Ubisoft’s Recent Antics Have Me Fearful For The Sands of Time Remake

Things are not looking good for Ubisoft games; my hopes for this gem are fading.

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  • POP: The Sands of Time remake is reportedly being done from scratch, following the developer change.
  • Ubisoft’s dead set on using every anti-consumer practice, evident in Star Wars Outlaws and The Crew.
  • The current Ubisoft with its foolish ambitions is very likely to ruin this gem, which is my worst fear.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it as many times as necessary: remakes are not something you can do lightly. New IPs carry risks, true, but remakes are the most risky of all. You have a high standard to live up to, and failing to do so means ruining the legacy of something precious, and incurring the wrath of its loyal followers. 

Besides, every game doesn’t even need a remake. Proper feasibility and the need for one needs to be analyzed before going into it. And even after that, it’s imperative to put in the extra effort in a remake, lest it disappoints all the people who have grown fond of the legendary original. This is especially true if the original is a peerless masterpiece, like the Prince of Persia Sands of Time.

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The Sands Of Time Remake Is Apparently Back To The Starting Line

Back when the Sands of Time remake was announced, I was both excited beyond belief and wildly skeptical. The former because the original is one of my favorite games of all time, and the latter because let’s face it, it’s a remake, and one from the current Ubisoft on top of that. There’s plenty of reason to be skeptical if you put these two points together.

The original Sands of Time was the GOAT
The original Sands of Time was the GOAT

Still, I kept up hope, but things are not looking good now. First, there was an extreme radio silence for years. It was revealed back in 2020, yet we know next to nothing about it even after 4 years. Then, there’s the matter of changing hands. 

Ubisoft Pune and Mumbai were at the helm of the project initially, but it was then transferred to Ubisoft Montreal mid-development. We were reassured this wouldn’t affect things, but I didn’t buy it back then, and I still don’t. Turns out, I wasn’t entirely wrong, either.

A recent report from Insider Gaming states that the game is apparently being done from scratch, despite Ubisoft’s statement claiming this change of developer will build upon the base already established. The footage obtained by Insider Gaming entails a complete overhaul of everything, vastly different from the awful little we know.

In addition, the game looks like it’s still far off from release, and believably so if it went back to the drawing board after changing developers. How long it’ll take, that’s anybody’s guess. But a rewind at this stage cannot be a good thing, as Ubisoft claimed earlier that the Sands of Time remake had reached a “significant milestone.” The company refused to comment on this “rumor and speculation,” but didn’t deny it either.

The Current Ubisoft Is The Furthest Thing From Trustable

Such a dynamic change after coming so far is always skeptical, but it is even more nightmarish if the company in question is Ubisoft. The present Ubisoft has fallen so hard from grace that I’ve given up all hope for anything from the company, this remake included. The last thing I want is for the Sands of Time remake to turn into another tool for Ubisoft to hold us hostage over.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine, but I implore you to just take a look at some of the stuff Ubisoft is doing these days. First, the company blatantly states how it wants people to live with not owning their games. Regardless of whether you spent your hard-earned money, the right to own games is not yours, is what Ubisoft believes and wants you to accept.

And Ubisoft needs to get comfortable with not getting my money anymore
byu/Professional_Job1154 inpcmasterrace

And if just keeping this ridiculous thought wasn’t enough, the arrogant giant has started enforcing it, too. First, it shut down The Crew and then not only closed its servers but also seized the digital copies and revoked people’s licenses. It was a slap in the face of all consumers, as Ubisoft snatched the game despite us legally purchasing it.

As if shutting it down wasn't enough, Ubisoft even completely confiscated The Crew
As if shutting it down wasn’t enough, Ubisoft even completely confiscated The Crew

Next, it tries to add the same agenda, and then some more, to the upcoming Star Wars: Outlaws I was genuinely looking forward to. From massacring character models and taking away ownership rights to trying to wring out as much cash out of the average gamer as possible, Ubisoft’s tactics grow more anti-consumer by the passing day. The company has forsaken all respect for its followers in its arrogance, why shouldn’t I do the same?

I am never buying another Ubisoft game. They are scammer, predators, and a greedy company
byu/coldy9887 inubisoft

Ruining Sands of Time For Me Would Be The Nail In The Coffin

Although I’ve lost a lot of respect for Ubisoft recently, I wholeheartedly acknowledge that the Ubisoft of the past was not like this and was responsible for many iconic gems. From the classic Prince of Persia games to the creativity overload Rayman franchise, I’ve had my childhood brightened by these games, and I’m forever grateful for that.

Peak Ubisoft in 2003-04. All these games were published by Ubisoft within one year of each other.
byu/Revolution64 ingaming

That is precisely why I’ll never forgive the current Ubisoft if it moves on to ruining stuff I’ve always adored. Newer games like The Crew and Star Wars: Outlaws are a different case. Of course, I was devastated on hearing this, but doing something similar to Sands of Time would be an offense of the highest level. I just hope Ubisoft sees the light and stops this foolish, anti-consumer crusade, and gives its all to making this remake a project to remember.

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