God of War Ragnarok: Mod Tokens [Explained]

Learn how Mod Tokens work in God of War Ragnarok along with their users and how you can change them in the game.

A great new addition to the fast-paced combat system of God of War Ragnarok is the Mod Tokens. These can be used to enhance the Skills of weapons used by Kratos. Unfortunately, for the fans, Mod Tokens can be quite easy to miss as the game won’t tell you about them firsthand.

Key Takeaways
  • Mod Tokens are used to modify Kratos’ weapons with various status effects in God of War Ragnarok.
  • These effects include increased damage, stun, elemental effects, and defense.
  • These Mod Tokens are unlocked by completing various “skill labors” which require Kratos to perform a specific skill a certain amount of times.
  • Once you have done that skill the required amount of times, you will attain a Mod Token that lets you modify that specific skill.
  • In order to apply Mod Tokens, head to Skills in the main menu and press X on the skill you want to modify. 

What Are Mod Tokens 

In God of War Ragnarok, you will find Kratos to be more aggressive. When you first start that game, you will get two primary weapons called Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe. Both of these weapons have intricate Skill Trees and abilities that can be leveled up and modified using the Mod Tokens.

Mod Tokens in God of War Ragnarok
Mod Tokens [Image Capture By eXputer]
So the Mod Tokens are basically still more than the game that will allow you to enhance the abilities of your weapons. These Skill modes can be unlocked by completing several Skill Labour challenges attached to them. 

Mod Tokens are a great addition as they will further add a layer of Skill customization for Kratos. This will allow you to choose Skills for different builds and the play style that suits you the most. 

How Do Mod Tokens Work 

  • In God of War Ragnarok, you can graft, upgrade gear, choose from different Skill Trees, and modify abilities.
  • To upgrade and modify, you need to understand how Mod Tokens work, which are unlocked by completing Skill Labour challenges.
  • Reach the gold tier for a specific skill to unlock the Mod Token for that skill and equip a special effect

Skill Labour 

It is important to understand how Skill Labour works if you intend to use Mod Tokens in the game. Whenever you select certain Skills in a Skill Tree, you will be able to see them in the sidebar. There you will be able to see and track the progress you have gained so far using each Labour for the Skill.

how to get Mod Tokens in God of War Ragnarok
Upgrading Scorched Sweep through Skill Labour [Image Capture By eXputer]
To advance and enhance Skills in God of War Ragnarok, follow these steps:

  1. Perform the Skill: To complete a Skill Labour and increase the Skill’s tier, you must use that specific Skill in battles.
  2. Deal Damage: Ensure that the Skill you use actually inflicts damage on your enemies. Only then will it contribute to the Skill Labour progress.
  3. Upgrade the Weapon: To increase the skill’s tier, you’ll need to upgrade the weapon associated with that skill tree.

For example, if you’re working on Scorched Sweep I for the Blades of Chaos in the technique Skill Tree, you may need to use the Skill 15 times to complete the Skill Labour. Once achieved, the Skill will be upgraded to Scorched Sweep II.

Skill Tier

However, before you can actually unlock it, you will also have to upgrade to the third level of Blades of Chaos. This would require you to gather resources in God of War Ragnarok. And as we know, collecting resources is not an easy task to end the game. It is also worth noting that you might be able to complete a Skill Labour for a particular Skill before you can actually upgrade your weapon. 

Mod Tokens in God of War Ragnarok
Upgrading the Skill Tiers [Image Capture By eXputer]
Before you can unlock a Mod Token, you will need to complete all these tiers and complete Skill Labours while making your way up the Skill Tree. 

The advancements you have to make in each tier will vary from Skill to Skill. There are some Skills that will require you to use 30 times. However, there are also some Skills that do not require much advancement, and you will only need to use them 10 times to unlock their Mod Token. 

Enhancing A Skill 

By using the Mod Token, you will be able to enhance a Skill directly so that you will be able to use this Skill in your battle in a more efficient way, ultimately making your weapon more powerful. For instance, if you are using Blades of Chaos in God of War Ragnarok, then by completing the Skill level of Hyperion pull in the Skill Tree, you will be able to unlock three different mode tokens.

Frozen Ascent
Frozen Ascent [Image Capture By eXputer]
Every Skill will offer a different Mod Token for you to unlock. Another example is the Frozen Ascent Skill of Leviathan Axe, which you will find in the technique section. By using the Skill, Kratos can launch enemies in the air by applying the high frost effect during frost awaken.

Therefore, Mod Tokens are definitely worth getting in the game if you want your character to be more powerful. 

How To Get Mod Tokens

Farming skill mods
Sparring Arena [Image Capture By eXputer]
In God of War Ragnarok, obtaining Mod Tokens is straightforward:

  1. Complete Skill Levels: To earn Mod Tokens for a specific Skill, you need to complete that Skill’s level.
  2. Select the Skill: Once you’ve unlocked the ability to apply Mod Tokens, choose the Skill you want to enhance.
  3. Choose Special Effects: You’ll be able to select a special effect for the Skill using Mod Tokens. Each Skill can use up to three Mod Tokens.
  4. Spend Kratos XP: If you have enough Kratos XP to spend on Mod Tokens, obtaining them should be relatively quick and straightforward.

To track your progress for a specific Skill labor, look at the bar below the Skill’s preview. It will show you how many times you need to use the Skill to reach each tier, from bronze to gold.

If you want to quickly earn Mod Tokens and progress through Skill tiers, you can try a method involving the Sparring Arena Challenges in Niflheim. These challenges won’t reward you with hacksilver or XP, but they will significantly increase your Skill tier progress. Repeatedly completing these arena challenges will help you reach the gold tier for the Skills you want to enhance with Mod Tokens.

How To Apply The Mod Tokens 

In God of War Ragnarok, once you’ve unlocked Mod Tokens for a particular Skill, you can apply them to enhance that Skill. Here are some common types of mods you can apply using Mod Tokens:

  1. Damage: Applying the damage Mod Token increases the amount of damage the Skill deals during an attack.
  2. Stun: The stun Mod Token boosts the amount of stun that is applied to enemies when using the Skill, making it more effective at incapacitating foes.
  3. Element: The element Mod Token enhances the effectiveness of the elemental effect associated with the attack. For example, using it on the Leviathan Axe increases Frost damage, and using it on the Blades of Chaos increases Fire damage.
  4. Protection: The protection Mod Token prevents Kratos from taking damage while using the attack. This is particularly useful for Skills with long wind-up times, such as the serpent snare attack.

These Mod Tokens allow you to customize your Skills to fit your preferred playstyle and strategy in battles.

Now you will be able to see all the Mod Tokens available to equip. Click on the mod token that you want to change to your current one, and you are done. 

With this, we conclude our guide on Mod Tokens and how they work. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you will be able to use the Mod Tokens in a better way to Increase your abilities in God of War Ragnarok.

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