Why Every PC Player Needs To Play Inscryption Right Now

Seemingly innocent card game; proceeds to steals your hard drive...

We’ve all heard about breaking the fourth wall; a fictional character or entity targets the audience directly. They could make references about some real-life matter or just straight up confirm that they know they’re fake. Many games, like the extremely terrifying Doki Doki Literature Club! or the psychological The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

Both of these games start very subtly; a teenager finds cute girls in a book club; an employee comes to his office to discover that no one is there. Pretty simple, right? The teenager is faced with digital entities which want the player to stay online; the employee has a narrator driving him insane at all times.

These games have a great sense of leaving the player truly thinking about the existence of these digital beings. However, have we seen anything go beyond the fourth wall? Something which actually latches on to the player physically? Well, Inscryption takes this to a new extreme, making the player think twice before giving access to anything.

Po3 Inscryption

Recently, the game was released on macOS and Linux as well, while previously only being available on Windows. Hence, Inscryption, which was one of the finest games to have been released in 2021 with over one million copies sold so far, has once again become relevant to PC players, as now more players can join in on the unsettling deck-building game.

Inscryption’s plot is simple yet captivating; four scribes carve cards out of physical things. These cards have wills of their own and battle with each other, which is divided into 3 acts. The first one is the battle with Leshy, a great introduction with foreshadowing. The second is in a pixelated roleplaying style. The third is against po3, a robot with ulterior motives.

Mostly during the acts, the game delves into insanity. It shows us the life-like emotions and conversations with the player. If a person wants to experience their computer work against them and odds stacked against them, they should try out Inscryption.

The Dive Into Chaos:

However, it doesn’t end here. The game especially takes a turn in the third act, where the game takes a mischievous turn. During the battles of the third act, po3 will casually add new concepts to bosses. They may seem harmless, but at the end of the game, they take a turn for the worse.

Inscryption boss

During the third act, po3 sends out four bosses, all of them with new mechanics. Players will be asked to give them access to their hard drives (yes, you read that correctly). Now, you can’t progress without giving an answer, that answer being “YES”. What follows will quite literally scare any player. The game now has control over every file on your PC.

The boss then kindly asks you to choose a file that is dear to you. Then it turns the file into a card. The game will then delete that specific card if it is slain in battle. However, the game doesn’t actually go this far but you won’t know.

After the card’s death, you get a certain text file. “[FILE NAME] DELETED” is the name of the file. It reads, “At least… I tried to delete it. But it seems my powers of FILE ACCESS do not extend that far. Play by the rules you agreed to. Delete it yourself. Have an ounce of respect for the rules. Come on.”

Inscryption may not delete the actual file, but it actually creates a file, showing that if intended, the developers could have easily deleted it. This may seem shocking that the game accessed the computer with ease, but it doesn’t end here just yet.


Inscryption is an offline game, but this boss accesses the internet, your Steam account, and other files. It displays cards made by other players with their profile pictures from Steam on them. This boss also brings out actual pictures from the internet and puts them into these cards, and this is just breaking the surface of what the game offers.

Every PC player should try out Inscryption and its reality-breaking experience. While the game messes with both the mind of the player and their PC, it also serves as a great card game filled with roleplaying elements and extremely unique boss fights and concepts fit for any player to pick up and relish.

If you’d like to try the game out for yourself and delve into the delightfully unsettling rogue-like deck-building game, Inscryption is currently on sale at a discount of 30% on Steam as part of the SUMMER SALE. The game is currently available to play on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

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