The Dread X Collection; Underrated, Terrifying, And Worth Your Time

From traumatizing ambiences to creative art styles, experience horror in a new, more evolved form.

The gaming industry has a wide array of genres and niches for players to enjoy. Even those who did not play major titles have at least heard about them. One such genre of gaming that has become a significant player in the gaming world, is the lucid survival horror genre.

In the past decades, the survival horror genre has seen a huge increase in popularity. Franchises like The Last of Us, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil have soared to heights like no other, destroying sales and receiving insanely high reviews, but something about the genre just doesn’t click anymore.

This problem isn’t just me, it is the entire community at this point. We saw how even a great survival horror game like The Last of Us Part II was subject to criticism. But there are those who decide to make new and unique experiences and ones that actually grant emotions.

Meet DreadXP, a small studio that collaborates with other small studios to bring out a certain collection, The Dread X Collection. Chances are you haven’t even heard about this collection, and that is truly a sad thing to witness.

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The Dread X collection has spanned over 50 games in 5 collections, all ranging from 10 to 60 minutes per game, some go even more than that. Each and every one of these titles is made by aspiring game designers that want to push their thoughts on the horror world, into the open market.

Now, these titles are much different than what you would typically expect. For starters, there is no plus 200 team on these games, every game in the Dread X collection is made by a few individuals. Now the smaller team forces the devs to work on specific areas, which makes every game much more unique to itself.

Rotten Stigma was a game in the Dread X collection 5, and it follows suit to Resident Evil in many ways. Then you have We Never Left, which takes text-based adventures to new levels, and the weirdest one is probably Interim, and well… I can not even explain what happens in this one.

The thing to consider is that these games show us a beam of light on what these individual titles could have been, granted the team behind them had the resources and time to improve on them. I personally, see so much potential in the Dread X collection, that it might even be laughable.

Now, there has definitely been an increase in interest in the survival horror genre and the genre is in a very weird position. We have received news of countless new titles coming in the next decade alone, however, that does not mean it can’t fall into the creative decline other more popular genres have.

The market has been dominated by major IPs that overshadow true talent almost immediately. I am not saying those titles lack attention, but after shooting my 50th Clicker, I do not think I want to have an encounter with them again.

In conclusion, Dread X is an idea, one which could easily break the balance given that it receives a certain amount of attention. The collection varies in quality, but after playing through the many games in its libraries, I am sure we can pick out a few that would storm the market.

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