Star Wars Eclipse May Not Release Until 2027 At the Latest

Quantic Dreams Star Wars title is said to be having development issues

Star Wars Eclipse, the newly announced action-adventure game set in the high republic era may not release until as late as 2026-2027. This is according to Tom Henderson, a trustworthy insider who made a video detailing the game’s issues while taking to Twitter.

Tom, who first leaked the existence of a QD Star Wars game, has been very vocal about issues plaguing its development. 

It is said that Quantic Dream is having trouble hiring new employees. The studio has had a controversial past, with allegations of abuse against its workers. Quantic Dream has attempted to find a buyer for the studio, however, has been unsuccessful. Allegations of workplace harassment may have turned away potential acquirers. 

QD is also currently facing issues with its Engine. Star Wars Eclipse is expected to be open world, have action mechanics and implement a multiplayer mode.

Quantic Dream’s game engine reportedly does not have the tools to make this type of game. QD games have historically been linear and story-focused and their engine has been designed specifically for these types of projects.

The game has been in development for a year and a half and reportedly is not in a playable state. 

Another leaker by the name of AccNgt, who leaked the title of the game before it was even announced, disagreed with Tom and estimated a release in 2025.  

This is not the first time a game from Quantic Dream will release years from an announcement. QD first teased Detroit Become Human in a tech demo in 2012, a game that would release in 2018. It will be years until Eclipse comes out, however, Star Wars titles are in development at Ubisoft, Aspyr, EA, and many more studios. 

While this game may not come out towards the end of the decade, we are entering a new age of Star Wars gaming. One that may even compete with the 2002-2007 era of Star Wars releases. According to Tom, New Star Wars games may release as soon as every 6 months by 2023. 

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