God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction Quest [Walkthrough]

Learn everything there is to about the Path of Destruction sidequest and how to complete it in God of War Ragnarok

Story Highlights
  • There are plenty of side quests to pursue in God of War Ragnarok which will reward players with tons of XP points and rewards
  • One of these side quests is called the Path of Destruction which takes places in the Jungle area in the realm of Vanaheim
  • It will have players hunt down a large Drake called the Slag Horn which can be intimidating if not careful enough
  • Players will need to lure the Boss out and the fight itself can easily be won with the best gear setup and tactics

God Of War Ragnarok offers you a variety of different side quests, which are called favors in-game, one of these favors that you will encounter is called the Path of Destruction.

[Note: Some parts may have spoilers in themRead at your own discretion]

How To Find The Path Of Destruction Favor

The Path Of Destruction side quest is located in the Jungle area of the Vanaheim realm, which will be a previously inaccessible region of the realm that can be unlocked once you complete Return Of The River Side Quest. Before you even think about venturing straight to the location of the side quest, there are some requirements to accessing it properly and the location where you can find it.

Despite our mentioning the exact location to trigger the side quest, it is worth noting that you will come across various footprints around the Jungle area in Vanaheim, which will be directly linked to the clues of discovering the location of the Path of Destruction favor in God of War Ragnarok.

gow ragnarok path of destruction
Boat dock site (image Captured by Us)

First things first, you will need to need to make it daytime in the realm by interacting with the celestial altar, which clears up some obstacles blocking your path toward the side quest location. The nearest one in the area can be found directly on the bottom shore of the map. Now, as shown in the image above, hop into your boat and make your way toward the boat dock located on the far-right side of the map.

Now get ready to face two ogres along with a few other pesky enemies called the Nokken, which shouldn’t be hard since your main focus should be to take them out immediately so they don’t make the Ogre invulnerable to damage.

Once you take the Nokken out, your next attention should be the Ogre with a lower level in his health bar; target him and stun him so you can ride his back and deal extra damage to the other Ogre here.

Hop across the gap (Image by eXputer)

After defeating all of the enemies here, feel free to grab the nearby red loot chest for materials and Hacksilver here as well as one of Odin’s Ravens perched right next to the chest to the right of the arena. Now, as shown in the image above, hop across the gap using your Chaos Blades into an area that will be previously locked if you are here during the Night-time.

If you’ve been following Ratatoskar’s side quests, you should also come across the Summer Stag here, which you will need to interact with in order to progress the Stag of Seasons side quest. Make your way towards the right side here and watch out for the poison-spitting flowers on the vines nearby.

The Crawl Space to reach the side quest (Image credit: eXputer)

There should also be a Chain Rope shortcut that you can open, which will make things easier when you need to head back here in a few minutes. Make your way around the area in order to reach the crawl space we have shown in the image above to reach a large space with a downward section in the middle.

path of destruction side quest gow ragnarok
Path of Destruction side quest triggers (Image credit: eXputer)

This will trigger Kratos and his companion to remark about discovering one of the Dragons they need to hunt down. After which, it will begin the Path of Destruction favor, and in case you still want to learn the exact location of the quest itself, we have detailed it in the image above for your convenience.


We have broken down the next steps and objectives of the Side quests into three different sections, which will make it easy for you to follow along with us. Once you have located the culprit of the footprints all over the Jungle area, your next objective of the favor will be to lure some drakes as bait for the Slag Horn.

Lure The Gulons Into The Cage

cage mechanism gow ragnarok
The Cage Mechanism (Image by eXputer)

The next thing to do here is to jump straight down the middle platform hole. Before you do anything else, turn around and shoot at the rotatory mechanism above the gear until the cage around you is lifted, after which you immediately throw your axe at the gear below to freeze the lever and keep the cage hovered above ground level. Do it exactly as we have depicted in the image above for your convenience.

Make your way toward the locked gate to unlock it and progress it. Feel free to grab the Legendary Chest here, which will contain the Amulet Fragment needed to upgrade your total Amulet Enchantment Slots. Once you lift the gate up, get ready to lure a nearby drake back where you have the axe frozen in gear.

Gow ragnarok luring gulons
Luring the Gulons (Image captured by Us)

You only need a single drake here, and in our experience, your companion, whether it’s Atreus or Freya, will not shoot at the last one alive, so lure it to the middle platform without any kind of worry. As soon as the Drake is on the platform, simply dodge out quickly and call back the Leviathan Axe to drop the cage onto the beast. Now all you have to do is pull on the nearby chain to bring the platform back up.

Once you do, an audio cue will be played, and the Slag Horn drake will show up to feast on our bait. Now all you have to do is exit the area and make it back to the area above by backtracking. If you throw down the Chain Rope pile, as we said above, then you should easily be able to hop back around to the area with the crawl space.

Slag Horn Boss Fight

gow ragnarok path of destruction
Slag Horn Boss Fight (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Get ready because as soon as you hop back into the crawl space with the middle platform, you will be greeted with the Slag Horn boss fight, as shown in the image above. The fight itself should feel pretty familiar if you’ve already fought the other similar dragons, such as the Crag Jaw and the Gravel Belly. The only key difference here is that this Drake has a bigger health bar and its attacks have a huge delay, making them tricky to dodge.

The most dangerous attack here is its Tail Swipe which is indicated by the Yellow Circle, allowing you to either parry it or dodge it, but we prefer the latter here. It will have a long windup animation to it, so the best bet here is to dodge it completely as soon as it does attack or parry it with the right timing.

The two other main attacks include a ground pound which is indicated by a red circle which means that you will have to dodge it in order to avoid damage. Lastly, it will also do a bite attack using its maw, so try to dodge it by side-stepping to either side at the last moment. We have also listed some additional tips which make this fight much easier so you can get it done within a couple of minutes with ease and comfort:

Throw a spear into the glowing spots (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • As shown in the image above, the slag horn will have brightly colored glowing spots on his front left and right arms where you can throw the Draupnir Spear at and stun him. Simply throw the spear at each marking by aiming it, and once each spear is in place, press or hold the triangle button to blow them up inside the boss. Hitting both spots will stun and collapse it momentarily, allowing you to deal extra DPS.
  • One of the Best Shields in GOW Ragnarok includes the Stone Wall Shield, which allows you to power it up by blocking attacks. Once the shield is fully charged up and glowing, you can slam it into the ground by double tapping the L1 Button, dishing out enormous damage stun to enemies around you.
  • It goes without saying that but be sure to exhaust all of your runic attacks from all three weapons as they can deal a huge chunk of damage within seconds.
  • You can also pair your DPS with the Hilt of Hofund, which is one of the Best Relics in GOW Ragnarok, allowing you to briefly slow down time around you to deal damage without breaking a sweat.

Path Of Destruction Favor Rewards

Slag Horn rewards
Rewards (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

You will receive the Regenerating Essence Amulet Enchantment, which will allow you to heal Kratos, along with which you will also receive an x1 Dragon Claw and x15 Purified Crystalline, which are rare crafting materials. You will need these materials in order to craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set at the dwarf blacksmith shop. Most importantly, you will also complete the Path Of Destruction Favor in God Of War Ragnarok.


God Of War Ragnarok has certainly left its mark on the gaming world as Kratos and Atreus are back as they prevent the inevitable demise at the hands of the ancient prophecy known as Ragnarok. The original game was crowned the 2018 GOTY by several critics and notorious award ceremonies such as the BAFTAs.

There is no denying that prestige as the performances by the characters, the gripping and heartfelt storytelling, and the robust gameplay elements all combine to form such a coherent package for all gamers alike. Speaking of which, if you’re fresh off into the game, then by learning the Beginner Combat Tips, you can easily immerse yourself in the fluid action of the game within a few short steps.

These sidequests or favors can be found randomly whilst traveling across the Nine Realms as Kratos, so keep your wits about you as you explore each world. Moreover, completing them can grant you a plethora of XP Points for both Kratos and his companion. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then let us know if we can help you in any other way, as well as what you think about the game so far in the comments section below!

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