GOW Ragnarok: How To Get Spiritual Armor

Learn All About the Spiritual Armor and How to unlock it in God of War Ragnarok.

One of the Best armor Sets for Kratos will be the Spiritual Armor set in God of War Ragnarok. The Spiritual Armor might not look like much, but its Perks and Stats make it one of the Best. I’m going to tell you all you need to know about the Spiritual Armor set and how to get it.

Key Takeaways

The Spiritual Armor Set in God of War Ragnarok is a highly beneficial armor set that offers protection and valuable perks to players. This set comprises Spiritual shoulder straps, a wrap, and a belt. Here are some key details about this armor set:

  1. Mid-Game Availability: Players can acquire the Spiritual Armor Set in the mid-game by completing the sixth quest called “The Reckoning.”
  2. Perks and Stats: Each piece of this armor set provides various perks, including Arcane Strength and Arcane Refresh. Additionally, they offer different attributes such as strength, cooldown, and defense.
  3. Upgrades: You can upgrade each armor piece, but doing so will require a specific amount of Hacksilver at each level. Upgrading the pieces will also enhance their base stats.
  4. Crafting Costs: Crafting the Spiritual Shoulder Straps will cost you 5000 Hacksilver, while both the Wrap and Belt will require 3000 Hacksilver.

By equipping and upgrading the Spiritual Armor Set, players can significantly enhance their character’s abilities and survivability in the game, making it a valuable addition to their arsenal.

Spiritual Armor Set In God Of War Ragnarok

Spiritual Armor In God Of War Ragnarok
Spiritual Armor Look In God Of Wat Ragnarok – [Image credit: eXputer]
Armor Piece NameStrengthDefenceCooldownPerks / Buffs
Spiritual Shoulder Straps28.022.028.0Arcane Strength
Spiritual Wrap32.00.018.0Arcane Refresh
Spiritual Belt0.032.018.0Arcane Refresh

You unlock it in the mid-game, but that’s because it’s too Overpowered for the early game. You can upgrade the armor to the point that its stats will make you unstoppable. Its perks gain you extra damage and also the ability to restore the cooldown of runic attacks on your weapons.

  • The Spiritual Armor Set is a great Mid-game Armor and can be crafted while doing “The Reckoning” quest.
  • The Reckoning quest is the Sixth Main Quest in the storyline of God Of War Ragnarok.
  • Spiritual Armor has Pretty Decent Stats and even better Perks.
  • As you upgrade the Armor, it gets stronger and More Durable and is even valuable in the Late Game fights.

Spiritual Shoulder Straps 

Shoulder Straps
Spiritual Armor Shoulder Straps – [Image credit: eXputer]
Let’s start with the Strongest Piece of Armor, the Spiritual Shoulder Straps. The is already on level 4 when you craft it for the first time. The Shoulder Straps of the Spiritual Armor in GOW Ragnarok give you increased strength, Defence, and Cooldown. 

The Shoulder Straps also have a pretty powerful attack, which makes up for the lack of strength in the Stats. The perk of the Spiritual Armor Should Strap in God of War Ragnorak is called “Arcane Strength”. Arcane strength allows you to stack your Runic and Relics attacks and increase their damage but 15 percent per stack. The stacks have a maximum limit of 3 times.

Spiritual Wraps And Spiritual Belt

Belt Spiritual Armor
Spiritual Armor Belt – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Spiritual Wraps and Belt in God of War Ragnarok have the following stats and perks:

  • Base Stats: 32 Strength and 18 Cooldown for both the Wraps and Belt.
  • Perk: Arcane Refresh Level 1.

The Arcane Refresh perk has a chance to restore a percentage of the cooldown of your currently equipped runic attack. Initially, it has a low luck chance of restoring 10 percent of the cooldown. As you upgrade this perk, the percentage increases to 20 percent, allowing you to use runic attacks more quickly.

How To Unlock Spiritual Armor

The Spiritual Armor can be crafted simply in Brok’s Workshop if you have the required number of Hacksilver. However, there are a few things you have to do to reach the workshop. Moreover, you need to have progressed a bit in the Main Quest. The Spiritual Armor is unlocked in “The Reckoning,” the main quest in GOW Ragnarok.

The Reckoning 

Main Quest The Reckoning
God Of War Ragnarok The Reckoning Quest – [Image credit: eXputer]
To unlock the Armor in God of War Ragnarok, you will need to play the “The Reckoning” quest. Here’s how to do it without spoilers:

  1. Start “The Reckoning” quest by progressing through the game until you reach Brok’s Workshop.
  2. In this quest, you will need to complete several objectives, including locating Freya’s curse and destroying it.
  3. Meet Brok at the Mystic Gates, which will be near Kratos’s Midgard home. Brok will unlock the gate for you.
  4. Once you pass through the gate, you will find yourself in “The Southern Wilds.” Your goal is to explore this area to find the Source of Freya’s Binding Curse.
  5. Be cautious of the Blue Plants in this area, as they can explode if you get too close to them.
  6. Solve puzzles in the area to unlock chests for extra rewards.
  7. Brok will accompany you on this quest and can assist in combat. Press the square button to make Brok attack your target, and long-press square to have him stun enemies.
  8. Continue through the quest until you reach a clearing in the forest, which you will access through some trees.

Brok’s Workshop 

To unlock the Spiritual Armor in God of War Ragnarok, follow these steps:

  1. Play through “The Reckoning” quest until you reach Brok’s Workshop.
  2. In Brok’s Workshop, you’ll find new items available for crafting.
  3. Navigate to the Armor tab in the crafting menu.
  4. You will now have the option to craft the Spiritual Armor set for a few Hacksilver.
  5. Craft the Armor Set to unlock it.
  6. Enjoy the new perks and benefits of the Spiritual Armor in the game.

Final Words

After learning all about the Spiritual Armor in God Of War Ragnarok and how to unlock it, you are ready to defeat Thor. The Spiritual Armor is one of the best Armor in-game, and I rate it highly; however, if you want to check out our other picks, check out BEST Armor Sets & How To Unlock Them. 

Another great Armor you can unlock in God of War Ragnorak is Lunda’s Armor. If you want to know all the locations of the Armor pieces, check our Lunda’s Armor Locations to help you find all the pieces as fast as possible.

Now with all the best Armor, you need a great weapon to complete them, and God of  War Ragnarok brings a New Weapon to play with. Check Out How To Unlock and get Draupnir Spear to unlock and play with the New Draupir Spear added to Ragnarok. 

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