Stellar Blade’s PlayStation Store Page Confirms Physical Release

The game is also now confirmed to be a single-player.

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  • Stellar Blade’s PlayStation Store page has confirmed that the game will be released with a disc version, which will be available to pre-order.
  • The recent addition of FAQs to the store page reveals a few details, some of which prepare players to expect a challenge, especially with the game’s “many” boss fights.
  • Another detail worth mentioning is the confirmation that the game will strictly be single-player, confirming old rumors.
  • With the recent trend of diminishing physical releases of video games, this is good news for many who wish to keep a disc version rather than a digital code.
  • Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive that was teased in 2019 under the guise of Project Eve, with multiple gameplay reveals over the years.

The recent insertion of FAQs in Stellar Blade’s PlayStation Store page has added a few details, one of which confirms that the game will have a physical release. Players will be able to pre-order the disc version once they have gone live. Additionally, it seems like the game boasts difficult gameplay and features “many” boss fights, as revealed on the same page.

Stellar Blade Physical Release
Stellar Blade Physical Release – FAQs

Although a physical release has been confirmed, the pricing and different possible editions of the game have not been revealed. The store page also fails to answer that and only mentions, “Check back here for updates on Stellar Blade’s release date.” So, once the time has come, we might see another update on the page, adding the final pieces of information we desire the most.

Stellar Blade, previously known as Project Eve, was revealed in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Since then, a lot has changed, perhaps the most significant being its current PS5 exclusivity. Moreover, there have also been rumors but no official confirmation about whether the game will be single-player or multiplayer. The FAQ seems to have answered that question, as it mentioned Stellar Blade will strictly be single-player only.

Stellar Blade Single-Player
Stellar Blade Single-Player – FAQs

Even so, there has been no announcement on a definite release date, but with recent rumors of a potential State of Play arriving next week, it could be revealed there. It is one of the most long-awaited titles and could offer players challenging gameplay that games like Devil May Cry and Dark Souls offer. The multiple gameplay reveals we have seen over the past years have shown that, but they were no longer than 10 minutes.

Combat requires deliberate attacks, defense and evasion. It’s essential to learn enemy attack patterns and counter with precision, so expect a challenge, especially in the game’s many boss fights,” revealed via FAQ.

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Stellar Blade is a PS5-exclusive game developed by Shift Up. Since the studio has no games in this genre, fans eagerly await a release date while wondering what the studio may offer in its upcoming stylized action RPG. Nevertheless, it should be sooner than ever, as the game is scheduled to arrive this year. But with only a few months left before 2024, it is entirely possible for this entry to be delayed to earlier next year.

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