God Of War Ragnarok Devs Admit Allies Spoiling Puzzles Was Overlooked

The developers seemingly never noticed the problem until the game was released.

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  • God of War Ragnarok developers have reportedly admitted in an interview that the allies spoiling puzzles went entirely unnoticed during development.
  • The issue was only realized after the game had already been released, as it was never reported by the testers responsible for noticing every bug. 
  • The problem also bothered the story lead Richard Gaubert during his playthrough, finding allies spoiling puzzles irksome during his run.
  • No patches regarding a fix have been announced, and they appear unlikely, going by the developers’ words. However, the issue will not happen in Santa Monica Studios’ next games.

God of War Ragnarok has its fair share of minor hiccups, and the team has just addressed the most prominent one. The game’s characters or “allies” would often end up spoiling the puzzle sequences in just moments, as criticized by many players in the gaming sphere.

A few days ago, the title’s narrative director Matt Sophos and story lead Richard Gaubert appeared in an interview with MinnMax, where the query was presented to the duo. As per the developers, the notion entirely missed their radar while God of War Ragnarok was in the brewer.

God of War Ragnarok was developed for a long time, and it also saw detailed testing behind the curtains. However, the people responsible for testing did not provide any feedback regarding the allies spoiling puzzles, which prevented the team from patching up the impediment before the entry was released.

It didn’t get exposed to us really until after the game came out, because even when it had play tests we never saw feedback about the characters talking too much or spoiling things too quickly,” said Sophos during the interview.

The developer further noted that the puzzles were answered too quickly by the allies, which hindered the user experience. The issue lies with the timing, as per the developer. “The timing for the first hint was too aggressive and should have had a much longer countdown timer before something comes up.

Both the developers agreed that the issue went unnoticed, and it was reportedly only noticed after the game had already been loaded into retail shelves. “It wasn’t until the game came out and it was like, ‘well s**t.’ If we’d known that we would’ve responded,” noted Richard. The dev also said, “it’s not going to happen again.

Richard also iterates in the interview that he never got the chance to play God of War Ragnarok from start to end, stopping the developer from realizing the issue. However, he admitted that it did feel bothersome when the allies kept spoiling the puzzles a tad bit too early during his playthrough.

The players had highly critiqued the issue, as it led to many users not being able to enjoy the thought process needed for each puzzle. Unfortunately, the exact problem appears to be recurring in most recent AAA hits, such as Horizon Forbidden West.

Regardless, the issue has finally been noticed by the team, though there were no explicit mentions of a patch. The chances for such a prospect appear bleak, judging by the words of the developers. However, it has been noted that it will not happen again so the minor hindrance will be omitted in Santa Monica Studios’ next games.

Santa Monica Studios’ God of War Ragnarok was released to critical acclaim a few months ago, and it ended up setting a new threshold for game sequels. The chronicles of the Nordic saga amalgamated mesmerizing visuals, a compelling storyline, and hearty character-building that brewed into one of the best games of last year.

God of War Ragnarok follows the legacy of Atreus and Kratos; the father-son relationship was highly expanded upon in the new sequel. Moreover, the entry has surpassed many milestones; for instance, the sequel was able to dominate every other title as the top contender in 2022’s US boxed charts’ best-ranking games.

What are your thoughts on the God of War Ragnarok developers seemingly missing out on the game’s most bothersome feature? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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