God Of War Ragnarok BEST Controller Settings

Choose the best controller-related settings to make your experience a bit more unique.

God of War Ragnarok’s fans may be curious about which controller-related settings they should modify before starting their journey. I have prepared this guide to inform you of the BEST controller settings for God Of War: Ragnarok.

Key Takeaways

Here’s a quick breakdown of the controller settings you should tweak:

  • Remap the Touch Pad to execute different movement and combat functions in the game.
  • Maximize the camera movement speed.
  • Switch Off the camera sway and crank up the camera shake.
  • Disable the Motion Sensor Aiming function.
  • Remap the button prompts according to your comfort.

Here are all the controller settings summarized: 

Setting NameWhat to set it to
Touch Pad ButtonLeft/Right
Swipe UpShield Strike
Swipe RightHUD toggle
Swipe DownQuick Turn
Swipe LeftNavigation Assist
Horizontal Rotation SpeedMax/10
Vertical Rotation SpeedMax/10
Aim Horizontal SensitivityMax/10
Aim Vertical SensitivityMax/10
Ambient Camera SwayOff/0
Camera ShakeMax/10
Motion Sensor Function AimingOff
Controller RemappingDefault
Quick TurnEnable

Touch Pad Button – Left/ Right

best controller settings for GOW ragnarok
Touch Pad Shortcut options [Image Credit: eXputer]
Players can find these settings in the Gameplay section under the “Touch Pad Shortcut” heading. This setting is set to “Left/Right” by default, and I will recommend keeping it that way. 

By pressing the left side of the Touch pad, you will be able to access the map. By pressing the right side of the Touch pad, you will go to the weapons menu.

Aside from this, players can also use the Touch pad as a shortcut for certain actions in the game.

I will recommend selecting these options:

  • Swipe Up – Shield Strike
  • Swipe Right – HUD toggle
  • Swipe Down – Quick Turn
  • Swipe Left – Navigation Assist

Camera Settings

best controller settings for GOW ragnarok
Camera settings options [Image Credit: eXputer]
These settings will determine just how quickly you will be able to move the camera. Players can find these settings in the “Graphics& Camera” section.

I consider these to be the best camera settings for the game:

  • Horizontal Rotation Speed – Max/ 10
  • Vertical Rotation Speed – Max/ 10
  • Aim Horizontal Sensitivity – Max/ 10
  • Ain Vertical Sensitivity – Max/ 10

The reason why I am recommending keeping all these camera settings at maximum is that you want to be able to move your camera as quickly as possible when facing hordes of enemies. If you feel like the maximum settings are too fast for you, then keeping these setting options at 8 is also a good alternative.

Motion Reduction

best controller settings for GOW ragnarok
Motion Reduction and Motion Sensor Function Aiming options [Image Credit: eXputer]
These settings can also be found in the “Graphics& Camera” section as well:

  • Ambient Camera Sway – Off/0
  • Camera Shake – Max/10

The Ambient Camera Sway option sets the intensity of slow, handheld, and other looping camera moments that players experience while traversing. I recommend turning these settings off.

As for the Camera Shake, I prefer keeping it at maximum because it can make the combat section of the game feel a lot more grand and epic. This option modifies the intensity of sudden camera moments.

Motion Sensor Function Aiming – Off

These settings will allow the players to control the camera while aiming with the movement of their controller. I will recommend keeping these settings off if you like to move your hands around during intense moments.

The last thing you need is to mess up your aiming with the sudden movement of your hands during intense moments like facing bosses or hordes of enemies.

Controller Remapping

controller layout for GOW ragnarok
Remapping Settings [Image Credit: eXputer]
In this setting section, keep every setting at the default, as the developers have done an outstanding job in properly optimizing every mechanic and action in God Of War: Ragnarok with the layout of the PlayStation controller.

However, I will recommend enabling the “Quick Turn” option as it can aid you a lot in the combat sections since you will have to instantly turn to your back at any time, which makes keeping track of enemies a lot easier.  

Wrapping Up The GOWR Controller Settings

the settings I’ve mentioned above are basic toggles that can be changed from the settings menu at any given time. It is recommended to first test these settings first to make your experience according to your preference.

This concludes our guide on the BEST controller settings for God Of War: Ragnarok. I’ve listed some popular choices from the community and added my personal suggestions to help you attain the best experience possible.

In this guide, I have only covered controller-related settings; I have a separate guide prepared for every other setting in the game, so consider reading our God Of War Ragnarok BEST Settings guide in case you are interested.

We hope our guide helped you out, and the game is currently available exclusively on PS4 and PS5. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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