God of War Ragnarok Will Take 50+ Hours To Fully Explore

And an additional 20+ hours or so for 100% completion of the game.

PlayStation fans are definitely eating well this season with the arrival of the most anticipated game of the year in less than two weeks. God of War Ragnarok is taking no prisoners in terms of building up world-spanning hype for itself, coming forth as a direct sequel to the 2018 God of War released exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Four years later, Kratos is finally back on the big screen to continue his rip-roaring journey with Atreus. This time, however, he’s up against a bigger beast—far more vile and dangerous than anything he’s ever faced.

With that said, the journey up the mountain has prepared the father-son due to tackle what comes next, together, and, boy the things that await them ahead are packing a punch.

The Rundown:

  • God of War Ragnarok is bound to release on the 9th of November this year as a follow-up title to the 2018-released God of War.
  • In recent times, a podcast session held by IGN has talked about their hands-on impressions with God of War Ragnarok. Evidently, one of the informative points outed by the spokespeople relates to Ragnarok’s play length, which is slated to be somewhere around 50-70 hours, depending on your style of play.
  • Exploring all of the accessible regions of Ragnarok is going to take about 50 hours. However, if you intend to take things a tad bit slower, completing the third-person action adventure will take you north of that time frame.  

A dedicated podcast held by IGN and broadcasted on their YouTube channel goes over a non-spoiler discussion about their early experience of God of War Ragnarok.

The 20-minute conversation has shed light on multiple aspects of the title, ranging from the various available combat options to depth in the leveling up of the in-game skill tree. However, what has managed to grab our attention the most is the second-minute mark in the video. 

YouTube video

One of the podcast attendees says that they’re “about 70 hours in and doing a completionist run.” While this does give off a subjective vibe in the sense that the player’s playing speed and various other factors have to be taken into account in terms of calculating a game’s total runtime, we can look forward to a safe average here. 

Evidently, Ragnarok will take about 50+ hours of your time to get squeezed to oblivion. Those who like to enjoy the ride in their own comfort can take up to 70 hours to complete the title, as described by one of the speakers in the podcast.

This, of course, comes as a surprise, especially when you compare these figures with the average playtime stats of God of War Ragnarok’s predecessor. If you concentrate on beating the story campaign and nothing else, the 2018 God of War takes about 20 hours to complete, according to How Long to Beat.

As the release date of the title approaches near, some show concern about whether Ragnarok is a DLC to the original reboot of God of War or whether it does have that new car smell to it. The shift from the old God of War games to the 2018 title was massive, and of course, that isn’t what Ragnarok is aspiring to be.

Instead, it’ll continue the story of Atreus and Kratos in a much more substantial manner than before, one that sets up the title for the last iteration in this newfound trilogy.

If there’s one more thing that the sequel is packing, expect God of War Ragnarok to be more violent than its predecessor, should you choose to incline to news like that. Moreover, the game’s file sizes were also revealed earlier this week, with the PlayStation 4 file size of the game locked in at 118.5 GB.

Do let us know how hyped you are about Ragnarok down in the comments section ahead. In the meantime, we’re off to watch the title’s State of Play Story trailer for the fifteen hundredth time.

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