GTA 6 Protagonist Could Have A Police Background

The forums are filled with discussions.

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  • GTA 6 fans have taken to forums to start connecting dots and figure out the potential lore of the game.
  • Fans think Jason may have a police background, as hinted by his bottoms and how he wears his watch.
  • Despite having credibility, the rumors should still be taken with a pinch of salt until the devs confirm them.

GTA 6 fans have been busy digging into the lore of both protagonists since the trailer dropped. It appears that users may already have found notable details about Jason. A slew of forums and posts have popped up with speculations with evidence that complies with prior findings. A post by the Redditor u/Jack_Torrance80 on the r/GTA6 subreddit solidifies the past rumors that clarified that Jason would start the game as a cop.

The pants worn by the protagonist in the GTA 6 poster are a part of the official uniform of Miami-Dade Police. The green cargo pants are the same color used by the Miami-Dade Police SWAT team. Additionally, the inclusion of bodycam footage in the trailer may also imply his past background as a cop. It is speculated that he was dismissed from the service during the events of the game, having to continue his life as a petty thief.

Previous rumors stated the male protagonist would start the game as a cop. He is wearing the proper Miami-Dade Police pants.
byu/Jack_Torrance80 inGTA6

Another post on the r/GTA subreddit by u/JoeByeThen pointed out that Jason wears his watch like John Wick. He wears it inside of the wrist like a trained military or a police officer, suggesting that he has had formal training. Using the watch this way ensures that no reflection gives away your position. This further strengthens the rumor regarding his rumored police background.

Jason uses his watch like John Wick does. He wears it on the inside of the wrist. This is so that when he’s holding his gun in a two-handed grip (for accuracy), he avoids unnecessary reflections that could give away his position in the field. I think this might indicate a military background.
byu/JoeByeThen inGTA

Some users have also spotted oddities surrounding the Lucia character, finding an ankle monitor on her ankle in the official game poster. It has brewed several rumors, including her possible secret identity as an undercover cop to expose and betray Jason in the future. However, the monitor could be used to open the locked GTA 6 map slowly. In the simplest scenario, it may indicate she is out on parole after landing in prison.

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