God Of War Ragnarok: How To Heal (All Methods)

Learn how to heal using various methods in order to always be ready for a fight

You’re never spending more than several minutes away from God of War’s combat and all the dangerous foes. That is why it is important for you to keep your health topped up constantly. 

There are multiple ways to recover your health in God Of War Ragnarok; some can be done in the middle of battle, while others might require special items that you can purchase. Regardless, the game offers you enough methods to ensure that you’re never struggling too much.

Key Takeaways
  • The easiest way to heal in God of War Ragnarok is to stomp on the green stones in the open world.
  • These stones can be found in many breakable objects and sometimes spawn in boss fights.
  • Players can also heal themselves by attacking during Spartan Rage. 
  • Alternatively, they can use the Valor mode in Spartan Rage to regain a large pool of health in exchange for the damage potential of Spartan Rage.
  • Resurrection Stones can also heal Kratos. The amount of health regained depends on the type of Resurrection Stone being used.
  • Some Gear and Talismans can also regenerate HP. For example, killing an enemy with an R3 finisher will regenerate health.
  • Similarly, the Valor Talisman regenerates HP upon the activation of Spartan Rage.

All Healing Methods

There are up to five different methods for healing in the game. Some of these are more direct such as cracking health stones. In contrast, others are passive boosts that you can get from things like talismans. Regardless, here are all of the different methods for healing in God of War Ragnarok.

Green Orbs

God of war Ragnarok how to heal
Green Healing Orb [Captured by eXputer]
One of the first healing methods, and perhaps the most useful one, that you’re taught in the game is by the use of shining green orbs that you can find nearby any place of battle.

All you need to do is approach them and press the circle button to smash them. It’ll grant you a bit of health, depending on how big the orb is. If an enemy is approaching you as you’re about to smash a green orb, then worry not, as the smashing action has a bit of knockback that can push back any lower-level enemies.

Although you’ll find green orbs scattered in the battle place, you can also get them after killing tougher enemies. And if you’re fighting a boss, sometimes hitting their weak spots or stunning them also drops green orbs.

Spartan Rage

spartan rage mode
Spartan Rage for healing [Captured by eXputer]
Another healing method that you might not be able to use as often but can be used right in the middle of battle is the Spartan Rage. Essentially, whenever you activate your rage and start punching away at your enemies, you’ll gain a bit of health per each punch landing.

The Spartan Rage is great for being on the defense and offense at the same time. Most of your rage attacks are unblockable, so even if you’re on the verge of dying, you can usually recover by just using the Spartan Rage.

You can use light and heavy attacks during the spartan rage, but if you just want to get your health back as quickly as possible, you’re better off using light attacks as they’re much quicker and will regenerate your health a lot quicker.

Resurrection Stones

how to heal in God of War Ragnarok
Resurrection Stone for revival [Captured by eXputer]
Sometimes you might run out of all the green orbs in the area or might not have enough rage to activate Spartan Rage; then, you’re left with a bit of an expensive yet literally lifesaving option in the game.

Early on in chapter two, you’ll get introduced to Resurrection Stones, which can essentially bring you back to life if you die in the middle of battle. You can buy them from the Dwarf Brothers, Sindri, and Brok. They’ll both have it in stock, but usually, Sindri is the one out in the field, so he’s usually your go-to guy.

The Stone is a consumable item, so if you use it once, you cannot use it again unless you buy another one. Additionally, you need to be with a companion for them to use the stone and revive you. Meaning in certain sections, when you’re alone, you can’t self-revive.

Auto Healing

There’s a way to heal without any items or green orbs, and it’s offered by the game itself. Unfortunately, it’s not a healing method that can be used in the middle of a fight. In fact, as soon as you complete a fight, and if you’re critically injured, you’ll automatically regain a bit of health.

Therefore, it’s not as useful as some of the other healing methods on the list, but it ensures that you can survive at least a couple of blows in your next encounter.

Passive Healing

passive healing
Nidavellir Armor offering passive healing [Captured by eXputer]
One other method that you have for healing isn’t something specific; it mostly depends on what kind of gear you have. It can be Talismans or the type of armor that you’re wearing. But essentially, different gear in the game offers different types of healing.

For example, the Nidavellir armor gives a burst of health each time you stun and perform a takedown on an enemy. Similarly, the Valor talisman provides you with a health boost each time you enter rage mode. Therefore, be on the lookout for such gear to find different ways of healing.

Of course, to make things easier, you can try increasing your health as well. That can be done by equipping armor that increases your vitality. Or, you can look for Idunn apples to also increase your health.

Regardless, you now know how to heal in God of War Ragnarok using various different methods. If you played the prequel, you’d find the methods quite similar to the first game. And if you’re new, then worry not, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to keep healing throughout the game, even when you’re in sticky situations.

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