Ubisoft Crafted A Masterpiece Named Rayman Legends, Only To Never Touch It Again

It still baffles me how Ubisoft could abandon this embodiment of creativity.

Story Highlights

  • Rayman, Ubisoft’s legendary platformer franchise is long due for a comeback after cruel abandonment.
  • From side-scrolling goodness to 3D supremacy and then back to the roots, it had one hell of a journey.
  • Rayman Legends, the pinnacle of platformers and Ubisoft’s peak is the last thing it should ignore.

If I put creativity and Ubisoft in the same sentence, you might have a hard time believing me, considering the company’s recent antics, but trust me when I say that it wasn’t always like this.

In fact, Ubisoft was once at the height of creative design and influencing the medium. Games like The Sands of Time and the initial Assassin’s Creed made much of what we see today possible. And that’s not all. There’s another franchise where Ubisoft’s imaginative thinking surpassed all limits; it’s none other than Rayman.

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The Man, The Myth, The Limbless Legend

Here’s a series that still makes my heart dance every time I boot an entry up, and reminds me of just how much creative goodness the Ubisoft of the past was capable of. Before I begin, a fair warning. A lot of “me gushing over Rayman” lies ahead.

Peak Ubisoft in 2003-04. All these games were published by Ubisoft within one year of each other.
byu/Revolution64 ingaming

It all started when Michel Ancel created the legendary limbless hero capable of saving worlds and looking hilariously cool while doing so. This unique, hand-drawn character was placed in a side-scrolling platformer, and the rest is history. 

The legendary beginnings  | Source: IMDB
The legendary beginnings  | Source: IMDB

The sequel sought some change and became a 3D platformer akin to something like Banjo-Kazooie. However, the titular protagonist, versatile and original gameplay elements, creative level design, and entertaining platforming made it stand out and crush all competition.

Finished Rayman 2 100% on the Dreamcast for the first(ish) time, this was amazing!!! What’s your favorite thing about this game?
byu/ManyMention6930 inRayman

After Rayman 3, a desire to “return to the roots” emerged. With a brand-new art style but the same old shenanigans, Rayman Origins graced us with its legendary presence, and let’s just say that this 2D platformer is among the most entertaining games of its genre around.

The respectable "return to roots" | Source: Steam
The respectable “return to roots” | Source: Steam

Rayman Legends, Ubisoft’s Peak

But wait, there’s another, one that puts all its predecessors to shame. It’s a game so overflowing with creative design, imaginative thinking, and just mad fun, that it convinces you to bow in respect. That, my friends, is Rayman Legends.

Taking its predecessor’s formula and refining it to absolute perfection, this game is arguably Ubisoft’s finest work to date. For me, Ubisoft’s peak is not Prince of Persia, it’s not any Assassin’s Creed, it’s Rayman Legends. 

Rayman Legends is the Best
byu/CrispyBabyBoy inRayman

When I picked it up for the first time, I was shocked to my core. How can it be so good? I asked myself as I entered this magical fairy tale and came out a changed man. From flying around in the lush jungles of Toad Story, eating and stomping through layers of Cake in Fiesta de Los Muertos, and fighting gauntlets of baddies through Olympus Maximus, it’s a thrill through and through.

Rayman Legends, the pinnacle | Source: Steam
Rayman Legends, the Pinnacle | Source: Steam

And the music levels? Oh, man, the soul-soothing music levels. Running through a deathly creative section by syncing your actions to the beat, these final missions make you question the possibilities of level design in platforming games. It’s a splendid treat after you eliminate the big bad of an area.

What’s your favourite world in Rayman Legends?
byu/Ajiatsukinowaguma inRayman

On top of that, Rayman Legends offers a little too much. And by too much, I mean “Here, have the entire prequel for free.” That’s right, it has almost the entire Rayman Origins packed within. From the Jibberish Jungle, and the delicious Gourmand Land to the mechanical Mystic Pique, how many other games are out there that are so generous?

All in all, with an unrivaled level design, overflowing content variety and quantity, awe-inspiring visual impact, and music you’ll never forget, Rayman Legends is Ubisoft’s Magnum Opus, a game everyone needs to play

“Rayman Legends” is incredible. It’s possibly the best platformer I’ve ever played aside from the Mario games.
byu/moby323 inNintendoSwitch

Where’s A New Rayman, Ubisoft?

Despite my boundless love and affection for this series, it’s with a heavy heart that I tell you that being a Rayman stan is especially hard since Ubisoft has pretty much abandoned it

The unreal Rayman Legends has aged like fine wine, but it’s still a 2013 game, more than a decade old. That’s how long Ubisoft has left the iconic series to rot. The series has received many spin-offs, like guest appearances in the Mario + Rabbids franchise, but apparently, that’s all the series’ good for these days.

Not good enough Ubisoft!
byu/XxLockdownZxX inRayman

Do you remember what the last Ubisoft game was that everyone liked? Yes, it’s Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. Now what if I tell you that this modern gem was by the same devs as Rayman Legends

That’s right, all the talent and the creativity is still there. The fact that Lost Crown borrows many elements from Rayman Legends in its platforming sections and puzzle design goes to show that the legend still has a lot to give. A modern Rayman game has the potential to be the new platforming king, but Ubisoft has more pressing matters it seems. Like taking away your ownership rights.

byu/The_one_you_trust inRayman

For once, Ubisoft should prioritize creative and fun design over its obstinacy, and let Rayman soar once again.

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