It’s Been 9 Years, Where The Hell Is Resident Evil Revelations 3?

We need a sign, any sign.

Story Highlights

  • Resident Evil Revelations delivered pure horror and deserve a return.
  • The episodic format kept us hooked, begging for more.
  • Revelations 3 could bridge the gap to upcoming Resident Evil titles.

Almost a decade later, Capcom still hasn’t given us the third entry for Resident Evil Revelations. The Revelations series wasn’t just another zombie action game. Instead, it was a return to roots for the franchise that made Resident Evil legendary in the first place.

Revelations 1&2
Double the scares, double the heroes? A dream team awaits in Resident Evil Revelations 3 | Source: Reddit

Revelations 2 hit shelves in early 2015. Ever since then, Capcom has been radio silent on the future of the series. Sure, we’ve gotten mainstream entries like Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake, but those represent a different horror style.

A Return To Pure Horror

I believe some of the mainline Resident Evil titles have ruined the series a bit with too much deviation from the horror genre. While entries like RE4 were ground-breaking, others (especially RE6) focused more on the action, sacrificing the slow-paced horror sequences that made the series iconic.

However, Revelations brought back the chills. The limited resources, the disturbing environments, and the constant sense of unease were a return to what made us fall in love with Resident Evil in the first place. This is the kind of experience Revelations excels at, and frankly, it’s something the franchise desperately needs right now.

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The Power Of The Episode

The episodic format was one of the most innovative and engaging aspects of the Revelations titles. Each game was divided into multiple episodes, each one ending with a cliffhanger that left us desperate for more. Think about the potential of this format in a modern context. Revelations 3 could also be released episodically, with each chapter carefully crafted to make up the suspense and reveal new pieces of the horrifying story.

Revelations 2 Episodes
Remember the wait between episodes? | Source: XBLA Fans

This episodic format wouldn’t just benefit marketing. It would also allow for a tighter narrative focus. Revelations games have historically been shorter experiences compared to mainline Resident Evil titles, but that’s not a weakness, it’s a strength. A shorter, more focused narrative allows for building dread and suspense, ensuring every moment is terrifyingly impactful.

Bridging The Gap

We all know Capcom has some big things planned for the Resident Evil franchise. Rumours are circulating about the existing RE5 to get a complete remake while others are even speculating on the future of Resident Evil 9. But these projects likely won’t see the light of day for some years. In the meantime, Revelations 3 could be the ideal link between these future titles.

My concept of a new Revelations 3
byu/Karion- inresidentevil

Revelations 3 could potentially connect to the plot of the upcoming Resident Evil 9. It could introduce new characters, explore the origins of new and old viruses, or even explore the futures of famous protagonists like Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. This wouldn’t just be a standalone horror experience, it would be a crucial piece for the Resident Evil franchise, keeping fans engaged and invested in the franchise’s future.

Fan Theories And Gameplay Whispers

The lack of official news hasn’t stopped the Resident Evil fanbase from making exciting theories about Revelations 3. There’s a strong desire to see characters other than Jill Valentine or Claire Redfield take the lead. Rebecca Chambers who has appeared in several mainline Resident Evil entries, could be a perfect fit for Revelations 3.

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Or we could get a direct sequel of Revelations 2 where Alex Wesker still influences Natalie. These are just a couple of the many exciting fan theories circulating online.

The Raid Mode from Revelations 1 and 2 was a fantastic online co-op experience that allowed players to test their skills against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Bringing back this mode with new maps, enemies, and character customization options would be a massive hit with fans and a great way to extend the game’s replayability.

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The Time Is Now

The horror genre thrives on innovation, but it also needs a healthy dose of respect for its roots. Revelations wasn’t afraid to get back to basics, to deliver a tightly focused experience that excelled in providing pure and thrilling scares. Capcom shouldn’t abandon this winning formula.

Give us the suspenseful environments, the resource management, and the heart-pounding terror that defined the Revelations series. The return of Revelations wouldn’t just be a victory for horror fans; it would be a victory for Resident Evil itself. 

Make your voices heard! Demand Revelations 3! | Source: Capcom

So, Capcom, the choice is yours. Will you answer the call of the fans and bring back the chills and thrills of Revelations? Or will you let this golden opportunity turn to dust? The decision is in your hands.

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