Quickest Method To Get The Bunny Suit In Stellar Blade

Turn Eve into the girl of your fantasies!

The Bunny Suit is actually known as the Holiday Rabbit Suit in Stellar, and it can be obtained after unlocking the Wasteland area. It is definitely one of the best-looking suits in the game, but players will need to face a tough boss in order to obtain the design for the Holiday Rabbit.

Key Takeaways
  • The Bunny Suit can be found in the Wasteland area of Stellar Blade, which unlocks in Xion.
  • Players can obtain the suit design by beating a boss known as the Corrupter.
  • After obtaining the suit design, it must be crafted using the necessary materials at a Supply Camp.
  • The Holiday Rabbit/Bunny Suit is currently one of the best-looking suits in the game.

Here’s our video guide to help you get the Bunny suit in Stellar Blade:

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Location Of The Bunny Suit Design In Stellar Blade

suit in the game
The exact location of the Bunn Suit in the Wasteland (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Location: The crate containing the Holiday Rabbit Suit design is actually located in the upper right corner of the map of Wasteland, as you can see in the image above.
  • Finding The Path: In order to reach this location, you should first make your way to the Scrap Yard first which is indicated by the purple icon in the image above and there is a camp near this location as well.

Fighting The Corruptor

bunny suit stellar blade
Fighting The Corrupter In Stellar Blade (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Battling A Boss: Before you can obtain the design for the Bunny Suit, you will come across the Corruptor, who is a strong boss who is compulsory to beat in order to unlock the suit.
  • Strategy: Do not entirely depend on parrying in this fight since the Corrupter has long combos and I found it easier to perfectly dodge out of its attacks.
  • The Projectile Problem: This boss can get irritating as it can keep catching you with projectile attacks so make sure to stay on the look out for such attacks during battle.

Beating The Naytiba Trio

suit in the game
Opening the red crate to get the design for the Bunny Suit (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • The Droids: Three Droids are the last enemies in our path to the Holiday Rabbit Suit; one of these Droids uses a melee weapon, whereas the other two will attack from range.
  • Strategy: You can either quickly kill the ranged Droids as they have lower health or take on each Naytiba one by one since fighting all three at once can get hard.
  • Obtaining The Suit Design: After defeating the Droids and the Corrupter, you will come across a small red crate at the end of the path that contains the Bunny Suit design.

Crafting The Bunny Suit

bunny suit stellar blade
Materials required to craft the Bunny Suit/Holiday Rabbit Suit (Image Captured by Us)

Obtaining the suit design is not enough to unlock an outfit in Stellar Blade. The suit must be crafted using the required materials at the Repair Console, which can be found at the bigger Supply Camps. The following materials are required to craft the Holiday Rabbit/Bunny Suit:

  • x25 Extreme Polymer Material
  • x50 Advanced Polymer Material
  • x70 Polymer Material

This concludes my guide on obtaining the Bunny Suit in Stellar Blade, which is also known as the Holiday Rabbit Suit. I have not only included the exact method of unlocking the suit design but have also mentioned the materials required to craft the suit. Let me know if you’re having fun playing through Stellar Blade in the comments below!


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