5 Best Exospines In Stellar Blade

Fit Eve with the right parts to make your playstyle shine even more!

Exospines play an important role in the overall gameplay system of the Stellar Blade, and depending upon the type of Exospine used, a certain playstyle can get buffed in the game. Some Exospines specialize in providing improved offense, while others can buff defense as well as stealth.

Key Takeaways
  • You can currently obtain over 10 different Exospines in Stellar Blade.
  • These Exospines add a new layer of variety to the already great combat system.
  • Each Exospine caters to a specific type of playstyle and buffs the said playstyle.
  • Some Exospines are good for offense, while others offer a stronger defense.
  • Author’s Note: With over 20 hours in Stellar Blade, I can say with confidence that you can put your trust in the information provided in this guide as it is backed by experience.

The Best Exospines In Stellar Blade

Here is a list of all the best Exospines with a brief description of their functions:

No.ExospineBest ForDescription
1Chain-Type ExospineThe Best Exospine For OffenseIncreases of certain combos and also buffs the overall critical damage output.
2Protection-Type ExospineThe Best Exospine For DefenseDecreases all incoming enemy damage and buffs the shield that allows you to tank more attacks.
3Reflex-Type ExospineThe Best Exospine For I-FramesMakes it easier to use perfect dodge and perfect, giving you more chances to punish bosses.
4Camouflage-Type ExospineThe Best Exospine For StealthAllows you to sneak around larger levels and finish off enemies more easily with stealth.
5Eagle Eye-Type ExospineThe Best Exospine For Ranged AttacksBuffs the damage of ranged attacks and allows you to carry more ammunition as well.

1. Chain-Type Exospine

The Best Exospine For Offense.
the combo attack damage exospine
Equipping The Chain-Type Exospine In Stellar Blade (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This: I was able to obtain it early on while exploring Eidos 7 and ended up using it for the entirety of my playthrough since I love to stay on the offense during battles.

Stellar Blade is an action title, and most of your damage output will depend upon executing combos in battle. Strengthening these combos would directly buff your offense, and that is where the Chain-Type Exospine comes in. It increases the damage dealt by level 2 combos or higher by 27% and even buffs the level 4 combos by giving them a 30% critical rate increase.

Aside from the combo buffs, it will also improve Eve’s critical damage output by 23%. All of these buffs stack up to provide an extremely strong offensive playstyle in Stellar Blade, and if you’re the type of player who always charges first thing into battle, then you’re going to love the Chain-Type Exospine.

  • Buffed combo damage.
  • Buffed combo critical rate.
  • Buffed overall critical damage.
  • No buffs to defense.

2. Protection-Type Exospine

The Best Exospine For Defense.
the defense exospine
Equipping The Protection-Type Exospine In Stellar Blade (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This Exospine: Some bosses hit like a truck and in these specific fights, I had to rely on the Protection-Type Exospine in order to progress further.

If your playstyle depends more on defense and you like to wait for opportunities before attacking, then you should try out the Protection-Type Exospine. It directly has an effect on Eve’s defense and decreases the damage of all enemy attacks by 10%. The Shield Protection level is also buffed by using the Protection-Type Exospine, which also reduces incoming damage.

Basically, as long as Eve possesses a shield, she will receive less damage from enemy attacks before the shield bar completely depletes. Lastly, you can also restore health by parrying or guarding when your HP is below 20% by equipping the Protection-Type Exospine. However, this buff happens randomly and isn’t confirmed for every parried or guarded attack.

  • Buffed defense.
  • Buffed shield.
  • Ability to restore health.
  • No buffs to offense.

3. Reflex-Type Exospine

The Best Exospine For I-Frames.
the dodge related exospine
Equipping The Reflex-Type Exospine In Stellar Blade (Image Captured by Us)
  • Why I Chose This Exospine: Personally, this was my most used Exospine after the Chain-Type Exospine since I’m always trying to perfectly parry attacks, and it made that easier for me.

Perfectly dodging or parrying attacks in Stellar Blade gives Eve Invincibility frames and allows you to punish bosses with a counterattack. The Reflex-Type Exospine works to buff both the perfect dodge and the perfect parry mechanics, which can become really useful, especially if you’re skilled in using them. 

This Exospine will basically make it easier to execute a perfect dodge or a perfect parry, which will give you more openings for attacking and executing combos during battle. Additionally, it even buffs the speed at which the shield regenerates when you’re guarding attacks in Stellar Blade.

  • Buffed perfect dodges.
  • Buffed perfect parries.
  • Shield regenerates faster while guarding.
  • No offensive damage buff.

4. Camouflage-Type Exospine

The Best Exospine For Stealth.
the stealth exospine
Equipping The Camouflage-Type Exospine In Stellar Blade (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This Exospine: While exploring the larger levels or semi-open world areas, the Camouflage-Type Exospine makes it easier for me to kill groups of enemies with stealth.

Even though there’s very little of it in the grand scheme of things, stealth does exist in Stellar Blade and it can become really helpful when exploring the bigger semi-open world areas in Stellar Blade. The Camouflage-Type Exospine reduces the enemy’s field of view, making it harder for them to detect Eve. This will allow you to sneak around them and execute them in a single attack.

After performing the said execution, your attack power will also increase by 17.5% for 10 seconds. This also indirectly buffs your offense and allows you to swiftly deal with ganks after stealthily killing one enemy in the group. Lastly, you will also restore 15% if your total health after performing an execution. 

  • Makes stealth easier.
  • Buffs attack power.
  • Allows you to heal.
  • No effect on the overall defense.

5. Eagle Eye-Type Exospine

The Best Exospine For Ranged Attacks.
the long range exospine
Equipping The Eagle Eye-Type Exospine In Stellar Blade (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This Exospine: I found this Exospine also very useful for exploration since it allowed me to finish off fodder enemies from range without having to deal with them using my melee weapon.

During your journey in Xion, you will unlock ranged attacks for Eve by obtaining a gun. Lily will basically turn our drone into a gun that can be used to hit enemies from range. This gun will allow you to finish off enemies without having to use your melee attacks, and it can even be used in between melee combos. The Eagle Eye-Type Exopsine increases the damage output of the gun by 10%.

The ammo for this weapon is also limited, and the Eagle Eye-Type Exospine also buffs the overall amount of each type of ammo that you can carry after resupplying. It even allows you to recover ammunition if you hit an enemy’s weak point with your bullets.

  • Buffs ranged attacks.
  • Allows you to carry more ammo.
  • Allows ammo recovery.
  • Melee damage remains unchanged.
  • No effect on defense.

Honourable Mentions

Here are some other Exospines that are great but didn’t make it on my list because these are not the best of the best:

  • Beta Trance-Type Exospine: It buffs the Beta Skills, which has a direct effect on your offense; however, these skills are already really strong and can be upgraded from the Skill Tree as well.
  • Grenadier-Type Exospine: It increases the damage of combat consumables, but I just didn’t find these consumables useful during my time with Stellar Blade.

My Take On The Best Exospines

Stellar Blade has one of the best combat systems that I’ve ever had a chance to play around with. And the gameplay is further enhanced with the addition of the Exospines. It is really amazing how there’s a different Exospine for a different playstyle, so every type of player gets compensated for their skills. If a certain playstyle suits you, then the game will allow you to strengthen it further.

This concludes my guide on the best Exospines that you can use in Stellar Blade. I have enlisted my five favorite Exospines, which are really strong and buff different playstyles in battle. I hope that the guide was helpful in finding the Exospine that best suits you. Let me know if you’re enjoying the gameplay of Stellar Blade in the comments below!

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Loved using Camouflage-Type Exospine to backstab all the enemies wandering around the wasteland. Good list


Imo the Reflex-type Exospine is super underrated and Im glad it\'s getting some love out here

Son Goku

The Chain-Type Exospine is a no-brainer for me, glad it\'s at the top here, thing destroys stuff and is available early on!


The Reflex-type has to be my favorite. Those sweet i-frames in the final stretch were helpful.

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