Nightmare Kart — A Brilliant Homage, And The Pinnacle Of Fan-Created Gems

I tip my hat off to the devs.

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  • Nightmare Kart, the re-branded Bloodborne Kart is now out and is an immense delight to experience.
  • Filled with creative gameplay, versatile content, and a ton of references, it’s an absolute must-play.
  • Nightmare Kart is both a splendid Bloodborne homage and a reminder of the necessity of fan projects.

The creative appeal and sheer quality of fan projects have reached new heights these days. Back when development was only possible for big companies and modding was non-existent, games had to be taken for granted no matter what. Now, don’t like a certain aspect of a game? You have hundreds of mods to choose from to essentially redefine your experience.

That’s not all. Creating entire games is now possible, and fans are hard at work to make masterpieces. One such masterful work is Nightmare Kart, the “NOT” Bloodborne Kart. 

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Nightmare Kart — Origins And Legal Troubles

So, what exactly is Nightmare Kart, or as you might know it by its original name, Bloodborne Kart? Imagine Bloodborne, but instead of killing monsters, you’re racing them to death, all in a PS1-era aesthetic. Sounds bizarrely interesting, right? That’s what every Bloodborne fan thought, including me.

Now this is gaming | Source: Steam
Now this is gaming | Source: Steam

What started as a simple joke, “What if it was Bloodborne, but Kart racing?” gained so much traction and fan support that it became a reality. First, it was the Bloodborne PSX demake, and then Bloodborne Kart was planned in the same graphic style. You went around racing in bizarre vehicles, picking up power-ups on the field, and killing iconic enemies from the game pixelated for your joy.

Bloodborne-inspired race game Nightmare Kart has finally been released
byu/80lv inIndieGaming

However, a critical problem soon emerged. Sony took notice of it, and the project was hit with some legal troubles. Considering how Nintendo has made every effort to kill anything remotely resembling its games, I thought “Here comes Sony with the same strategy.” Considering how Bloodborne has been essentially abandoned, this project was a creative masterwork, and I feared for its future.

I was shocked once again when the project was spared complete annihilation. Instead, the names and elements directly referencing Bloodborne were removed, and the project was reborn as Nightmare Kart. It was a move that upheld fan creativity, something Nintendo seriously needs to learn from.

So… Lilth Rebanded Bloodborne Kart To Nightmare Kart in order to be able to Legally Release The Game.
byu/hoodie_grunt inbloodborne

It’s Beyond Amazing

A little disclaimer, I’ll be gushing over this beautiful work of art from here on, so you have been warned.

With the Bloodborne label removed, Nightmare Kart was a fan project no more, it became an original work, one filled to the brim with creative mechanics, the love and dedication only a hardcore fan can create, and a complete adventure with a ton of content. Having spent thousands of hours in Bloodborne alone, Nightmare Kart was a gift to me like none other.

Bloodborne is an unrivaled gem | Source: IMDB
Bloodborne is an unrivaled gem | Source: IMDB

First, let’s discuss the game’s versatile mechanics and content. The basic gameplay is exactly what you would expect of an arcadey kart racer like this. Dashing and drifting across the track, picking up power-ups, and taking out opponents to reign triumphant, it’s the same formula, but nothing like you’ve seen before.

With Bloodborne’s gothic environments and grotesque enemy design populating the game, it’s as much “Bloodborne Kart” as originally envisioned. Except it’s all legal now. From some iconic monsters you can never forget to “Blood Vials” and other power-ups, the only thing superior to these ingenious references is the authentic and era-appropriate PS1 veil.

byu/hoodie_grunt from discussion

Speaking of vehicles, there is some very disturbing and “classic Bloodborne” stuff here. From Pig Karts to essentially Surgery tables with wheels, there’s no shortage of bizarre behavior here. What’s even more impressive is the boss fight section in stages. Chasing after “Nicholas, Host of the Nightmare” never gets old.

Fear not, references aren’t the only thing it has. With over 12 different vehicles and multiple game modes including arcade races, one-on-one brawls, and “capture the flag,” there’s no shortage of versatile content as you try to spot every Bloodborne reference and revel in the soul-soothing delight of this masterful work overflowing with creativity.

The bizarreness begins here | Source: Steam Community
The bizarreness begins here | Source: Steam Community

And you know the best part? It’s free (you can pay as much as you want) which is beyond generous. I’ll humbly suggest supporting the devs as much as you can.

A Love Letter For Every Fan, A Splendid Showcase Of Fan-Created Content’s Supremacy

Nightmare Kart represents not only a beautiful and applause-worthy homage to Bloodborne but also the undeniable notion that fan-generated content can sometimes transcend what big companies can do. Since no restrictions and closing walls suffocate the bubbling creativity, these short projects can reach unreal levels of imaginative explosiveness.

I mean, just look at Nightmare Kart. It shed the Bloodborne name, but kept everything most subtly, brightening the life of every Bloodborne fan grown tired of waiting for Sony to reward their patience. A creative game through and through; it embodies all the possibilities a human mind can think of and act upon when not bound.

We got Bloodborne Kart before an Official PC Port
byu/RobCee3 inbloodborne

Thus, it’s important to encourage these fan projects as much as possible. Instead, our corporate giants go out of their way to hold grudges and act like they have some vendetta against these. I don’t think these short projects do anything more than popularize the IP even more. There’s no way they’ll steal profit under your nose. Let them live, and continue to bring a smile to our faces.

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