God Of War Ragnarok: All Jungle Chests Locations

Time to hunt down some Dragons in The Jungle of Vanaheim in God Of War Ragnarok!

The God of War Ragnarok Jungle is an explorable area of the game. There are tons of stuff that players can do inside the Jungle, from hunting down dragons to completing the Casualties of War favors. Apart from that, players can also flood the Crater by tampering with the Dam found in the Jungle, which will help them explore Vanaheim to new extents. However, before any of that, it’s important that you know how to get to the Jungle.

Key Takeaways
  • Here is a quick list of all the things that can be found inside The Jungle of Vanaheim.
    • Dragon Hunts.
    • Nornir Chest.
    • Odin’s Raven.
    • Legendary Chests.
    • Lores.
    • Casualties of War quests.
    • Seasonal Stag.
    • Artifacts.
  • Apart from this, players can also complete the “Return of the River” favor in the Jungle, which will allow them to use the boat to travel across The Crater of Vanaheim.

Important: In order to reach The Jungle in Vanaheim, you must first complete the thirteenth main quest called “Creatures of Prophecy.” 

God Of War Ragnarok The Jungle Chests

The Jungle progress Vanaheim
The Jungle Map [Image by Us]
You can fully explore and aim for 100% completion of the Jungle after opening the Floodgates in Vanaheim. Even though the Jungle region may seem a bit smaller than some of the other areas in the game, it still has plenty of stuff that players can invest their time in. Most notably, it holds some huge boss fights, which will help you complete favors and gain EXP to unlock new skills for Kratos in God of War Ragnarok.

So, to summarize things, here are all the different activities and items you can find inside The Jungle:

  • 1x Nornir Chest.
  • 2x Legendary Chests.
  • 2x Lore.
  • 2x Artefacts.
  • 1x Odin’s Raven.
  • 3x Dragon Hunts.
  • 1x Casualties of War.
  • 1x Seasonal Stags.

Nornir Chest

The jungle nornir chest
Nornir Chest in The Jungle [Image Credit: eXputer]
While trekking across the Jungle, Kratos can stumble upon a Nornir Chest. The chest can only be accessed after you have opened the floodgates. After doing that, descend the dam using the elevator and head straight toward the closest coast, and hop onto the boat.

After you’re on the boat, make your way around the giant tree and stop by the coast right next to it. You will notice the Nornir Chest right ahead. This island also holds a Mystic Gateway, which is a lot more convenient than the one at the Jungle entrance. The Nornir chest can be unlocked by rotating the dials until they show the correct Runic glyph. These dials can be found within the same area.

The jungle nornir chest puzzle GOWR
Nornir Chest Runic dials [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • The first one is at the top right-hand side of the Nornir Chest.
  • You can find the second Glyph dial can be found at the top of the Celestial Altar.
  • The final Glyph Dial is right on the opposite wall of the second glyph dial. To access the dial you will need to burn off the vines first by using Sigil arrows and Blades of Chaos.

Legendary Chests

On the same island where you unlocked the Nornir Chest and the Mystic Gateway, you can also find a Legendary Chest. To open up the first Legendary chest in the Jungle area, turn East from the Celestial Altar and climb the wall. Continue forward and swing across the gaps until you reach a platform.

From here, you will need to burn down the vines. Once the vines are burnt down, you will see yet another grapple point that you can use to jump across and open the Legendary Chest. The chest holds “Whisper of the World” Light Runic Attack.

God of war ragnarok Jungle legendary chest
Legendary Chest inside the Elevator room [Image Credit: eXputer]
The second Legendary Chest inside the Jungle can be found while tracking down the Drake. Once you locate the Dragon’s Den (which can only be found during daytime as it allows Kratos to swing across the hanging branches over the river), use the elevator to descend to the lower level.

Kratos and Atreus will first be locked inside the Elevator gates. Fortunately, you can turn the wooden plank that controls the elevator gate by throwing the Leviathan Axe at it. After getting out of the Elevator gates, you can spot the Legendary Chest south of the elevator. Opening the Legendary Chest will yield you the Jewel of Yggdrasil.

Odin’s Raven

Odin's Raven god of war ragnarok vanaheim
Odin’s Raven location in the Jungle [Image Credit: eXputer]
Fortunately, it is quite easy to spot. Remember we mentioned the Ogre at the beginning? You can find Odin’s Raven right where the Ogre is. Since you can’t get close to the Ogre on foot, you can take a boat around the back and dock up.

You can then sneak in from behind and take down the Ogres and Nokkens. You will then be able to notice the Red Chest in the area; the Odin’s Raven can be found right above the chest, sitting on a wall.

Casualties Of War

Casualties of War are a bunch of favors that Kratos and Atreus carry out for the spirits found in Vanaheim. These spirits usually ask Kratos to complete their last wish or return certain items to them. As it happens, players can take part in a few Casualties of War favors while aiming for the Jungle God of War Ragnarok full completion.

Here is a list of Casualties of War that you either initiate, complete, or progress while in the Jungle.

  • The Stein: You can begin the Casualties of War: The Stein favor after you reach the Dam. The spirit can be found at the end of the platform, where players are able to turn the wheel to open the floodgates. However, to complete the favor, you will need to trek outside the Jungle as well.
  • The Toy: You can interact with another spirit inside the Jungle to initiate a Casualty of War favor. You can find this particular spirit on the Southwest corner of the same island as the Nornir Chest. For the favor, you will be tasked to find the other half of the toy to reunite a son and his father.
    • The other half of the toy can be found in the same area as where the Ogre and Odin’s Raven were. Just head towards the Northwest portion of the island to complete the Casualties of War: The Toy favor in God of War Ragnarok.

Boss Fights

Amongst all the other things that you can do in the Jungle of Vanaheim, the boss fights remain the biggest selling point. The Jungle might be the richest area in the Norse Realms when it comes to boss fights. Therefore, if you’re looking for some challenges along with some fun dragon hunts, then it is surely time to upgrade Kratos’ weapons and armor before you begin your killing spree in the Jungle. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are three Dragon Hunts inside the Jungle. Here are all of them in the correct order.

  1. Dreki:
    • Location: Dreki’s feeding ground behind the Dam.
    • Description: Players face two Drekis simultaneously, requiring strategic combat and parrying to defeat them.
    • Strategy: Utilize proper battle tactics and well-timed parries to defeat the Drekis.
      Dreki god of war ragnarok
      Dreki boss fight [Screenshot by Us]
  2. Dragon (The Corpse Eater):
    • Location: Dragon’s Den, reached by climbing walls near the Celestial Altar.
    • Description: Players battle the fierce dragon known as The Corpse Eater, which can cause devastating damage.
    • Strategy: Utilize the Draupnir Spear and Runic attacks, along with elemental damage like poison, to defeat the dragon.
      Dragon hunt god of war ragnarok
      The Corpse Eater [Screenshot by Us]
  3. Drake (The Slag Horn):
    • Location: Drake’s feeding ground, accessed by navigating through the Jungle.
    • Description: Players face a giant Drake known as The Slag Horn, which is slower but deals significant damage.
    • Strategy: Target weak points on the Drake’s limbs with the Draupnir Spear to stun it, then use well-timed shield parrying and rolls to avoid its attacks and exploit openings.
      Drake god of war ragnarok
      Drake Boss fight [Screenshot by Us]
  4. The Untamed Fury:
    • Location: Various locations in Vanaheim, concluding in the Jungle.
    • Description: Players encounter the mighty Centaur known as The Untamed Fury, battling her over five different locations.
    • Strategy: Employ effective combat techniques and exploit her weaknesses to defeat her as she moves through different areas.


Lore marker in Vanaheim God of War Ragnarok
Lore #1 [Image Credit: eXputer]
In God of War Ragnarok, you can find tons of lore across all realms. These Lores come in various forms, such as markers, runes, and scrolls. They add more depth to the story and world of the Norse Gods. Other than providing you with some intriguing information, Lore markers also help Kratos and Atreus gain a small chunk of EXP. With that said, you can find 2 Lores inside the Jungle.

The first of them (Unforgiven) can be found on top of the Dam. While you’re completing the “Return of the River” favor, you can easily spot the Lore Marker after taking the elevator to the Dam. Before blowing up the wall and squeezing through, jump across the first two ledges, and you’ll spot the Lore marker on your right.

GOWR Lore the jungle
Lore #2 [Image Credit: eXputer]
The second lore (City of Possibility) is found during the final portions of the Jungle. Fortunately, it is quite easy to come across. When you reach the Slag Horn’s den in the “Path of Destruction,” fall through the hole in the ground and lift the elevator gates. Once you’re out of the elevator, simply circle around the gates to find the Lore rune on the wall. 

Seasonal Stag

GOWR bridge to stag of summer
Bridge in the Jungle [Image Credit: eXputer]
On The Jungle God of War Ragnarok journey, you can also get your hands on one of the Seasonal Stags from the “A Stag for All Season” favor. This particular quest is assigned to Kratos by Ratatoskr. The player will be tasked to find 4 Stags that are missing within Vanaheim. 

As it happens, you can find the Stag of Summer in the Jungle. There are two things that you must perform before rescuing the Stag of Summer.

  • Complete the “Return of the River” mission.
  • Make sure it is daytime in Vanaheim.

After that, head to the area where you found the Ogre and Nokkens. From here, swing through the giant branch bridge to reach the other side of the river. You’ll find the Stag of Summer straight ahead on your path. Interact with the Stag and send it back to Ratatoskr through the portal.

How Do You Reach The Jungle In God Of War Ragnarok?

God of war ragnarok how to unlock the jungle
The Jungle [Image Credit: eXputer]
After completing the “Creatures of Prophecy,” Kratos and Atreus will get back to exploring Vanaheim. When players exit Freyr’s camp, a favor called “Scent of Survival” will automatically begin. in which you need to follow the tracks of Helka, which will ultimately take you to the all-new area of The Crater in Vanahein, which include:

  • The Plains.
  • The Sinkholes.
  • The Jungle.

Upon completion of Scent of Survival, you will reach The Crater, which is completely dried up. To reach the Jungle, you will need to navigate through the area. This should be easy enough since the trail isn’t that hard. However, there are a couple of turns and twists, which is why you need to pay attention to the path we have mentioned below.

Before You Start: Make sure it is nighttime in Vanaheim. You can change the time of the day by interacting with any of the Celestial Altars.

how to get to the jungle GOWR
Mystic Gateway at the Crater entrance [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • From the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway, turn toward the North and climb the wall using the Blades of Chaos.
  • Drop down on the other side of the wall (you will be able to see a recognizable Frozen Lightning straight ahead). Turn left and drop down the ledge next to the torch.
  • Keep moving ahead while scaling the cliff, and then use the Blades of Chaos to jump over a gap and land next to another torch.
  • Follow the path until Kratos is prompted to climb yet another ledge. Once you climb it, expect a few enemies. However, if you’re quick enough, you can completely ignore them and make a left U-turn.
  • Continue on the path by hugging the left side of the cliff. You will eventually come to a point where you will drop down a level and will be required to make a sharp left turn.
  • Finally, you will need to make a final turn toward the South and then enter a cave. On the other side of the cave, you will find the Jungle.
Gowr cave the jungle
Cave Entrance [Image Credit: eXputer]
You will need to take down a few enemies inside the cave and also be wary of the poisonous plants. Other than that, the track through the cave is pretty straightforward, as it leads directly to the Jungle.

Inside the Jungle, you will have a vast amount of quests and items to take on. However, the first thing you should do is release the floodgates on the Dam so that the River starts flowing once again in Vanaheim.

Opening The Floodgates

Return of the River God of war Ragnarok
Returning the River in Vanaheim [Image Credit: eXputer]
To open the floodgates, you will need to reach the Dam, which can be found on the Northwest side of the Jungle map. You can easily reach the region by going to the right from the entrance of the jungle. The turn will lead you to a ledge from which you can drop down.

After that, pass through the field at the end, where you will need to face two Wulvers simultaneously. Take them down and climb the wall up. Once you’re up, a new flavor will begin called “Return of the River.” Follow the path until you reach an elevator blocked by vines. Simply use the Blades of Chaos after making Atreus fire a Sigil arrow at it. You can then use the elevator to go up toward the Dam.

Here, you will need to take down a few more enemies; you can then break open a hole in the wall with the Draupnir Spear to get to the other side of the dam. On the other side, make use of Sigil arrows to burn some vines that are blocking the floodgates.

Kratos will then be able to open up the floodgates, which will bring back the River in The Crater region of Vanaheim. Players can then explore new areas, fight enemies, and acquire some high-tier gear inside Vanaheim.

Ending Thoughts

So there you have it! A detailed and definitive guide to the God of War Ragnarok Jungle area. On top of that, we have listed down all the different things you can occupy yourself with while exploring the rich and generous lands of Vanaheim. However, do not get fooled by its beauty. The Jungle is a very deadly place that also holds some of the toughest boss fights in God of War Ragnarok.

If you’re a little hesitant to face the mighty dragons in The Jungle, then make sure to read our guide about God of War Ragnarok Combat Tips. Apart from that, you can also get the most out of the game by applying the optimal controller settings. Last but not least, make sure to equip Kratos with some of the best armor sets in God of War Ragnarok, such as Lunda’s Armor or the Dragon Scaled Armor.

Thank you for sticking around and reading through our extensive guide. For more helpful stuff regarding God of War Ragnarok, feel free to stick around at eXputer.

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