Ex-CIG Employee Reveals Troubled State Of Star Citizen’s Development

The former employee has shared their thoughts in detail on the project.

Story Highlights

  • The author shares their experience as a former employee of CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) and a backer of Squadron 42 and Star Citizen.
  • They express their opinion on various aspects of the projects, including progress, features, communication, and financial aspects.
  • They believe that CIG needs to change its approach to development, communication, and player spending.
  • They also suggest focusing on delivering key gameplay improvements to encourage player engagement.

A former CIG employee going by the name of Ryden-55 on Reddit has shared their thoughts on the state of Star Citizen, Squadron 42, and their overall experience at the company. While praising the talent of the developers in creating revolutionary technology, there have been challenges in delivering the game as envisioned.

(Prior CIG Employee Recently Released) Something Has To Change
by u/Ryden-55 in starcitizen

According to the post, the author mentions experiencing negative comments and personal doxing, including false accusations of sharing project secrets and being threatened with waterboarding. They expressed frustration with this behavior while trying to do their job and emphasized the dedication of their colleagues, who deserve recognition and respect.

Regarding the future of the project, the author suggests that CIG needs to continue generating additional funds to sustain it. They acknowledge that not spending more money could have repercussions. However, they refrain from providing specific recommendations due to their concern for their friends who have lost their jobs. Moreover, they note that the project relies on individuals purchasing various items.

In addition, the author was involved in Cutlass Steel’s pricing and suggested a price based on the ship’s capabilities and competition. However, the price was increased because people believed that they would still buy it due to its popularity.

Pricing of Cutlass Steel variants.
Pricing of Cutlass Steel variants

Furthermore, they mentioned the phenomenon of people playing the CCU game to get expensive ships at discounted prices, which they find unreasonable. Personally, the author won’t spend more money until the game is delivered, despite being a long-time supporter. They want the game to succeed but believe it should be released rather than continuously tested.

Despite having numerous conversations and advantages within the company, the author was laid off but emphasized that it wasn’t due to poor performance. However, they are grateful for this, as it has given them more time with their family. Now, they work for a company where their contributions are valued and have a meaningful impact.

Regarding the release date for Star Citizen, they mentioned that in the past, they targeted the release dates that were shared with the public, referring to a specific instance with 3.18. However, these release dates were repeatedly delayed. They further clarify that while there is no eventual target date for Star Citizen, there is one for Squadron 42. However, they cannot discuss it due to NDA restrictions. The author emphasizes that Star Citizen has had targets but struggles to meet them.

Despite being in development for over 12 years, no release date has been revealed
Despite being in development for over 12 years, no release date has been revealed

As for the state of the games, the author mentioned that they’re in active development but expressed disappointment with the buggy patches in the live branch of Star Citizen. They believe that despite the game being in early access, the live branch should provide stable builds where players can enjoy the gameplay without the fear of losing their progress.

They also mention the need for Squadron 42 to be delivered, as it has been in development for a long time and some people doubt its release. The author acknowledges the progress they have seen and believes it will be great, but emphasizes the importance of showcasing it and setting a solid deadline to instill confidence in its delivery without compromising the well-being of the developers.

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Finally, they extend their good wishes to CIG but also urge those who truly want the project to succeed to express their opinions, offer financial support, provide constructive criticism, and celebrate milestones. They emphasize the need to stay grounded and not become overly fixated on the project’s vision if reality is consistently delayed or uncertain with each update.

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