With The Triumphant Return Of Mario And Luigi, Nintendo Has Truly Outdone Itself

It still feels like a dream, 9 years of waiting finally rewarded.

Story Highlights

  • Nintendo started its Direct with a bang, presenting a new Mario and Luigi no one saw coming.
  • With a new 3D approach filled with the same creative design and shenanigans, it looks incredible.
  • All three of the Mario RPG series have now received a new project, it’s a great day for Mario fans.

When I sat down to watch yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, the only thing on my mind was “Silksong, please,” and “Metroid Prime 4 here we go.” However, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the very first reveal would blow my meager thinking away in a flash.

I was not ready for this. And who was? Ahem, A NEW MARIO AND LUIGI GAME!? Man, it still feels like a dream, what with over 9 years gone by.

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Mario And Luigi — Double The Shenanigans, Double The Fun

I can’t express my extreme bewilderment and excitement when this trailer came in front of my eyes. Mario and Luigi is a legendary franchise, one that brightened my life back when I was a bright-eyed kid with a 3DS. One of my fondest memories from the 3DS times is playing as the iconic dynamic duo.

My Mario & Luigi collection.
byu/ztarburst1 in3DS

Let me tell you a little about the franchise before moving to this overwhelming new entry. In a nutshell, Mario and Luigi is all about the brothers’ teamwork. The game design follows many of the Mario RPG’s conventions, along with some original elements. You have to actively control Mario and Luigi with their respective buttons, and work together to overcome the obstacles in your way.

From platforming challenges and puzzles to taking on a myriad of minigames, the Mario and Luigi series is overflowing with creative game mechanics and just a ton of fun. 

It's all about teamwork | Source: Nintendo
It’s all about teamwork | Source: Nintendo

The real highlight is the game’s unique hybrid combat system. Mario and Luigi employ a turn-based battle system, but with certain real-time actions mixed in (you guessed it, it’s Paper Mario). In fact, the real-time actions are what bring in an extra spice to the gameplay enjoyability. Blocking and evading attacks at the right moment even causes a counterattack. Plus, all the combo moves are just exquisite.

With a beautiful art style, creative gameplay mechanics filled with platforming, teamwork, puzzles, and minigames, and a combat system with just the right amount of challenge to be a ton of fun, Mario and Luigi is a franchise very close to my heart, and a masterpiece when it comes to just how much versatility it packs.


When AlphaDream, the series developer, went bankrupt, I thought that’s it for this gem. I’ve never been more glad to be wrong about something.

Mario And Luigi: Brothership — A Triumphant Return Indeed

Now, let me put aside my overflowing excitement for a moment, and let’s take a look at why it’s not just the simple return of the Mario and Luigi series, but a bigger and better return in every way.

First, as you must’ve noticed right away, Mario and Luigi: Brothership is the first complete 3D game in the series, filled with gameplay modifications fitting the change. Plus, the fact that the game’s beloved art style is still as gorgeous when translated into 3D is a massive achievement.

What do you think of the new 3d artstyle in Brothership?
byu/IcyDem0n inmarioandluigi

The moment the trailer begins, you see that the iconic duo is just as silly and entertaining as ever. Filled with humorous overtones and nostalgic shenanigans, it’s a revival done right. Moving on, we witness the gameplay in all its glory. With teamwork still at the center of progression, there are some creative additions like improved platforming, puzzles designed to make full use of the 3D setting, and minigames looking more imaginative than ever.

The iconic duo is back | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)
The iconic duo is back | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

As we move to the combat, the original essence is still intact, but with a massive visual boost. Timed button presses and real-time actions are back, and the combo attacks of the brothers are more flamboyant and impactful than ever. 

Plus, the game features a diverse cast of returning characters from the entire Mario world, including Princess Peach and Bowser, yet you can feel that the focus on Mario and Luigi’s relationship and interaction is still the game’s priority. All in all, Mario and Luigi has never looked so mindblowing before.

Time for more wholesome shenaningans | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)
Time for more wholesome shenanigans | Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

Mario Fans Are Eating Good

Man, what an impressive Nintendo Direct it was. You can understand just how much of a feast it was when the very first reveal is this mindblowing. 

It was a great showcase, especially for Mario fans. This is the third consecutive Direct with a Mario RPG reveal. After its two siblings, Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario got their turn, Mario and Luigi finally got the chance to shine as well. It’s genuinely a good time to be a Nintendo fan.

There was one other Mario game in the Direct, but that is a topic for another day.

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