GOW Ragnarok Valhalla: Best Ways To Restore Health [Top 7]

I found these methods really helpful in staying alive and reaching the final boss in each cycle.

Since the Valhalla DLC is rogue-like, you will need to stay alive for as long as you can in each cycle, which is where the best ways to restore health will help your journey in GOW Ragnarok. After spending over 10 hours in this DLC, I have picked some amazing methods to gain health as you journey through Valhalla.

Key Takeaways
  • Finding ways to heal Kratos plays a huge role in a successful run in the Valhalla DLC.
  • Every little method can make the difference between a failed run and a successful one.
  • A lot of permanent upgrades play a huge role in restoring health by performing little tasks like opening chests.
  • Valor Spartan Rage can also be used to restore health, and each combat room also offers one health stone.
  • If all else fails, the game also provides the option to use resurrection stones to get back in action.

Best Ways To Restore Health In Valhalla

Here is a list of all the methods and how these restore health;

Health StonesEach combat room offers one health stone which restores a small percentage of health.
Valor Spartan RageThe rage bar can be used to heal if the Valor Spartan Rage is equipped.
Health ChestsDoors with the refill symbol will lead to legendary chests that restore health or rage.
Critical Health RegenThis permanent upgrade automatically heals up to 30% health when HP falls really low.
Health LooterAnother permanent upgrade which allows you to heal by opening up legendary chests.
Health BurstsA total of two health bursts can be purchased from the Tablet of Endeavor in each cycle.
Resurrection StonesIt is also a permanent upgrade which allows you to start a run with up to two resurrection stones which not only revive but also heal.

1. Health Stones

restoring health
The Health Stone Found Inside Each Combat Room (Image Captured by Us)

The health stones restore a percentage of your health and are quick and easy to use even while in combat. However, in Valhalla, each room with enemies only offers one health stone, which some players might also end up missing. Make sure to pick up the health stone after clearing a room before proceeding to the next one.

I would always enter through the next door, thinking that the maximum damage I would allow myself to take would be equal to the health that I could restore using the health stone. Additionally, there are many health stones scattered around the big Colosseum section in Greece.

2. Valor Spartan Rage

restoring health
Using The Valor Spartan Rage (Image Captured by eXputer)

If you’re dying a lot in Valhalla and are not getting enough health back from the single stone in each room. Then you should definitely equip the Valor Spartan Rage, which will allow you to utilize the Spartan Rage and heal yourself. This essentially means that the player will have a second health bar in the form of their rage bar which can be used as healing.

3. Health Chests

Gow ragnarok valhalla best ways to restore health
Refill Symbol On The Door Leading To A Chest With Health Or Rage Regen (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Some doors in Valhalla will have a refill symbol on them, as shown in the image above. Always capitalize on this opportunity and enter the refill rooms whenever you see one. The legendary chest inside these rooms will either refill your health bar or rage bar which can then also be used to restore health. Thankfully, there’s a compulsory refill chest that will also spawn in the room of the boss that appears before ascending to Greece.

4. Critical Health Regen Upgrade

Gow ragnarok valhalla best ways to restore health
Purchasing The Health Regen Permanent Upgrade (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

This is a permanent upgrade that you can unlock before entering Valhalla, and its benefits will not go away after a cycle ends. The critical health regen ability will allow you to restore up to 30% health, if upgraded to the maximum, when Kratos’ total health falls extremely low. However, the regeneration only happens once you’re not in any combat section anymore.

5. Health Looter Upgrade

Gow ragnarok valhalla best ways to restore health
Purchasing The Health Looter Permanent Upgrade (Image Captured by Us)

This is personally my favorite permanent upgrade in the Valhalla DLC. Basically, the upgrade will allow you to restore health when you open up a legendary chest. When the health looter ability is upgraded to the maximum, it almost restores as much health as a health stone. Each combat room also has at least one legendary chest spawn, so getting this upgrade will basically increase your health stone to two per room.

6. Purchasing Health Bursts

Gow ragnarok valhalla best ways to restore health
Purchasing Health Bursts From The Tablet of Endeavor (Image Captured by eXputer)

Health bursts can be purchased from the Tablet of Endeavor or the golden tablet statue by using Fleeting Echoes. You can only purchase a total of two health bursts per cycle. The minor health burst, which restores a small amount of health, is available from the start, whereas the major health burst becomes available once you ascend the realms and land in Greece. 

7. Resurrection Stones

restoring health
Purchasing The Resurrection Stone Permanent Upgrade (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Getting the resurrection stones permanent upgrade should be one of the first things that you do in Valhalla. These stones are really helpful, especially on higher difficulties, and you can actually carry two of them if the ability has been upgraded to the maximum. Even though these stones restore a small amount of health and bring you back from the dead, all the while giving you a second or third chance in battle.

When you’re playing on higher difficulty levels, each drop of health makes a difference in Valhalla. The health that you gain back by opening a legendary chest or by purchasing from the Tablet of Endaevor can make the difference and lead you to victory against Tyr.

This concludes my guide on the best ways to restore health in GOW Ragnarok Valhalla. I have enlisted the best seven methods that i came across by putting over ten hours in the latest DLC. I hope that the guide helped in survive longer against the dangers of each realm. Let me know what you think about the Valhalla DLC in the comments below!


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