Stellar Blade Is The Perfect Example Of Double Standards In Gaming

There’s more to the drama than just eye candy.

Story Highlights

  • Stellar Blade has been a subject of drama for its portrayal of the main character, Eve.
  • Critics argue that Eve’s appearance diverts attention from her depth and personality.
  • There’s a noted double standard with male characters who receive less scrutiny for similar issues.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, so too do the discussions surrounding representation and gender dynamics within gaming. One particular issue that has emerged recently is related to the upcoming release of Shift Up’s soulslike title “Stellar Blade.” To me, the drama shows the glaring double standards in how male and female characters are treated when it comes to sexualization.

A Case Study In Double Standards

The main issue revolves around how Eve, the main female character, is portrayed. Eve’s appearance in the game has caused a lot of controversy. She wears revealing clothes and has exaggerated features, which means she looks very sexualized. Naturally, critics claimed that this made her seem like she was only there to please male players.

The problem with this is that people spend more time talking about how Eve looks instead of talking about who she is as a character. This kind of focus ignores the fact that Eve could have depth and personality beyond just her appearance. It’s like saying her looks are the only important thing about her, which isn’t fair. And it’s not just because good-looking women exist in real life either.

This whole situation helps to keep harmful ideas alive. It reinforces the stereotype that female characters in games are only there for their looks. What they look like doesn’t matter more than what they do or who they are. I mean seriously, are we forgetting that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened? Bayonetta? 2B from Nier Automata anyone? Characters can be badass AND good-looking.

The Other Side Of The Spectrum

The criticism aimed at Eve in Stellar Blade stands out because it seems like people don’t give male characters the same kind of tough scrutiny in video games. Eve gets a lot of heat for being portrayed in a sexualized way, but male characters usually don’t face the same level of criticism for the same issues. And no, I’m not just talking about Metal Gear Rising’s bodysuits.

I’m not just saying this stuff for the sake of saying it either. This problem has existed for a very long time in gaming. Just take a look at a recent example with a Resident Evil 4 mod which put Leon, the game’s lead character, in an extremely NSFW outfit. If you consider a few leather straps an outfit. I’ll spare you the mental scarring by not sharing that here. Nobody seemed to mind what was happening then, so why all the fuss now?

It’s hard not to see the double standards here. This unequal treatment shows a bigger problem in gaming culture. It’s like there are built-in biases that view male sexualization as appealing and put more pressure on female ones. Just because Eve is a female character, it’s like she’s expected to be perfect and not just a moving jpg in a video game.

This double standard reveals how gender biases are deeply rooted in gaming. Female characters are held to higher standards and are judged more harshly just because they’re women. If you want gaming to be fair and inclusive, then we’re going to need to start treating all characters equally, regardless of their gender. Eve and Leather-Strap Leon can co-exist at the same time.

Marketing Strategies

The drama around Stellar Blade isn’t just limited to what happens in the game itself; it’s also about how the company, Shift Up, promotes it. Some people have been upset with the way they’ve advertised the game, saying they’re using Eve’s “sexy appearance” just to get more attention. I mean, to be fair, even if they really were, then they clearly did a good job of it. But there’s more to it than just Eve’s looks.

One interesting thing is the way outfits work in the game. Take a look at the Skin Suit cosmetic. It’s not just about making her look good; it actually changes how the game works. When she wears it, she loses her defensive abilities, which ends up making the game harder. Some people might think it’s cool and adds depth to the game, while others might see it as just another way to sexualize female characters.

Navigating The Waters Of Gaming Representation

As Stellar Blade gets ready to launch amid its unconventionally massive hype, the debate over how Eve is depicted highlights the ongoing struggles in the gaming world. Although there have been improvements in showing diverse characters in games, there’s still a long road ahead to fight against stereotypes and make gaming more welcoming to everyone.

Players have a key role in this. By looking past how characters are being portrayed and focusing more on whether a game is good or not, gamers can help make a big difference. The success of Stellar Blade won’t just depend on how fun it is to play, but also on whether it contributes to creating a gaming community that respects and includes everyone regardless of their appearance.

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