Top Game Recommendations To Escape Your Loneliness

In an era of multiplayer titles that can leave you feeling isolated, these games offer quite the opposite experience.

Story Highlights

  • Certain video games out there, despite being multiplayer, fail to take care of isolated players.
  • Whether the community or the gameplay, many video games lack hitting home in this particular regard.
  • Titles like Coffee Talk, Baldur’s Gate 3, Illyriad, Frostpunk, and others, however, fit the bill perfectly. 

Let’s face it: We’ve all had crippling loneliness creeping up to us at some point in our lives chronically, and there seems to only be a handful of different things that you can do to pull yourself out of that state. With one of them being video games, there are some renditions so well-made, you cannot help but immerse yourself into their worlds and forget all about being lonely. 

Having suffered from the same situation in the past, I’ve decided to put together a list of some of the most terrific games in the business right now that you have to play if you find yourself isolated on days otherwise. Feel free to go through each entry descriptively for the best results.

Can’t Feel Lonely When You’re Immersed Into These Titles

In case you find a game that’s worth getting added to the following list, do comment down below and talk to us about it. 

1. Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk
Coffee Talk Is Pure Wholesomeness | Source: Toge Productions

You really don’t play a game like Coffee Talk usually, so trust me when I tell you that this coffee brewing and “heart-to-heart” simulator is one of gaming’s most well-hidden gems. The gameplay is all right, and the visuals are okay-ish, but the magic of the title lies in its storytelling, and how cozy it makes you feel at the center of it. 

It’s certainly more of an experience rather than the visual novel it aspires to be, and that’s all the better. Coffee Talk’s brilliant characters immerse you in conversation so well, you’ll have a hard time putting your PC to sleep when the game hits that sweet spot for you, which is going to be right after you start playing it. 

2. Illyriad

Illyriad Is One of Those Games You Never Hear About | Source: Illyriad Games 

Another cherry-picked suggestion I’ve got for you on the list derived from personal experience is probably something you’ve never heard of. That’s because Illyriad has a playerbase of somewhere around 300 people. The community is tight, super welcoming, and encouraging to new players that try Illyriad’s RTS city-building for the first time. 

It’s certainly one of the rarer gems you’ll come across in gaming, and only someone who plays Illyriad will tell you about it, not the developer. For some reason, Illyriad Games does not market its product, leaving it up to the players to spread the word about the free-to-play game through word of mouth

3. Disco Elysium 

Disco Elysium
Disco Elysium Makes Short Work of the Competition | Source: ZA/UM

It’s baffling to me how much of a multi-faceted champion Disco Elysium is. The game starts off simple, placing you in the shoes of a police detective who’s tasked with resolving cases that got nowhere, but little do you know how quickly the plot thickens, leading to bizarre twists and turns that you’re going to want to stick around for. 

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, which is the fully unlocked version of the game, comes with a bunch of extra goodies, including enhanced visuals, and such. You’re way better off trying this one, as it’s also 90% off on Steam at the moment. 

4. Frostpunk

Frostpunk Is Depressing in a Certain Way Too | Source: 11 bit studios

If you love yourself a good challenge to keep the nogging working in full flight, Frostpunk is the game you should be going after. It’s a survival game by 11 bit studios, and certainly something to marvel at, considering how everyone in-game bands together to make survival possible. It is a sad game, however, so get that straight, but there’s something about the game’s community that makes me want to recommend it here.

Can’t really explain but, but take it from me, the recommendation is not in vain

5. The Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass effect trilogy
Mass Effect Ran Rampant Back in the Day | Source: BioWare

Widely considered as the best Western RPG trilogy in the business, the Mass Effect IP is nothing to sleep on, and even more so because of the franchise’s ability to make you feel whole. And it’s not like just one game in the series is good, while the others eat dirt. Every Mass Effect iteration has something special to offer, with characters so unique, that you’ll feel so much at home with them, making you want to care about them deeply. 

I strictly recommend getting Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It gets you all available DLC, the three mainline Mass Effect games, and a whole bunch of other goodies to keep you going. Do not take this one lightly, I’m telling ya’. 

6. Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur’s Gate 3 Is Deserving of All the Love in the World | Source: Larian Studios

The deserving winner of multiple top-level distinctions, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a turn-based, party-oriented RPG done extremely well, invoking great enjoyment in the form of greatly written characters that feel like real humans relating to you and the struggles you’re going through. There’s fantastic interaction between you and your party members in Baldur’s Gate 3, so rest assured that this one is a must-play. 

eXputer reviewed Baldur’s Gate 3 and rated it 5/5, with author Huzaifah Durrani remarking, 

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the greatest RPGs of all time, and a testament to the talent of developer Larian Studios.”

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