GTA Online 10-Year Old Playable Lost Beta Found, Featuring Cut Content

The ancient pre-release beta can still be played with friends.

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  • A GTA Online pre-release beta from ten years ago has appeared online. It features a lot of cut content and can be played with friends. The user KimiSha19 made a video, giving info on how to access it.
  • The beta can be accessed through PC emulation using Xenia. The beta Xbox 360 version is filled with intriguing things like bugs, renders, and texture issues.
  • The old build had a different logo, and most of its UI also had a distinct look. There were also some cut features like calling for gang backup and drops of special crates after a certain amount of hours.
  • The Wasted screen was more fleshed out and showed the weapon used to kill you, where it hit you, and some other notable stats.

A GTA Online pre-release beta dating ten years ago has recently been discovered that features a variety of cut content to explore. The content included in the beta did not make it to the final release of the game, making it an enticing opportunity to delve deeply into the newly found features. The beta was initially discovered by the YouTube channel KimiSha19, which gave instructions on how to access it. 

YouTube video

The footage showcases the old buggy yet an enticing build lost to time. To make things even better, the pre-release build of the beta is still playable with friends despite being ten years old. It is undoubtedly filled with caveats that hinder the user experience but still serve as a time capsule to the humble beginnings of GTA Online. 

The GTA Online beta can be accessed via PC emulation using Xenia. The beta Xbox 360 version is chock-full of intriguing things like bugs, renders, and texture issues. As a result, many features are either disabled or broken, such as money not registering. After the video shed more light on the matter, many users became invested in finding the cut content in the lost beta version.

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All the cut content discovered has been documented in a GTAForums post. A never-seen-before logo was revealed, among many other details. All the cut content found so far has been listed below:

  • The Wasted screen was more fleshed out, showing the weapon used to kill you, where it hit you, and other appropriate stats.
  • The UI was completely different. It was the most obvious when ranking up. The Interaction Menu and Weapon UI also had a different appearance.
  • The two new contacts were available, AI Carter and Edgar Carlos, representing The Lost and Vagos gangs.
  • Gang backups a feature in the lost GTA Online beta gave you extra hands to deal with the enemies. Lamar, Carter, and Carlos were available as options.
  • There were five separate slots in the creature your creator feature. The creation menu looked different, but the available features seemed the same.
  • A special crate drop feature was also included to drop a crate after specific hours. It is unclear what the crates contained.

GTA Online has aged meticulously over the years, keeping up with the competition despite its old age. It is notorious for exploits and a toxic community but still proves to be a fun venture for those risque enough. For instance, a dangerous exploit was discovered a few months ago, causing players’ accounts to be banned. After many users complained about the fierce bug, a patch addressed the issue soon. 

Rockstar Games has also not been making the best choices for GTA Online recently. Fans were furious when GTA Online removed about 200 nostalgic vehicles from the game and added some behind a paywall. A bug was also making vehicle insurance vanish from lavish rides entirely, bringing forth a new wave of criticism. All in all, the game still tops the top 5 charts often because of its prevalence in the industry.

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