God Of War Ragnarok Was Initially Developed For PS4, Explains Developer

It was reportedly not held back by PlayStation 4's hardware.

God of War took the world by storm in 2018 and broke all records deemed improbable for the franchise before its prolific triumph, with sales continuing to soar to the sky. The sequel, God of War Ragnarok, is broader in scope, promises, and community expectations. However, it has to match the gigantic standards set by its predecessor.

Various leaks, such as Kratos’ fight with Thor, have surfaced on YouTube, exciting the community even more for the eventual release. However, the director has shown severe disdain for the leaks spreading like wildfire around the web.

God of War Ragnarok appears to have become a phenomenon even before its release, and its development process is just as enticing as revealed by the animation director. 

Major Takeaway:

  • The animation director for God of War Ragnarok appeared in an interview and discussed the goals and development process of the title. 
  • The developer explained how the PlayStation 4 hardware was capable enough not to hinder the game’s overall development; it was designed to be the best PS4 title.
  • The studio could not capitalize on the potential of PlayStation 5, and it is just “icing on the cake.”
  • The game will deliver a hearty experience for PS4 and more heightened for the next-gen console.

The animation director, Bruno Velazquez, appeared in an interview and discussed the overall production phase for the anticipated sequel. God of War Ragnarok’s large explorable world was reportedly developed while keeping the PlayStation 4 capabilities in mind. 

Bruno states, “from the very get-go, we knew that this was going to be a PS4 game, because we wanted to support the fanbase – we had so many people that had enjoyed the game on PS4.” Moreover, it was developed to wear the crown for being the best PlayStation 4 game.

“So from the very beginning, we knew, okay, this is going to be a PS4 game; we’re going to make this the best PS4 game we can make.” Furthermore, the PlayStation 5 was “just icing on the cake.” However, God of War Ragnarok was not neglected for the PlayStation 5 at all.

The team has prepared the best next-gen rendition using all possible console features to tap into its latent potential. The director states, “PS5, it’s just like haptic feedback, 3D audio, higher frame-rate and better graphics and textures. That’s just like the icing on the cake. So of course the PS5 version is going to be the best way to experience it.

The PS4 version pushes the maximum capabilities of the last-gen console; that logic was applied to create the best next-gen version. Bruno continues, “but the PS4 [version] is going to be one of the games that pushes the PS4 to the max. Taking that philosophy and approach into it helped us to set the goalposts for ourselves, that we want to make a great PS4 experience and an even better PS5 experience.

Furthermore, the PS4 did not restrict the development in any way. Bruno clarifies, “So all the things that we set out to do, we were able to achieve on the PS4. Because of that, we didn’t really feel that we were restricted in any way, because all the goals that we set out to do, we were able to achieve.

It might sound worrisome that the game’s development was focused on PlayStation 4’s potential, but it lived up to the project’s scope. The next-gen version will prove to be the best rendition because the developers could easily use its resources. Regardless, it also suggests that PlayStation 5 capabilities remain largely unexplored.

What are your thoughts about the animation director’s unique perspective regarding God of War Ragnarok’s development? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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