How To Get Secret Ending In God Of War Ragnarok

Here is a full guide on how to achieve the Secret Ending by completing 'Favour: A Viking Funeral' in God of War Ragnarok.

Santa Monica has done it again, the God of War Ragnarok presented an amazing story with a heartfelt ending. If you’ve already played through the whole game and completed the final mission. Then we have a little surprise for you. There is another thing you can do to achieve the God of War Ragnarok Secret Ending.


Key Takeaways
  • After completing the main quest, players can head to Svartfalheim to unlock the game’s secret ending.
  • Once there, head to Nidavellir and talk to Lunda, who is found inside the Tavern.
  • She will inform Kratos about Brok’s funeral, and a new favor called A Viking Funeral will be unlocked.
  • Now, make your way to the Aurvangar Wetlands in Svartfalheim and follow the quest marker on the map.
  • Once you make your way to the quest marker, the secret ending will play.

In our guide, we will teach you how you can achieve the secret ending. Not only that, but we will also cover the story during this secret final mission in God of War Ragnarok. You can treat the secret ending as the final piece of the huge story which connects and completes a plotline.

With that said, let’s dive right into it and teach you how you can get the secret ending in the new God of War game.

[Note: Since we are covering the ending of God of War Ragnarok you will surely encounter MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!]

How To Get The Secret Ending In God Of War Ragnarok?

god of war ending
Secret Ending Scene in God of War Ragnarok [Image Credit: eXputer]
To experience the final secret ending in God of War Ragnarok, you must complete a post-credit mission. Completing the mission will fulfill a specific character’s arc and also bring closure for you and Kratos. So without further ado, here is how you can get the Secret Ending with Kratos.

You can achieve the final ending in God of War Ragnarok by completing a quest called ‘Favour: A Viking Funeral‘. However, the game does not inform you or direct you toward this specific quest. It will only be available after you interact with a specific character and complete the main story.

After Brok dies (despite your high-level Combat skills) at the hands of Odin in the final phases of God of War Ragnarok, you will need to go back to Svartalfheim. Once there, go to Nidavellir and talk to Lunda, who can be found in the Tavern. After interacting with her, Kratos will learn that Lunda, Durlin, and Raeb are heading to the Sven Sands to say their final words to Brok. With that done, you now would have unlocked the Favour: A Viking Funeral quest in God of War Ragnarok.

Once the quest is available for you to complete,  make your way back to the place where you exited the mines. From here head towards the Aurvangar Wetlands and pull the platform at Mystic Gateway to cross the shore. After crossing the shore you should then reach the Sven Sands where Brok’s funeral should be taking place.

After you exit the platform and step down on the shore, head towards the body of Brok and interact with it by pressing ‘Circle‘. Kratos will pick up Brok and place him down on his farewell boat.

The quest is quite short and will end in a matter of minutes. Once you have placed down Brok, you will encounter an all-new exclusive cutscene. During the cutscene, Brok’s brother Sindri will show up to pay respect to him. Sadly, Sindri will place his hands on Brok and declare his love for him.

After his final goodbye to Brok, Sindri and Kratos will push the boat off the shore. Sindri will then light Freya’s arrow, who will proceed to shoot Brok’s boat to bring an end to the funeral. Kratos will then try to console Sindri but he will cut him off and look at the Ghost of Sparta with remorse.

He will then leave the occasion with his head held down. The camera will then shift back to Kratos which will ultimately bring an end to the Favour: A Viking Funeral quest. The scene will come to an end and the credits will roll as you watch Kratos walk away from everyone else.

With that, you will reach the Final Ending in God of War Ragnarok and complete the full story arc by bringing closure to Brok and Sindri as well.


That was our quick step-by-step guide on what the Final Ending in God of War Ragnarok is. There is a high chance that a lot of players may have missed this ending, especially those gamers who don’t really explore their surroundings. Therefore, our guide will assist you perfectly to achieve this ending. 

God of War Ragnarok is finally out and the players can’t be more hyped for it. The epic tale continues as Kratos and Atreus travel across Midgard to uncover more answers regarding the true identity of Atreus. Before you jump into the Norse Realms with the Best Armor equipped, make sure that you have chosen the best-suited Difficulty. Not only that but make sure that your Controller Settings are in place before you kick off your God-like journey. 

We hope you found our guide helpful. Stick around at eXputer to learn a lot more valuable information regarding God of War Ragnarok.

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