Take-Two Issues Takedown Notice To GTA IV D.E Mod Developers

The website had to take down GTA IV mods in the wake of the DMCA.

Modders in the gaming community are the caretakers of a game after developers. In most cases, the life of a game is extensively prolonged due to modders producing and refining new content and features for years to come.

However, some companies like Take-Two appear to have a rough stance with modders despite hefty contributions.

Take-Two is well-renowned for taking down mods for its games. This is usually done so users can be more engaged with official remasters instead of immersing in unofficial enhancements. The goliath company has brought down various fan-favorite mods from games like GTA 5 over the years. 

Major Takeaway:

  • The developers of the stellar GTA IV Definitive Edition Project received a takedown notice from Take-Two Interactive. 
  • The GTA IV mods have been stripped off the website, fearing more DMCA strikes.
  • The takedown may suggest GTA IV remaster in development.

Take-Two has done it again, and DMCA struck a major GTA IV modding project. The GTA IV Definitive Edition Project is a collection of community and personal mods conjoined into a collection to provide an immersive GTA IV experience.

The aftermath followed with the official website taking off all GTA IV mods to ensure safety from more Takedown notices in the future. The alluring project is officially offline but may still exist on various forums. However, the original trilogy mods are still up and were not touched by Take-Two.

A rumor spurred out of this situation, suggesting that perhaps the GTA IV remake is in development. Take-Two reportedly took down these GTA IV mods, so players engage more with the future remaster. The ambitious collection of mods could have harmed the integrity of the GTA IV remaster in the future.

However, a few months ago, a prominent Rockstar Games industry insider, Tez2, cleared that GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption 1 remasters were canceled.

The plans were altered due to the abysmal launch of the GTA trilogy, which is arguably the worst Rockstar Games release in history. All in all, the reasoning behind the takedown remains to be witnessed.

The PC port of GTA IV is famous for being a disappointing experience, incorporating chock-full of issues that largely damage the player’s experience. Modders took it upon themselves to patch these issues, and various mods exist that tackle the lingering glitches.

Mods usually offer separate fixes for audio, radio, visuals, and bugs. However, collections can help make that process easier by compiling mods and adding new features. The mods have attempted to patch hazardous game issues and include much-needed enhancements that GTA IV’s PC port desperately needs.

It’s kind of a fact within the community that patching GTA IV pc port with plenty of mods before playing is necessary to have a decent experience. The Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition guide on Steam can help elaborate on the GTA IV modding walkthrough.

What are your thoughts about Take-Two DMCA striking GTA IV Definitive Edition mod developers? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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