Rockstar Is Sitting On A Wealth Of Remake-Worthy Games

From Bully to Midnight Club 3, these Rockstar games deserve modern-day attention.

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  • Rockstar Games is one of the most popular names in the entire gaming industry, thanks to the games it’s made. 
  • The developer has created some incredible games over the years but has since forgotten about them.
  • Titles such as the iconic Bully, and Midnight Club 3 come to mind if we consider the overall remake potential. 

Coming across as one of the most forthright developers in the video game space, Rockstar has established quite a name for itself over the years by giving birth to mega-hit franchises, with the GTA series — of course — being at the very top of the hierarchy here. Now, the developer has been up and running since 1998, and between this day and all those years, it has delved into some IPs that have now been forgotten more or less. 

Considering that we live in the age of remakes, remasters, and ports to other platforms, the prospect of these games getting remade in modern-day fashion isn’t so far off. But that would mean Rockstar having to set aside resources — which, by the way, it’s in no shortage of — and rethink its strategy with respect to the release window of GTA 6 as well, which is seemingly the company’s focus at the moment. 

These Games Need Rockstar’s Attention In 2024 And Beyond

In any case, I’m not familiar with the technical challenges involved, but speaking from purely the perspective of a fan, the forthcoming entries by Rockstar stand as highly deserving of a remake. If there are any pertinent games that I missed out on, tell me about them in the comments section. 

1. GTA 4

Niko Bellic is One of the Greatest Protagonists in Video Games | Source: Rockstar 
Niko Bellic is One of the Greatest Protagonists in Video Games | Source: Rockstar 

First up on the list is Grand Theft Auto 4, and for anyone who hasn’t truly explored Niko Bellic’s time in Liberty City in this game, it’s easy to discount this iteration in favor of GTA 5. Now anyone who’s a proper fan of the franchise knows that’s now how it is. GTA 5, although latest and sprawling with features, does not compare to the finish and delicacy of GTA 4.

It’s a game that’s seemingly locked into its vision and isn’t a blatant mess that’s trying to jump all over the place. Perhaps sometime after GTA 6, Rockstar could look into the potential of Niko Bellic bolting down the streets of Liberty City by today’s standards, but yes, this seems like a ways out at the moment. 

2. Bully 

Bully Came Out Way Back in 2008 | Source: Rockstar

Bully is my definitive version of nostalgia revisited, thanks to this game coming out all the way back in 2006, with a little bit revisited variant called Bully: Scholarship Edition dropping two years later. There’s not a soul on God’s green earth that doesn’t want Bully to return to the big screen — myself included — given the quality of the game involved, along with its humor, creative freedom, and overall gameplay. 

In my honest opinion, Bully is the one single game that Rockstar should lean toward when it takes on the mantle of remaking any of its former flames. Both this and L.A. Noire could use a sequel as well.

3. Midnight Club 3 

Midnight Club 3
Midnight Club 3 Is a Timeless Classic | Source: IMDB 

Not a lot of people know that Rockstar, back in the day, made open-world racing games as well, because we’re talking about “way” back in the day here. Considered one of the best titles in the series, Midnight Club 3, particularly the “Dub” edition, has terrific fan demand even today for either a new iteration in the franchise or a remake altogether, all thanks to its iconic “no-nonsense” gameplay, and a focus on racing itself rather than the physics surrounding it.

The official Rockstar website describes the game as, 

The series that took racing from closed tracks to the urban streets is back to raise the stakes again. Trick your ride out with the latest rims, trims, and upgrades. Take on street racing’s elite as you blaze through traffic at speeds of over 250 MPH. Midnight Club: DUB Edition delivers the fastest ride ever.”

4. Red Dead Redemption 

Red Dead Redemption
The First Red Dead Redemption Is a Sublime Representation of the West | Source: Steam 

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 is alive and well, save for the long-awaited next-gen patch that would at least bring 60 FPS support to the open-world title, the game that kicked off the franchise deserves some special love all the same. The first Red Dead Redemption has an amazing storyline and a great open world that Rockstar should definitely consider remaking down the road, similar to what Naughty Dog has done with its The Last of Us IP.

5. Manhunt

Manhunt Is a Novel Experience | Source: YouTube

Moving next up on the list is another unique classic that garnered a ton of attention in its golden days. Manhunt is labeled a “brutal blood sport,” and is a title where you, as the protagonist, have to survive being placed in a snuff film, meaning that in order to ensure your survival and the family’s, rival gang members specifically tasked to hunt you down have to be taken care of.

The game features a fairly impressive level design and a gameplay system that remains relevant even to this day. It’s got terrific remake potential, or even perhaps a third game in the Manhunt series would do extremely well all the same.  

  • Take a look at Manhunt on Steam.

6. The Warriors

The Warriors
The Warriors Was a Fine-As-Hell Beat-‘Em-Up Back in the Day | Source: Rockstar 

Oh I’ve got fond memories of this one: The Warriors is a fighting game that came out in 2005. Smooth gameplay, a fairly interesting plotline, great voice acting, and linear mission styles that have you going from one sequence to the next are some of the highlights of this beat-’em-up. 

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