button. Furthermore, the handle also has a great Strength and Defence stats spread, which are two of the most essential statistics for Kratos, and upgrading the handle will obviously improve these values, making him stronger.

How To Unlock

You can unlock the handle by defeating one of the hidden troll bosses. These trolls must be activated beforehand using the Mystical Heirloom Relic. The troll you must defeat for the Hind of the Four Winds is called Miklimunnr, located in the Applecore mines found within the Realm of Svartalfheim.

3. Hind Of Deadly Vitality

best draupnir spear handles
Hind of deadly vitality (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Defense Cooldown Luck Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
22 17 17 Level 7 Slayer’s Health Burst: Moderate luck chance to grant a health burst on any successful speak kill.

The Hind of Deadly Vitality is an excellent handle for the Draupnir spear in God Of War Ragnarok. It offers the Slayer’s Health burst skill, giving you a chance for a healing burst on successful spear kills, especially effective with a high luck stat. It can be a lifesaver in challenging situations and a valuable tool when facing waves of enemies.

How To Unlock

Unlocking the Hild of Deadly Vitality can be tricky, but it shouldn’t prove to be too much of a headache as it is found in The Plains area in the realm of Vanaheim. Kratos and his companion will be introduced to the area via the Scent of Survival favor given by Helka, the pet dog of Freyr and his crew.

In the Plains area, you will need to hunt down 3 different Oath Guards, and upon defeating the last one, it should drop the Hind of Deadly Vitality.

2. Warrior’s Echo Sauroter

best draupnir spear handles
Warrior’s Echo Sauroter (Image by eXputer)
Strength Defense Runic Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
14 14 18 Level 6 Sonic Piercer: Spear attack against sonic-inflicted enemies deal extra bonus damage and builds bonus maelstrom skill charge.

Warrior’s Echo Sauroter has a powerful ability called Sonic Piercer, and it’s pretty simple but packs a punch during combat. With this handle equipped, spear attacks on Sonic element-inflicted enemies will grant you extra Malestorm gauge gain and bonus damage against them.

The Sonic element can be easily inflicted via Atreus or Freya’s runic arrows. If you prefer switching weapons on the fly, fully optimizing the potential of the Warrior’s Echo Sauroter should come naturally to you. Furthermore, that extra Maelstorm gauge build-up is icing on the cake, as the speedy attacks of the Draupnir spear should fully generate the gauge in a matter of a few rapid strikes from the weapon.

How To Unlock

You will acquire the Warrior’s Echo Sauroter as you make your way back after completing the 14th main quest in the game called Unlocking the Mask. You can craft it back at Sindri or Brok’s blacksmith shop.

1. Hind Of The Nine Realms

god of war ragnarok hind of the nine realms
Hind of the nine realms (Image Captured by us)
Runic Vitality Cooldown Unlocks At Perks / Buffs
19 19 19 Level 7 Momentous Shift: Activating violent maelstrom is full triggers a realm shift

The Best Spear handle title in our list goes to the Hind of the Nine Realms in God Of War Ragnarok. Momentous Shift is the name of the ability and it allows you to slow down time around you by triggering a realm shift whenever you activate the Violent Maelstorm skill of the spear.

The Hind of the Nine Realms was our personal choice to use on most post-game boss fights since it is actually available from them. Not only will it help you squeeze in extra DPS, but Violent Maelstorm will also increase the damage of your spear attacks.

How To Unlock

You can obtain the Nine Realms Hind handle from the Berserker Gravestone boss fight in Svartalfheim. To face this formidable duo, Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome, head to the Jarsminda Pitmines area. Make sure to equip your characters with the best gear for an easier victory.

Furthermore, if you are a player striving to achieve the Platinum Trophy, then be sure to learn all about the Crafting Materials, which includes rare material locations such as the Asgardian Ingot and the Dwarven Steel.

This concludes our guide to our top 10 best spear handles for Draupnir you can find and collect in God Of War Ragnarok. Lastly, if you want to let us know which ones are your favorites or if you have any questions that you want to ask related to the list, then be sure to ask in the comments section below, and we will be more than happy to reply as soon as possible!

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