Wuthering Waves Is The Perfect Example Of Learning From Your Competition

The title has given the fans what no other open-world gacha game offers.

Story Highlights

  • Wuthering Waves features plenty of QoL features that are missing from other games in the genre.
  • Plenty of features, such as the “skip” button, make the game a lot more fun.
  • While the game may be lacking in other aspects, these improvements should be complimented.

Wuthering Waves is one of the latest open-world gacha games out there, and it has gotten insanely popular in a short amount of time. The popularity isn’t only because the game is super fun, but also because Wuthering Waves offers quality-of-life features that are missing from other open-world gacha titles. 

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Genshin Impact is the biggest game of its genre, and by incorporating the in-demand features that were missing from it in Wuthering Waves, it has instantly become a favorite of many people. Not only that, Wuthering Waves also makes a lot of tools available early on in the game that makes exploration a lot easier, instead of locking them behind hours of progress.

Wuthering Waves has learned from the other titles in the open-world gacha genre and included many features that make things a lot easier and enjoyable for players. It shows that its competitors can also incorporate the same features in their titles, instead of refusing to listen to the demands of their fans.

The different gadgets that are available in Wuthering Waves. | Image Source: eXputer
The different gadgets that are available in Wuthering Waves. | Image Source: eXputer

The Much-Needed Skip Button

When we talk about Wuthering Waves’ quality-of-life features, there’s no way anyone can ignore the introduction of the “skip” button. The open-world gacha games have lots of dialogues and walls of text that can get a bit annoying to sit through. While this feature has been heavily requested by fans of many games, we don’t see it implemented that often.

The notice is displayed every time you press the "skip" button. | Image Source: eXputer
The notice is displayed every time you press the “skip” button. | Image Source: eXputer

The “skip” button has made it super easy to skim through many side quests, that would otherwise take too long to complete. However, to make sure the players don’t miss out on key story elements, Kuro Games has sneaked a few unskippable cutscenes and cinematics in the main story, and I honestly think it is a great approach and other gacha titles should learn from it.

Grapple, Custom Waypoint, And Lootmapper

Quite early on in Wuthering Waves, the player gets access to a couple of gadgets that can make the exploration super easy and fun. Grapple hook is life-changing as it allows the player to reach difficult-to-reach places and heights quite easily from the start. There’s also the custom waypoint, which can be placed anywhere and allows the player to teleport to it.

The Lootmapper in action. | Image Source: eXputer
The Lootmapper in action. | Image Source: eXputer

However, the best gadget available in the game is likely the Lootmapper. It comes with three charges and can be placed anywhere. The Lootmapper allows the player to detect the chests in the specified area, making the exploration a lot easier. A similar feature in other open-world gacha games requires you to already have explored a huge part of the region and is only available later on in the game.


Wuthering Waves learns from other titles in the open-world gacha genre and implements plenty of quality-of-life features that enhance the player experience by a huge margin. While the game might have other flaws, the way it puts the player first before anything else is worthy of respect and admiration, and is something the other games in the genre should learn from.

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