God of War Ragnarok Falls Victim To Review Bombing On Metacritic

The game is receiving irrational negative reviews with zero out of ten scores, even with positive remarks.

God of War Ragnarok is a stellar venture into the conclusion of the Norse saga, satiating many fans with the steady maturity of Kratos as a character. The alluring storytelling is sewn with satisfying combat and level designs. Hence, many fans and critics rated the title ten out of ten, claiming it to be among the best in 2022.

The Game of the Year Awards has already been a source of drama this year, as usual. God of War Ragnarok is receiving waves of review bombing on Metacritic, which has caused its user score to decline massively.

Major Takeaway

  • God of War Ragnarok is getting review bombed on Metacritic by users with ill intent towards the possible GOTY winner.
  • The users are rating the game zero out of ten without any constructive criticism, some joking about the scenario and asking players to play other titles instead.
  • The user scores have seen a steep recession, causing the PlayStation 5 user score to dwindle to 7.9, while the PS4 port is currently at 6.1.
  • The developers have made no official comments on the situation thus far, and the review bombing will fail to affect the game’s massive sales and popularity.

God of War Ragnarok is being review bombed by engaged users who were likely upset over the high user scores of the game. The user scores for PlayStation 5 have dropped to a measly 7.9 on Metacritic, while the PlayStation 4 port is sitting at 6.1 only.

The user ratings have seen a staggering decline on both platforms, as a slew of users is rating the game zeros out of tens without any rational reasoning or constructive criticism. In contrast, some have complained about the game’s narrative focus and prolonged cinematical parts. These reviews are dubbing the title a “movie.

One user noted with a zero rating, “Too much cut scene less gameplay, this is supposed to be a game not a movie. The puzzles aren’t supposed to have guides and yet there are indicators all over the place and the boy won’t shut up giving me hints every time.”

Some players have expressed that the title feels more like a DLC than a complete entry. One user commented, “There is nothing new about this game. Nothing has changed at all. Graphics, systems, content, everything is the same. It’s not a new game, so I’m giving it 0 points.

A few reviews have talked about bugs, but they are few and far between in the long list of reviews. One user stated their experience, “I rated 10 but after +80hrs I got glitch “respawning enemies” and I am not able to play and go forward with the main story.

The review bombing is mainly done by fans of various contenders in this year’s Game of the Year Awards event or trolls enjoying the decline in user scores. One review asked fans to “play Sonic Frontiers instead,” and many others are persuading players to play other titles.

Most reviews are illogical, and many make memes while rating zero user scores. What makes no sense is that there are completely positive reviews with zero ratings. Santa Monica Studio has made no official statements regarding the waves of review bombing at the time of writing down the article.

However, review bombing is not new in the gaming community, and most popular titles often experience these waves. For instance, Horizon Forbidden West was review bombed, and Sonic Frontiers also faced a similar dilemma some weeks ago.

It’s worth noting the review bombing will have no negative consequences for God of War Ragnarok. The title continues to sell like hotcakes, and the slew of negative reviews will only bring more attention to it.

God of War Ragnarok is the worthy sequel that takes us on a self-journey alongside Kratos and Atreus as they discover answers leading up to the dreaded Ragnarok. The well-written characters and enchanting visuals expand upon the lively realms greatly.

Elden Ring, on the other hand, is the open-world take on the Souls-like genre. It is Raganrok’s only reasonable competitor this year. It features a mesmerizing open world with gruesome bosses that is a wonderous venture in and of itself. Unfortunately, some fans of both games don’t seem to be on good terms with each other.

The Game of the Year Awards 2022 draws closer, and we will finally discover which entry steals the top spot. The competition between God of War Ragnarok and the equally intriguing Elden Ring is very tough, but some people think Ragnarok has the edge over Elden Ring.

What are your thoughts about God of War Ragnarok succumbing to review bombing with unexplained negative reviews? And What title would you want to see crowned with the Game of the Year Awards? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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