The Greatest Hero & Villain Intros In Gaming

Amidst amazing stories and worlds with intense lore, the characters that make them up are backed up with emotions, depth, and usually a stellar introduction.

Story Highlights

  • The initial introduction of a character is something players never forget.
  • Unlike the villain, the hero’s introduction works best in rooting the players early on.
  • The first interaction with the character is one of the most important.

Characters like Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 take a long time to nurture; it takes a long time for the player to resonate with his character, whereas a character like Pagan Min roots himself as a psychotic dictator in the first few moments of the story. Although Arthur would end up being the favorite, Pagan ends up as a more likable character early on, all due to his expressive introduction.

Introductions are extremely pivotal, and every interaction is just as important; if there are too many interactions, then the character may start to become oversaturated; if there are too few, then it needs to be handled delicately as it can most probably not live up to the expectation that the players have been set to believe. Either way, a good explanation or motive of the character may end up becoming his most iconic moment.

With all that being said, I have compiled what I believe are some of the most iconic, unique, and memorable introductions ever to bless gaming. Some are intense, some are filled with questions, and some people just won’t ever forget, so without further ado, these are the greatest Hero/villain introductions in gaming.

Pagan Min: Wait … Is He The Good Guy?

The first and definitely most charming personality on our list, cunning, charming, and somewhat sane, Pagan Min, Ruler of Kyrat. What sets him as a contender in this list is that, unlike other antagonists in the franchise, Pagan Min seems like the one that might actually exist in its world. That realism in his acts and nature makes it feel like he’s not all that bad until he goes Jhon Wick on someone and stabs them with a pencil.

YouTube video

Farcry 4 is a staple in the franchise. Unlike Farcry 3, it feels like a more refined experience overall, but unlike Vas, Pagan has a better intro, especially in the second half, where we find out he’s the face of every note and the controlling dictator of the state, all the while he glamours as its sole leader. But don’t ask me; just have a bite of the Crab Rangoon, and it’ll all make sense in due time.

Kratos: An Origin Forgotten

After the intense and blood-shedding God of War Trilogy all those years ago, we finally see Kratos after the events of GOW 3, where he seemingly died, only to return with a new look, old scars, and a small child. This introduction is amazing; it’s slow, eventful, and gives us hints of how his life is now. He clearly hides the truth of his being from his child, and his iconic blades are nowhere to be seen. It is easily one of the most intriguing introductions ever.

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Kratos seems to be filled with some glimmer of emotion other than rage, and he seems calm. But that would not remain the case as we go further on; Kratos must battle against another god, one that seemingly cannot be killed. Here, we see the brutality and rage that Kratos originally maintained; at times, he almost seemed like the villain of the story, exactly how he once was.

A superb introduction to a character we all know and love. It is filled with curious questions and tons of new story elements, not to mention the surprise main villain showing up at his doorstep. This entire cinematic experience is one players won’t soon forget.

G-Man: 2 Minutes Is All It Took

Here, we arrive at one of the most speculative characters in all of gaming history: the G-Man. A character that just randomly pops into existence immediately after the final boss fight in the original Half-Life game. The G-Man is a character that only has about 2 minutes at the end, but for some reason, his tone and antics make it feel as if he was there, watching us at every step, watching Gordon Freeman annihilate the alien threat.

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The G-Man is an eerie character. The way he speaks, the way he’s dressed, and his calm tone all makeup for something so unexpected in the game’s final moments. There are weird occurrences already present in the game, like how Gordon can survive a horde of bullets, why he ‘opened’ the portal in the first place, and finally, this charming personality, which may not even be a villain of any sort after all.

It is an amazing introduction that takes place at a pivotal moment. The G-Man is truly an intense character with unknown motives, origins, and an extremely intriguing setup for its perfect sequel Half-Life 2, truly an unforgettable introduction.

General Ketheric Thorm: Yep, This Is A Bad Guy

J. K. Simmons, a character renowned for his acting role in Whiplash and as the sole voice actor for Omni-Man, makes his debut as General Ketheric Thorm, who is one of the main antagonists that we will encounter in the story. Now, if you have any idea what kind of roles J. K. Simmons usually plays, you’ll have no doubt how intense his character will be in this game.

YouTube video

This small and precise introduction gives us a direct look into how this new villain will perform in the remainder of the title. Aside from his status and direct control, he can instill fear into his enemies and set expectations high.

Clifford Unger: Stranded Through Time

Death Stranding has a huge array of interesting and complex characters in its story, from its outlandish protagonists that exceed expectations and its villains with overwhelming intensity. The character that stands out most is Clifford Unger, one of the lead roles in the title. What sets him apart is his many unique interactions throughout the game with the player, especially in his introductions.

YouTube video

Throughout the game, we encounter small glimpses of his character in little cutscenes, but after a grand reveal, we arrive at a World War II setting, where we are properly introduced to Clifford Unger in a cinema-level introduction. The intro is the shortest one in this list and showcases sheer beauty, and sometimes, that’s all a character needs to stand out.

These games are all amazing, but the characters that roam them are what give them their beauty. From immortal beings to human dictators, it seems there is an amazing introduction for every character, but the introduction is the tip of the iceberg: the true character nurtured after hours of speculation and interactions.

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