Star Citizen’s $48,000 DLC Sets A New Low For Predatory Monetization

If you thought it was a scam before, what about now?

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  • Star Citizen presents a new DLC, and it costs a whopping $48,000 DLC.
  • Despite asking for insane amounts of money, it is still no closer to a proper release.
  • This decision does nothing but solidify the game’s growing reputation of being a scam.

Today, let me ask you this, What’s your stance on microtransactions in games? This is a topic on which you’ll frequently hear nothing but badmouthing, and I can’t help but agree with that when I see some examples of how this concept is implemented. I mean, if it’s a game that justifies these purchases with solid content and support, I think that’s understandable. But things went south when every game started putting in microtransactions for more cash.

When Star Citizen was first revealed to be in development, I thought it would be different and a proper simulation model with justifiable content, but it seems that was wishful thinking. My love for the space exploration concept is what got me into following this game in the first place. And the more I waited and witnessed its cash intake, the more skeptical I grew. Microtransactions were a red flag, and now it has spiraled out of control.

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Yeah, You Heard Me Right, $48,000

Before I begin, let me express my dislike of the microtransaction system, which you must’ve understood after the prior discussion. I still remember the old times when purchasing a game was enough to enjoy it entirely. Now you need a ton of hidden charges in the form of microtransactions and Battlepasses to glorify progress by spending money. Thus, I can’t express how glad I was when Baldur’s Gate 3 turned out to be a throwback to those good times.

But, for a moment let’s say microtransactions are necessary to sustain modern games. Considering the huge development costs, additional purchases become integral to making a “big” profit from the game. Because, let’s admit, gaming is also a business. Even if I were to understand this reasoning, how would anyone justify a ridiculous $48,000 DLC for a game? I mean, I wouldn’t even say this as a joke, but Star Citizen seems dead serious.

Make way for the insane $48,000 DLC.
Make way for the insane $48,000 DLC.

For the game’s loyal fans, here’s a special DLC to give them all the ships in a game not even released yet. Hey, I like that, how much for it? Oh, nothing too much, just a little 50,000 bucks. Tell me this is not the most ridiculous DLC price in gaming history. Oh, and this isn’t the first time, either. Every year the game demands $40,000 for a DLC, but this one takes the cake. It went way past the “micro” transaction bracket a long time ago.

3000$ for a space ship isn’t exactly what i call a ‘microtransaction’
byu/DoorUs55 instarcitizen

The Worst Thing Is, The Game Is Still No Closer To A Full Release

Back when Star Citizen announced its $600 million milestone, I sat down to analyze the game’s decade-long development cycle and the reason for its consistent delays. While there were some circumstances involved, the fact remains the company made some bad decisions that led to a perpetual delay and the game’s alpha state. However, I don’t think any bad decision comes even close to presenting a $48,000 DLC.

New Legatus Pack just dropped $$$$$
byu/Your_Lordship instarcitizen

Keep in mind that this is a game we don’t even know when it will have a proper release. Star Citizen is in alpha state, and although it receives updates, it’s nothing close to what the final product was promised to be. With not even a release date in sight, I’m genuinely shocked at how the developers could ask tens of thousands of dollars for a DLC every year with a straight face. Would you pay that much for an unfinished product?

It's honestly such a waste that the creativity of Star Citizen is in perpetual uncertainty
It’s honestly such a waste that the creativity of Star Citizen is in perpetual uncertainty

For a moment, let’s say I’m crazy enough to spend a cool 48,000 bucks for a DLC. Even if I wish to, what guarantee is there that the game will ever be released in a complete state instead of a perpetual alpha? If this DLC was unveiled alongside a release date for the game, I think its ridiculousness would have been masked somewhat. An unfinished game should never issue such absurd demands every once in a while.

byu/reps_up from discussion

Star Citizen Is Looking More And More Like A Scam With Every Passing Day

You’ll be surprised by how many people thought Star Citizen was nothing but a scam when its excessive delays and transactions started piling up. However, I was among the optimistic people back then, hoping it would soon prove everyone wrong. But now, I don’t think I can hold up hope for much longer. I’m starting to believe I was clinging to an impossible dream, and it was naiveté speaking that convinced me to believe in it.

Keep in mind that Star Citizen was a crowd-funded project, and it still is. If you ask me, what drove people toward it is the overwhelming ambition the game promised. After looking at some of its ideas and proposals, even I was swayed. And it’d because people saw some promise that they were willing to gather more than $600 million for it. However, how did Star Citizen reward that generousness? By asking for more and more while continuing to delay what was promised.

Star Citizen – A Scam from Day One: The Evidence
byu/NEBook_Worm instarcitizen_refunds

Let me ask you something, Is Star Citizen short on cash? I don’t think it has any shortage of it. Then why does the game feel it necessary to demand a whopping $48,000 for a DLC? I don’t know about you, but all of this is going beyond the stage of explanation at this point. A game that owes its existence to crowdfunding demands above 40,000 dollars for DLCs, it’s all very skeptical. Nevertheless, safe to say this is one DLC I’ll never go even close to.

Star Citizen is still in Alpha state and has no release date, yet its demand for more money continues.

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