After The Suicide Squad Debacle, I Have High Hopes For The Ex-Arkham Devs’ Project

With the true creative minds gone, Suicide Squad's fate was sealed. Let's see what the veterans can do.

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  • The Arkham series creators who left to create Hundred Star are back for a new AAA game for Xbox.
  • With Rocksteady’s talent stripped and WB’s live service agenda, Suicide Squad’s failure was inevitable.
  • A new AAA single-player with possible Arkham series elements can be a mind-blowing project.

I don’t think I need even to say that the Batman Arkham series is among the most impactful superhero adventures. In comparison, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was an absolute abomination. So much that I couldn’t even believe this is what Batman Arkham’s legacy was reduced to, a live-service monster.

The change of the development team is probably one of the reasons for this, but put this mess of a game aside for a moment and listen to this fascinating news. eXputer learned not too long ago that the original devs of the Arkham series will now create a new AAA game for Xbox, and I can’t help but be extremely excited about it.

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Suicide Squad’s Doom Was Inevitable

Makes you wonder though, what went wrong? How could Rocksteady go from the unrivaled Arkham series to the rubbish that is Suicide Squad? Well, there were plenty of factors at play here, and trust me, Rocksteady is not the one to blame here.

Suicide Squad was doomed the moment it was announced. This live-service ridiculousness was forced upon Rocksteady, and the result wasn’t going to be pretty. The first repercussion appeared pretty soon. Rocksteady founders Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker left the company they created and brought to perfection. No reason was disclosed, but you can’t tell me nothing ever happened.

Numerous other devs soon followed their departure. This happened while Suicide Squad was still in development, and was unsurprisingly delayed. So, what was the problem? That, my friends, was the greedy giant behind them, one called WB. It’s known to all that WB doubled down on turning all of its franchises into live-service cash cows, Suicide Squad was no exception.

Suicide Squad was bound to be a mess | Source: Steam
Suicide Squad was bound to be a mess | Source: Steam

Rocksteady was forced to turn Suicide Squad into a live service, whether it liked to or not. This excessive restriction was enough to draw a wall, which probably escalated to all the creative minds leaving the company, disappointed. It was these two founding minds who were responsible for the Arkham series, and all of Rocksteady’s brilliance. With such a heavy loss, the company was a shell of its past self. 

Suicide Squad: Killed by Live Service
byu/durranifahad ingaming

And Suicide Squad? Well, you know how that turned out.

Imagine The Potential Of An Arkham-Like Project

Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker, alongside many other ex-Rocksteady devs, created a new studio called Hundred Star, which will now be responsible for this new AAA single-player game for Xbox.

No specific details about the game are known yet, other than that it’s an action-adventure game, which is a very broad term. Of course, it can’t be a Batman game, but that doesn’t mean the Arkham essence cannot be included in it which falls in the domain of inspiration rather than copyright.

The prospect of a new game like this has me excited | Source: Steam
The prospect of a new game like this has me excited | Source: Steam

Let’s look at what might be possible. Since the devs involved have extensive experience with the Arkham series, a similar type of game sounds the most plausible. If the gameplay mechanics feature a combat system as fluid and impactful as this superhero masterpiece, I’ll be sold on it right then and there. Spider-Man took this combat system and did great with it. People who worked so closely on it can do even better.

The combat in this game is incredible. It is now my favorite combat system out of any game.
byu/BHAR17-ATM inSpidermanPS4

Imagine this for a moment. How much greatness can come out if a modified version of the Nemesis system appeared? I’ve always considered a Batman Arkham game to be the perfect candidate for the Nemesis system. But since WB will never do anything about it, how about using a roundabout version of it? Many games have tried that route, but if the Rocksteady people attempt it, I’m sure a masterpiece can be created.

One thing I always wanted in the next Batman game is the Nemesis system from the Mordor games . That would be perfect for superhero games or Gotham knights endgame .
byu/Jigsaw0693 inGothamKnights

An action game that sports the combat style and world design of the Arkham series with a strong focus on environmental impact, combat fluidity, and some unique gameplay element mixed in, that’s what I expect, but the possibilities are truly endless. Whatever happens though, I have the utmost faith in this team.

Arkham's combat is still unrivaled | Source: MahaloVideoGames (YouTube)
Arkham’s combat is still unrivaled | Source: MahaloVideoGames (YouTube)

Xbox Desperately Needs A Hit

My desire to see the Batman Arkham series return as a true spiritual successor is not the only thing at stake here. A lot rests on this project, especially for Xbox. You must know full well just how much trouble Xbox is in these days. With the multi-platform initiative and the cruel massacre of game studios, the name “Xbox” has its name through the mud.

byu/Hard2DaC0re from discussion

In a time of crisis like this, having a game universally beloved by all is more vital than ever. And what better way to do so than to recruit the devs responsible for the Arkham series? I’m just glad Xbox is opting for a proper single-player game, instead of succumbing to the “enchanting” live-service route.

I earnestly hope this game turns out as much of a masterpiece as the Arkham series was. My wishes would be fulfilled, and Xbox would get a heavy hitter, it’s a win-win.

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