Ubisoft Says Beyond Good And Evil 2 Still Lives, But I Need Some Proof Now

We're way past the point of empty assurances. Bring out a trailer already.

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  • 16 years later, fans call it vaporware, but Ubisoft insists Beyond Good and Evil 2 is very much alive.
  • Despite being announced a lot later, BG&E’s remaster was the first to arrive; the sequel’s still absent.
  • After an endless wait, hoping for some respite, Ubisoft needs to repay the fans with a trailer now.

Today, let’s talk about the urban legend, the myth, the illusionary existence within the gaming industry. Can you guess what it is?

And no, this is not me being dramatic. It’s the best way I can think of to describe this particular project. After all, it’s been on and off for a whopping 16 years now. Still, the company responsible for it insists the game is still very real, and reassures us of its existence once in a while. I don’t know whether to believe it or not at this point.

Still not sure what I’m talking about? It’s the one and only record holder for the longest development time: Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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Beyond Good And Evil 2 — Is It Even Real?

I can’t possibly list 16 years’ worth of history, so let me take you on a brief journey of disappointment instead. It began when Beyond Good and Evil surprised and entertained a lot of people, and the possibility of a sequel slowly emerged.

Beyond Good and Evil is still fantastic
byu/Alunimus inpatientgamers

Considering how mindblowing the original was, the demand for a sequel was pretty strong, and it finally happened in 2008. With a reveal trailer showcasing impressive visuals of the new Voyager engine, Beyond Good and Evil 2 made its entry with style. What I didn’t know back then was that this would be the beginning of an eternal curse.

BG&E 1 was pretty impressive | Source: IMDB
BG&E 1 was pretty impressive | Source: IMDB

What followed was Michael Ancel, the Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil creator, providing juicy details every now and then, even against Ubisoft’s wishes. However, close to 9 years passed with no official news. The game was stuck in an excruciating development hell. Then came 2017, when we learned that the original direction was scrapped somewhere along the way, and Beyond Good and Evil 2 was now a prequel instead.

Silence ensued again after little glimpses of the renewed project, and we learned the tragic news that Ancel left Ubisoft in 2020, and was allegedly responsible for the game’s extreme mishandling. Whether it was true or not, my heart was broken all the same. Ubisoft, however, took this opportunity to reassure the world that the game was progressing smoothly. Some “smoothly” it was.

Michel Ancel: “Today is very special for me. After more than 30 years, I’ve decided to stop working on video games and fully focus on my second passion: Wild Life!”
byu/Mront inGames

We’re now midway through 2024, where the hell is that “development going smoothly?” The game was declared vaporware long ago, and after one and a half decades of hanging on to hope, I don’t how much longer I can take.

I Never Imagined The Original’s Remaster Would Come First

You can understand my pain if you’ve suffered just as much as I have by Ubisoft’s empty promises. Thankfully, my friend, I have a piece of good news for you. The Beyond Good and Evil 20th anniversary remaster that was announced for quite some time now has finally become a reality

The Remaster's here | Source: Ubisoft
The Remaster’s here | Source: Ubisoft

When the original Beyond Good and Evil was delisted from stores like Steam, it was a suspicion that the remaster was inbound now. As speculated, it was officially announced a day later in the Limited Run Games showcase. It’s no Beyond Good and Evil 2, but finally we heartbroken fans at least have something to relive the series by.

Beyond Good and Evil has been delisted from stores before 20th anniversary edition release
byu/McManus26 inGames

My despair has finally reached the point of “It’s not a tragedy, it’s a comedy.” I’ve gone so numb by the pain that I instead find it funny. I can’t help but laugh at the fact that we got a Beyond Good and Evil remaster before Beyond Good and Evil 2. Come on, you agree right? The original got a remaster and a re-release before the promised prequel, I don’t know what to do but laugh at this misery. (no, why would I need help?)

How much longer, Ubisoft? | Source: Ubisoft
How much longer, Ubisoft? | Source: Ubisoft

Only A Trailer Can Convince Me, Nothing Else

Putting aside my years of trauma, let’s discuss the newest round of reassurances from Ubisoft that “Beyond Good And Evil 2 is real. Source: Trust me.”

With the reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, Ubisoft expressed how the remaster has some narrative elements that help set up the connection to Beyond Good and Evil 2, and that it’s still going strong. People like me grasping at straws at this point have re-sparked hope that is reveal of the unbelievably long-awaited phantom project is imminent now.

BGE2 hinted on Ubisoft’s website
byu/EconomyManner5115 inbeyondgoodandevil

As for me, I know better at this point to trust simple statements of “it’s real.” Exactly how many times has Ubisoft said so already? I’ve lost count, but if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s to not believe anything unless I see some proof. Ubisoft wants to convince us? It’s time for a little glimpse of a trailer. If the development is going so smoothly, a little trailer should be pretty feasible, right? 

Please Ubisoft, I’ve run out of ways to convince myself that it’s not a sham but a reality.

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